10 Effective Blogging Stats Every Businesses Should Know About

Blogging is like magical things, which can boost the business revenue in a friction of time. Find and understand how a blog can help to enhance chances to make generate more business.

Today’s digital world is continuously changing. To be successful in marketing, it is necessary to stay on top of the latest trends and develop extraordinary marketing strategies. To attain the same, we all know that blog is the source of inspiration for a new strategy, and can guide a new path of doing things.

For the online businesses and their reputation, a blog contributes a lot to make people understand about the brands. But the question is how? Let me answer for this. Visitors statistics on the blog makes the brand understand about the engagement, audiences’ interests and acceptance of the many post shares over the blog.

Knowing the statistics of the blog is essential as it helps to focus on the goals. Let’s take a look at little-known blogging stats which can contribute to understanding and mark the assumption for the effectiveness of each blog post you plan and share.

10 Effective Blogging Stats Every Businesses Should Know About

10 effective blogging stats every businesses should know about

#1. 80% New Visits

Do you know 80% of the website traffic are first-time visitors? 80% new visits is a good and promising stats, which can encourage to start and add a blog into existing marketing strategy. Having this information is empowering and can help to plan a core strategy to create a win-win situation to get maximum results from the every blog post.

The first thing I recommend is to see how many of blog visitors are new and the sources which are driving more traffic to the blog. The second is how they are interacting or behaving on an individual blog post. This analyses will help to convert new visitors to returning visitors.

Adding a subscription point of getting their email addresses as blog subscribers, encourage them to follow on various social media channels and ask them to bookmark the blog URL will help to convert them as a returning visitors.

OptinMonster is the best WordPress Plugin to collect email address from the visitors.

#2. Frequency = More Traffic and Leads

The blog is a commitment. The frequency to blog is the key to getting more and more relevant and continues traffic. Frequent creating content on various topics of the different interest of the users and publishing them on a blog can build authority.

A study says, daily blogging yields Five Times More Visits and Four Times More Leads compare to businesses who blog once a week or less.

Hence, planning, executing and maintaining the frequency of blog publishing can drive more traffic and can enhance the chance to get more business leads.

#3. Steady Library of Blog Posts Grows Traffic Better

Once the blog has accumulated at least 51 posts, then it has a great opportunity to grow traffic by 53%. After 100 posts, the blog traffic will able to increase by three times more. And after 200 posts the traffic will increase by 4.5 times.

It is essential to keep publishing on the blog, and do not expect the immediate results. It will take

#4. 94% More Views

Blog post with image/visual content used to be merely a recommendation which means it gets 94% more views. Also, articles like visual content attract more backlinks. So generate visual content to get more views.

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#5. In-Depth Content Matters a Lot

Blogging continues to get more competitive, and Google favors in-depth content that provides a ton of value over short blog posts that used to be the norm. In 2016, it is mandatory to generate an article that contains at least 1,000 words.

#6. Power of Social Shares

Promoting on social media and generate traffic is one of the modern and grand strategy in the world of blogging. For better social shares, focus on making quality and useful content. To make it handier, adding social share button in every blog is one of the best ideas. This will encourage users to share the blog post on their network.

#7. Two Elements

Two elements Design and quality content are the most important factors in establishing the credibility of the blog. Attractive design and content (text + visual) will attract and engage users on the blog.

If you are using WordPress to run the blog, then you can find the attractive themes from MyThemeShop, which can also suit to existing business website.

#8. Pick Publishing Days

Monday and Thursday are like a lucky day for bloggers as they get maximum traffic, and most social shares, respectively. If it is not possible to create and publish content on a daily basis then make sure you to add Monday and Thursday in the calendar to post content

#9. More Social Followers = More Traffic and Backlinks

Many experts have revealed that social signals are also a ranking factor. Take advantage of this opportunity and build more engagement over the various social networks. Facebook and Twitter have the large user base, and business can find an excellent opportunity to create a network over these two platforms.

#10. Share the Load

Sharing the work is always a great plan in terms to get the more productivity. Here I am not talking about to hire an agency or freelancer to get the work done. Inviting other authors to post content on the blog is also a great strategy to share the load.

Plus Points of Inviting Guest Bloggers:

  • It builds credibility
  • Audience can have different views points from various experts in the industry.
  • Authors will share their blog posts URLs they wrote and published on the business blog. Such trick will enhance the visibility of the blog in their network.

Bonus: People Ignore Ads

The major number of individuals ignore ads shown on the business blog. A core agenda behind planning and running business blog are to make the audience aware of various products/services offered by the firm.


Running a successful business isn’t a child’s play. It requires enormous attention, investment, and smart marketing strategy. Blogging is the most efficient and cost-effective way of marketing that also requires minimum time and efforts, but gives you the beautiful result and high ranking.

Spend time, create content which educates audience about various business products/services.

Hopefully, the above all the statistics will help out with this. So read them and follow them to make the blog more than just better.