How to Get 1000 Shares of Your Blog Post in 8 Simple Ways

Are you looking to get more likes and shares on your blog post on various social media platform? If yes, then this is the perfect solution to get 1000 Shares of your blog post in 8 simple ways.

You always put your complete efforts and hard work to find new ideas for your blog posts, and of course, to give some valuable content to your readers as well. But one of the measurement to know how successful your content is, you should be aware how often your audience shares it with their network. When your audience shares your blog post, it inspires you to do something extra to give to your audience better content to spread it on their network.

But what if you have compelling content, and you share it everywhere on your network and even after that few times it may happen that you are not getting enough shares and comments on your content. And what if your audience start losing interest in your content? What are the reasons? There can be many reasons behind it. Here are some reasons I have pointed out. Let me break down them for you.

Creative ways to grab 1000 shares of your Blog Post

How to Get 1000 Shares of Your Blog Post in 8 Simple Ways#1. Social Media Optimization

In the world of social media, social media optimization is becoming increasingly important. And also in the digital marketing the best place to promote your blog is social media platform.

Be sure that you provide additional information when someone shares your content on their social media channels because when you provide accurate information social media users can interpret this data better and can interact more with your social media profile.

This means adding some code to your posts that describe the post more effectively. For instance, using the right code can tell the social media channel which image to use when someone shares out the content.

Optimize blog post for social media to get 1000 sharesTo promote the blog on Facebook or other social media channels, you should provide information known as Opengraph data; this can help you to describe the post. To promote the blog on Twitter, you should include information about Twitter Card.

Yoast SEO Premium is the best tool I am using, which help me to optimize my every blog post and to be share perfectly on each of my social media channels. Find out more, which is the best WordPress SEO Plugin!

#2. Monitor Result

To make improvements to your posts sharing on social media, you need to keep track of the results to see what’s working and what’s not.

You may find various ways to track your result, and there is a useful and most popular tool available that you can use that is Google URL builder. It also allows you to add information to URLs that you share on social media and also allows you to understand which are the specific sources from where huge traffic is coming to your individual blog.

Use Google URL Builder to track the results in Google AnalyticsSo by monitoring results of your each share on a regular basis can help you to add incremental improvements to your individual blog post and entire blog.

#3. Do Outreach to Find Influencers to Share Your Post

In the world of content marketing, everyone is looking for good piece content. And to do outreach to find influences is probably the most working method to get more shares. So grab the opportunity to outreach to the relevant audience online (that means blogger) and to tell them about the content that you have.

Grouphigh to Find Influencers to Share Your PostThere are also many tools available for you to find influences. But I recommend two most popular and easy-to-use tools Grouphigh and Klear, this tool is awesome to find influencers through Twitter.

#4. Want Them to Share Your Blog Post Then Make it Easy for Them

After publishing a new blog post, what if there are no social sharing buttons on the same page to share the content within the readers’ network? This can discourage visitors not to share your post. So this important that you make sure that sharing button is there on each blog post and clearly visible.

Also, you need to be sure those social sharing buttons are visible and working on smartphones and tablets as well. Why so? There are huge numbers visitors love to spread words on social media with such tiny devices. So make certain social media sharing buttons are working properly on each device and check them at regular intervals.

Add Social Media Share Buttons to get 1000 Shares

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Sharing content from your blog to various social media channels, there are certain plugins available like Digg Digg and Flare with that you can position the social sharing button on your posts.

So with any one of these plugins try to one vertical bar across the top of the content and another vertical bar across the bottom of the content. This will give your visitors enough encouragement to share your posts on social media.

#5. Make Your Posts’ Images Pinterest Friendly

Whether you are active on Pinterest or not, you should encourage your visitors to share your content on Pinterest. Add real numbers of attractive images and also allow a simple way to share on Pinterest. This will result in a lot more sharing on this popular platform.

Add Pin it buttons on blog post images to get 1000 sharesYou can use plugins to create the Pinterest-friendly image, and there are several plugins are available that you can use that plugin to put options to pin a picture when you move the cursor over the picture. The one plugin I recommend to put a Pin It option on the picture is Jquery Pinit.

#6. Include Tweet-Able Bytes in Between Posts or at the Ed of the Posts

Why not give your readers tweetable quotes so they can easy share the quotes only with a one click “Share”? The best advantage, you can decide and encourage your readers about what you want to share. Best practice is to use or include hashtags in quotes to tweet.

Tweetdis to get 1000 shares of your blog postFor example, you can use option Click to Tweet. Do you know the best part about it? It allows you to track your tweet shares count along with click on the links in the tweets. So try them and place it in between your posts or at the end of the posts.

Explore: Tweet-Able Plugin

#7. What Benefit You Have convincing Content but not compelling title for your posts

It is important that you have compelling content but having not convincing title won’t encourage your readers to share your posts. Because having a compelling title does make your audience get the idea about the entire content.

Pro Tip: Adding numbers in Title will attract and encourage users to share the content.

You can also evaluate your title by using the tool. The one I recommend is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tool. Over here, you just need to enter your post title, and it will give you a score based on how you will write a headline according to a keyword based, search results friends and viewers emotional level. But be sure that you get the convincing but right title for your post, which is vital.

#8. Automated Sharing

When you initially write your content, you should share it automatically to your social media channels. It is not that bad to promote your posts. Some useful tools automate the process of automatically sharing of your posts. Like Dlvr.It, Twitterfeed, which is only used to share automatically on Twitter. Apart from these tools, there is another tool which is useful for setting up your posts sharing between a wide range of apps and that is IFTTT.

Automated sharing to get 1000 SharesDon’t lose the hope if you can’t get 1000 shares on your post. It is not that if you have a large crowd of the audience then and then you will get 1000 shares. It is still possible with a good piece of content and good promotion strategy. But to get more shares you also need to take care that your audience is comfortable and love to do it. So these are some creative ways to gain more shares.

What do you suggest to do to gain more social shares? Or if you have any doubts related to this topic feel free to ask here in the comment section below.