8 Essential and Outstanding Writing Skill Every Modern Writer Must Have

How to be great web writer? Check out this article and find 8 must have skills that you should be possessed with as being a modern writer.

Today, content marketing is a broad industry, where writers are the essential part of the composite marketing force that successful content marketing calls for.

And as a blogger or a content writer, we all know that great content always helps us to get great results, and including me we all after this piece of the cake. While many writers capture the attention of readers with their excellent writing skills, most of them struggle to find words to perfectly fall in place to generate a good piece of content.

Generating content is not difficult or expensive. Because in today’s content-crazed world, you can easily find a good writer. However, you want to produce a good or great content by yourself is a little bit hard. But there is nothing you should worry about.

Here in this article, I have compiled a list of 8 vital skills which are necessary and as a modern writer you should be possessed with. So let’s get started with those critical skills.

8 Vital Writing Skill Every Modern Writer Must Have

essential writing skills for writers

Improving your online writing skills broadens your capabilities. To help you improve your writing skills, I have collected 8 of the best and vital skills dedicated to this mission. Here they are:

#1. Find Your Key Writing Techniques

Allow me to start with the obvious. A web writer is a copywriter, so it is obvious that you need to write well.

As a web writer, it is important that you know how to copy-write and how can you make it extremely well. We all know there are numerous of writers out there who are generating lots of content. So you need to be sure that you produce high-quality content that stands out from the crowd of those content.

This means you should take care all of the important things such as grammar, spellings, and punctuation. Thus, you need to be sure that your content must have that cadence and flow, which easily appeal to your target audience.

Take a look at the techniques popularized by Jon Morrow and this will help you generate short, digestible, and fascinating content to grab your readers’ attention.

Overall, find how to copy-write well, and apply it in the way, so your content stands out from other’s content.

#2. Be Social Media Savvy

As an online writer, this stage becomes crucial to know what’s going on in the social media sphere.

Being a social media savvy is a good way of keeping tracks of current industry trends and find what the competitors at the next door are doing. This is also an excellent way to know what your audience wants from you; this can help you prepare your promotional base.

Through social media, you have the great opportunity to engage with old customers, new customer, and soon-to-be customers. Start sharing your posts on various social media platforms, this will help you gain traffic and also get an insightful idea for your future writing from your audience.

Take advantage of social media platforms and be the Garner and gain more and more audience.

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#3. Add Humor to Your Content

Adding humor to your content is online writers’ powerful and handy tool to make content interesting and grab readers’ attention.

If you have added humor to your content, then reader surely senses that your post is different from others. Sure the information that you have provided is helpful, but they also find that you have taking pleasure in its delivery.

So for your readers, reading your content will become fun for them, just because it is informative and entertaining too.

But how to add humor to the content and make it interesting? For that, with the piece of content provide images and the better way to spice things up you add a relevant gif to it.

This will create an impact on your audience. You don’t have to be a professional comedian. All you need is to write something that makes your audience sneers a bit while they read your content.

Ensure that when you create valuable content, it should be entertaining. So your audience is likely to read it to the end and more liable to take action afterward.

#4. Tell Fascinating Story

As humans, words are probably the most powerful tool. And generating storytelling content is one of the great ways to engage with the audience.

Present information in your content in the way you are telling the story to your audience help you win their hearts and minds. This way, you can also find your actual audience.

As an online writer, it is essential, you remember that you never miss to include the human element in your content, after all, you are writing for human beings.

As stories connect deeply with the emotions, it adds clarity, credibility, make a bond with readers, and win their attention. Storytelling content inspires readers to take action too.

So generate engaging storytelling content. And yes, remember you should always practice reading your storytelling content aloud. This will give you a good sense of how it will turn into a spoken-word story.

#5. Awareness of Target Audience

Awareness of who are your target audience is the fundamental or primary step. For an online writer, it is imperative to know for whom you are writing and why.

This is all about understanding your target audience. And what other better places than social media. Social media platforms are one of the great ways to get insight into what your target audience wants from you.

Typically, all you need is to understand as real people, get to know them, see what they like and where they go when they are online. This will build a strong, loyal and lasting relationship with your target audience.

You can even use the analytical tool and also can track the behavior of targeted audience to know more about how they are interacting with your brand. You can even check out 9 Best Heatmaps Tools to Track the Behavior of Audience.

#6. Well-Researched Means Well-Received

A good researcher is a sign of a good writer. So be sure every topic that you cover should be well-researched thoroughly. This will optimize the quality of your content and ensure that information that you put forward is strong.

Also be sure that if you have a well-researched topic, then generate meaty and lengthy content which act as an efficient way to teach your target audience.

There is a myth that short content do work a lot as compared to the long content. But actually, shorter is not always better. Shorter is sometimes better for some types of posts only. Refer Different Post Blog Post types to understand various types of short and lengthy content.

But if you have a topic which is researched well in-depth then it is worth to generate content that is longer, meatier and provide a good amount of information. This will not go to turn your readers off but they will likely to share your content.

Have a well-researched topic and make meatier content which receives well from your audience.

#7. Basic Knowledge of Good SEO

While being a writer, it is equally crucial to have a good knowledge of SEO. Things like keywords, LSI Keywords, Alt text, good Meta descriptions, headlines, subheadings, and a lot more work better to optimize your content for SEO. This also helps you get good rankings in search engines as well.

You are using WordPress to run your blog or website then SEOPressor is the best plugin I personally recommend for better SEO.

Refer, How SEOPressor Controls All site’s SEO Perfectly.

It is important that a writer you should have a fundamental knowledge of SEO, so you can easily apply those tricks in your writing, without sacrificing actual quality of your content.

#8. Stay Up-To-Date and Open to Change

While writing this piece of content, I wouldn’t be surprised because there are numerous of information is available on web related to this topic.

Accept few of them most of the information is not that valuable. It is crucial that as an online writer, you continuously should stay up to date with your current trend in your industry. Also with the latest updates and changes too.

To stay up to date with the most recent trend in your industry engage in forums and discussion boards in your niche, search websites, and blogs, talk to your audience and observe your competitors. This is how you can track trends in your industry.

But be sure that good online writers always willing to adopt beneficial changes as they come up with what works for them the most and what’s not.


Overall, from all these skills all I want to say is, generate content that is stand out in your industry and above all the listed skill will help you at this.

What skill do you think are necessary for an online writer today?

If there is any other strategy that works best for and I forgot listed it out in the above list then feel free to share that here with me in the comment section below.

Any question?

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