My Secrete To Write an eBook Within 30 Minutes and Earn Revenue

Landing on this article proves that you are eager to know the secret that helps you generate eBook in under 30 minutes. Well, then what are you waiting for just dive right into the article and see what’s my secret ingredient to generate eBook within just 30 minutes.

Building an eBook is both like exciting and challenging task simultaneously. Your book is your baby. It is essential that you understand your choices and that you ensure your eBook looks and reads on all the popular eReaders such as Kindle, Nook, iPad and more.

But why write and publish an eBook?

If you are an entrepreneur, online marketer, or blogger, what is the point? Here is what I have found:

  • It is time to show your authority. You have fantastic, life-changing idea? You won’t come across a better time for your words to spread them like wildfire to encourage and empower if executed well.
  • eReaders are nearly doubled. One in four Americans is nowadays utilizing some type of tablet like Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc., which is capable of reading eBooks. Even nowadays smartphone user can also enjoy eReading by just installing Kindle reading app on their smartphone.
  • If you already have established platforms like blog or website or want to build on, then eBook will enhance all of your online marketing efforts.

The chances to grow your business or thoughts through publishing your own eBook are limitless. With an enlightening and compelling eBook, your words can generate valuable wisdom, stories, ideas and actions which can build trust and relationship with your audience.

Here in this article, I am going to reveal my secret to write eBook within 30 minutes. With this secret you will learn how to you can create your eBook as fast in under 30 minutes. So let’s start and learn how you can make this eBook.

How to Write eBook Within 30 Minutes?

My Secrete To Write an eBook Within 30 Minutes and Earn RevenueStep #1. Frist of all, put together all your blog posts and ensure that you have picked the best content from your blog and content you selected is relevant to your eBook’s title. For instance, if you are promoting effective ways to generate quality and authority backlinks to your blog then make sure you don’t put articles such as “how to do affiliate marketing. The more your content is relevant to your eBook’s title the more your readers will engage with your eBook and try to complete reading your eBook.

Don’t create lengthy eBook, this will lead your readers to lose interest to read your eBook. So this is essential that you pick 5-7 epic blog posts and note down the URLs in word pad or notepad or somewhere else.

Isn’t it simple? Of course, it is.

Step #2. Once you pick the epic content from your blog for your eBook, then visit and download their software which is available for free, it is just like Microsoft Office. However, this is not very advanced software, but still, it is ideal for generating eBook.

Once you download the software, install it on your PC or laptop, then open this tool, select Text Document to create an eBook.

OpenOffice to Create PDF files

Build a beautiful cover page adding your blog logo, eBook image, and title of it. On the very next page, paste all of the content from those links those you have saved in notepad. Apply some formatting, such as font size, font type, and so on. Generally, Arial size 12 is great to read, so I recommend you to change your regular font type and size with Arial size 12. Make sure that you also include copyrighted text at the footer on each page of your eBook.

Create Cover Page for an eBook

What I actually love about this tool is that each every hyperlinks those you have linked to your article stay in contact when you save it as in the format of pdf. So this also a very great way to earn money. Because in most of the hyperlinks many of the people like you and me always recommend products like hosting provider service, WordPress list building tools and generating hyperlinks in the text. You can even include resource page at the end of your eBook that helps to generate quality and authority backlinks to site or blogs.

Links in eBook

Now, at last, do a final check of your eBook, ensure that all of the content is fine and is in order. Then under this tool go to File section and tap on Export as PDF option. And your eBook will be export as in PDF format.

Export as pdf to Create an eBookStep #3. Final Touch

Now you have generated your eBook, this is time to design a mind-blowing cover page for your eBook. Note that people are most likely to download your eBook only base on the cover page of it. So create enticing and compelling cover page as you can. There are 5 ways to which you can gain this is by building a

  • The interesting title which should be loud and clear this means it should clearly say that what your eBook is about.
  • eBook size on your blog page shouldn’t be that small or too big to read.
  • You should use colors which meet your blog theme.
  • Tag Line
  • And lastly, the author name of course.

If you are good at editing or creating photos in Photoshop, then you should make them, or you can even just visit Fiverr and hire someone who can make this task easy for you. The minimum cost is about $5.

Now your eBook is complete and ready to publish on your blog!

I hope you found this article insightful. Let me know about your experience regarding generating your eBook in under 30 minutes.

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