Outstanding Tips To Use Facebook Advanced Search – And Find Just About Anything

Do you have any idea of everything about Facebook’s search engine? If yes, then do you know that it is way powerful than you think? Yes, with the help of Facebook advanced search you can now find about anything that you think. With this article, you will find few of the excellent tips to use the Facebook advanced search.

Facebook advanced search is possibly the most powerful, yet under-used feature available to us all.

Facebook advanced search is more the concept than a function.

The world’s largest social media network had a standalone advanced search feature in the early days of Facebook’s search history. But after releasing a new service called Facebook Graph Search at the beginning of 2013 which essentially replaces the older advanced search functions with the powerful new search engine.

To do an advanced search on a social network like Facebook, this is great to sign up for the Graph Search Feature of Facebook. If you haven’t activated it yet then begin learning it and see how it works.

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However, if you are looking for an article that provides tips that can help you to learn tips and tricks about “How to make an accurate search on Facebook?”, then this article will offer you few of the excellent tips. You will surely find helpful for yourself. So let’s see each of the tricks and tips in detail.

#What Specifically Can You Find On Facebook Advanced Search?

If you check out Facebook’s search prompt that says “Search Facebook”. With this feature, many of us will gladly type in a friends name, any particular group name or a page you are searching for. But very rarely you will use the function for fascinating searches.

However, to do this, Facebook always requires you to phrase your search queries with using natural language.

The search engine of Facebook is very different from Google’s search engine. As you enter the friend’s name, and then Facebook starts showing you prompts and suggestions which are automatically generated.

All those suggestions are personalized that means that means that they are different for all Facebook users and change according to their past activities.

Tips and Tricks To Use Facebook Advanced Search

Tips to Use Facebook Advance Search

#1. Facebook People Search – Find Friends, Groups, and Pages

This is the most basic of the searches. By just typing your friend’s name, Group’s name or Page’s name into the search bar. However, besides directly searching for any user, you can even sort your search results which are dependent on education, work, mutual friends and even based on the city. You can even choose one these:

  • My close friends
  • My friends
  • Friends of my friends
  • Not my friends
  • Friends of Joe Dowson

Like, “Not My Friends who Live in [City Name]”

Tip to search people who are not your friend from specific city

#2. Search Facebook for Restaurant, and Hotels

For primitive location search of Facebook, like Restaurant and hotels just type the location name. If you are searching for a particular place nearby, for instance, some kind of pizza place then you can try related searches.

As Facebook do support now search for places, so now each of the Facebook users is now able to search for any location and place such as businesses, hotels, services, restaurants, and a lot more other things. Only use the place name as a keyword in the search box of Facebook, and this will bring you the result.

Like, “Hotel in Ahmedabad”

Facebook Search Tricks to local businesses

You can even put together this phrase along with other phrases such as liked by me, liked by my friends, etc. to get more appropriate results.

#3. Easily Search Interests, Photos, Likes, etc.

Now Facebook becomes much smarter than your thought. Because this network makes your searches much easier that is based on what your friends have liked. So if you wish to search things such as interests and photos those are liked by your friends then just start typing Friends who like…… and this will start showing top suggestions.To filter the search results, all you need is to tap on the filter like photos, people, pages, etc.

Like, “My Friends who like Logan” 

Tips for Facebook Search

To filter the search results, all you need is to tap on the filter like photos, people, pages, etc.

Facebook Search for interest

You can use keywords like Photos of….to search for your pictures, photos of your friends, etc.

Like, “Photos of [Friend Name]”


Trick for Facebook Search for Photos

Even you can search your previously liked posts and photos. To search that you only need to add phrases liked by me after the searching keyword. Or even you can search by the month.

Like, “Photos I liked that are from March 2017”

Tips for Facebook Search to find things from specific month

You can also find photos or posts that are liked by your friends and family. So just replace me with friends or some specific friend.

Like, “Photos liked by [Friend Name]”

Trick to find Facebook Friend's activities

Facebook search even supports other phrase searches to help their users to find what they are looking for. You can begin searching with keywords such as Lisa Wedding, Cake recipe Carol, or use any particular keyword for a specific post.

Like, “Moments that’s gone Forever”

Tip to search on Facebook for specific Term

#4. Find Music and Games

Do you know that this platform now also supports the games and music? This is now a home of music and games. So now you can search for games also that you play on your Smartphone like Candy Crush. Or even Words With Friends and a lot more new games.

To look for your favorite music artists and bands, or get updates on their latest videos and releases you can type in the keywords related to that.

#5. Search Phone Number

This something well, you can search or a phone number on Facebook. So if you want to search a person from his/her phone number then just type the phone number, and Facebook will list the result, but this is important that the person you want to find based on his/her phone number they set it as public.

Like, “[Phone Number]”

Trick to Facebook search a person by phone number

#6. Find Your Own Facebook History

Besides with the help of Facebook search option to search for any posts or photos, you can now search your activity log by only visiting this URL: https://www.facebook.com/me/allactivity.

#7. Search Latest News Articles

Whether you are aware of this feature or not, but now Facebook has emerged the most common sources of news for all the users out there in the world. To find the latest news just type in the News/Posts/Links about…… or you can even use hashtags to specify the search result.

Like, “News/Posts/Links about Facebook Messenger Day”

Trick to Search for news links on Facebook

#8. Find Videos

We all know that nowadays most of all the people are uploading and sharing the bulk of video on this social network. So this kind of evident that Facebook now lets you search for the videos too. To search for the videos in the Search Box of the Facebook just use the words like videos, music videos, trailer, etc. to get what you are looking for.

#9. Search Things on Facebook and Shop

Now there are millions of users of Facebook who are taking advantage of this feature. Many of the users of Facebook now shopping on Facebook. So if you want to buy something from the Facebook just search for that thing that you want to purchase and filter the query with the top filters. You even will be presented with the option to sort the shop results according to the price of that thing.

Like, “Shop iPhone 7 Plus”

Tips for Local Business Facebok Search


What do you think about Facebook now? Well, all the above-listed tips and tricks are personally tried by me so I can assure you that those are an outstanding feature to try out on Facebook today and find anything on Facebook. So don’t forget to give them a shot. Have there is any other trick that I am missing here in the list? Feel free to share them those tips and tricks here with me in the comments section.

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