What Are The Smart Strategies to Stop Ad-Blockers From Hurting Your Online Business Revenue?

Does Ad-Blockers cause a huge problem for your online business revenue? If yes, then what strategies you are using? Or are you looking for smart strategies that can help you prevent those Ad-Blocker from hurting your online business revenues? Here is the solution for your problem.

The digital game of hide-&-seek that you find yourself in will soon push you to make a decision between the lesser of two evils; followed by the wishes of your leads and customers and stop showing them advertisements or neglect their wishes and overcome them with technology that forces your ad upon them.

Heck of an option, huh?

Millions of online users are using digital ad blocking to hide from the ads which you desperately want those online users to see. A short while ago, I have heard lots of about Adblocker on iPhone as Apple offers ad blocker apps. These apps are part of the app store, and those apps help those online users to block ads on Apple devices.

No worries, though.

You now have the potential to counter and seek out these lead and customers with technology designed to prevent ad blockers and serve your ads anyway.

But before I lay out those smart strategies in detail I am sharing few of the tips which I have researched, used and would love to hear your advice on how you are dealing with this serious issue of ad-blocking on your blog

When it the question about monetizing a blog, we can split our blog into 3 major categories.

  1. The very first is blog based on affiliate marketing to make money.
  2. The next is a blog which is managed by a brand.
  3. And the last is the blog which depends on third-party advertising to make money.

Most of our blogs belong to the third category. They use AdSense or other Advertising networks to make income from the blog.

Typically, ad networks work like this: You need to sign up first for their service and add the code they offer in your theme or widgets. Whenever a visitors load your blog’s page, the ads are loaded and shown to the visitors. If your visitors click on any ad, you get paid.

All of these steps are vital for you to make money. If any of the above steps goes incorrect, you won’t get paid for any of it. Now, the Adblocker is the culprit that is not offering the ads to load on your blog page.

Thus, if you are from the third category, your online business I mean blogging is under a huge risk. But first, we are going to see what is Ad-Blocking and how it works. Then we head over to the smart strategies that will help you prevent these Ad-Blockers.

How to Stop AdBlockers from Hurting Your Blog or Business Income

# What Are Ad-Blockers?

Ad-Blockers are nothing but the software, which is available in browser extension or a mobile app in the digital market. This software blocks ad from being loaded on a blog’s or site’s page. If you are using any ad-blocker extension or any mobile app, then you probably know that you see a blank space in the place of advertisements. This eliminates the clutter from a web page, and it speeds up the web page loading time for a visitor. For a publisher, it simply stops any ad impression, and you won’t earn any money from this kind of views.

# How to Find Out Whether Your site is Affected By Ad Blockers or Not?

You might be thinking about looking out whether your blog is affected by ad-blockers or not you’re your blog is something that depends upon third party advertisements like Google AdSense or it’s alternatives then your blog is already affected by those Ad-Blockers.

But to that in detail that how much your blog is affected, you can do this by comparing the total page views in your analytics to your Google AdSense page views. If the difference is high then possibility that your blog is being affected by ad-blocker.

There are few more ways to check the count of visitors with ad blocking. Check out this detailed article about “Find How Many Visitors do Not see Ads on your Blog/Website“.

Ad-blocking software has mostly affected those blogs which have tech savvy readers. Because most of the visitors are smart and prefer to use Adblock software just to read the content on the web page instead of seeing AdSense on the web page.

# Smart Ways to Save Your Blog From Ad-Blockers

We all know that in the era of digital marketing people are getting adapted to ad-blockers very quickly and this is the reason that it is good to consider smart strategies that I am going to list here for you. Have a look at them.

1. Switch to Your Own Advertising

The advantage of utilizing your own advertisement is that all the resources relevant to advertisements space are loaded on your server. Thus, no ad-blocker can block them. Typically, ad-blockers works on a set of code and compare the advertisements. If they find any match, then they block those advertisements from showing them.

As I have mentioned before that if you have your own advertisements, then all of them are going to store on your own host, and hence they can’t be blocked by them.

I would recommend you to build an Advertise with us page to entice more advertising deals for your blog. But don’t forget to add a specification such as your monthly visits, page views and the most important your social media influence highlight your online impact.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can do miracles for your blog if done correctly and strategically. Tons of blogger making money more than $10000 a month by utilizing affiliate marketing strategy. In affiliate marketing, you get a commission from every sale by referring a service or product to your readers. Ensure that you refer simply the service or product relevant to your industry and of course your readers or customers.

Read: Complete Understanding of Affiliate Marketing & FAQs

3. Mobile App

More than 50% of Google searches are done on a smartphone or mobile phones. So, this would be the great idea to develop a mobile app to attract and grab your reader’s attention. If you have assured quality on your app, no ad block software can block those ads. Since apps are in demand, some investment is essential to plan before considering this step.

Apart from this, other ways can help you prevent those ad-blockers from hurting your online business revenues. Let’s take a look at those ways too.

# WordPress Plugins to Eliminate Ad-Blockers Software

  1. Get Whitelisted

There are tons of WordPress plugins are available in the market. With the help of them, you can show a notification or a message to the visitors by simply asking them to whitelist your blog. Remember this notification will be shown to those visitors who are using an ad-blocking plugin. Thus, there is nothing to worry about the loyal audience being distracted by this notification.

Once the visitors disable the ad-blocking plugin or whitelisting your site, and the visitors refreshes the page, he/she will not see the message again.

The best WordPress plugins that you can use and those plugins will make this task very easy for you. AdBlock Notify by B*web and Simple Adblock Detector.

2. Stop Them from Seeing Your Post

Actually, this is a very aggressive strategy where you can avoid Ad-Blocking visitors from seeing your content entirely. I really recommend you not to use this approach. However, it is a choice which is good to know. So, if you are into this choice, you can use this approach by simply using the AdBlock Notify by B*web plugin.

After installing and activation of that plugin, you require building a page notifying that why the visitors can’t gain access to the post and how can they do that. Later then publishing that page set the plugin to redirect all the visitors with Adblock to the new page.

3. Discover New Way to Earn from Your Blog

There are plenty of ways to make money from a blog. Advertising is not only the way to make money online. You can do lots of other things to earn money from your blog. The significant things that you can try are Sponsored Posts, Paid Reviews, and setting up a merchandise store within your blog.

We should note that we are also a reason that AdBlocking software is becoming so famous, we require to find new ways, and experiment them to ensure that our blog can survive for the long term.

4. Focus on User Experience

Most of the above solutions concentrate on curing the signs of rising ad-blocking utilizing but not the actual cause. Readers turn to ad-blocker just because the advertisers and publishers have overwhelmed them with intrusive advertising in the past.

There is a way in barraging your readers with ad upon ad when it will drive those readers up to the wall instead of obtaining long-term marketing targets. Eventually, the great way to combat the issue is through concentrating on improving user experience on your blog. This adds giving readers a choice to skip video ads, hide irrelevant ads, or thumbs down content they dislike, and so on.

It is all about providing the readers an advertising light experience with an option. After all of those who don’t wish to see your ads are less likely to engage with them anyway.

If you are not sure if ad-blocking is right now an issue for your blog and advertising, tons of online business can help you out to diagnose the problem.


Ad blocking is on target to hit 50% penetration in the U.S by 2018. It might not cost you significant revenue today, but this is something that you will likely to be pushed to deal with in the future. Especially when you think about 80% of the folks surveyed in the PageFair study project said they were not willing to pay for ad-free content. This means advertising, at least for now, is the backbone of the cost-free web.

Furthermore growing your email list, you have a communications pipeline with your readers, learn all you can like about their particular advertising preferences. The data that you will obtain will help you figure out whether what strategy you need to apply.

Hope you now know all the ad-blockers. If you find this article informative and useful, then do comment here. In case if you have any other strategy using which works perfectly for you then do share that here too. I would love to add those strategies in this list.

Any question?
Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.