Contentmart – The Best Paying Digital Content Marketplace

Are you a skilled content writer? And do people not pay well for the content your write for them? Or are you a blogger/webmaster looking for an experienced content writer from different niche? Check this article, and I am sure all your content and money making needs will end here.

Are you a writer who wants to earn some money?

Or are you in the need of content for your blog or website?

Then you are on the right page. I will tell you the right place where clients can meet professional freelance writers. On Contentmart, the writers can find various types of orders and assignments and clients can place their requirements to which they can avail excellent services from these writers. In here, I am going to give a complete review of Contentmart that includes in-depth analysis of this freelancing portal.

What is Contentmart?

Contentmart is an online platform where clients can put up their content-based needs as orders. It is more of a concept where clients can meet writers to get their work done. Contentmart just plays the medium between clients and writers. On this online portal, even writers have been earning after getting works from clients from all over the world.

When Contentmart started, it was targeting the Indian market only. All the transactions were made in rupees only. After achieving early the success, Contentmart opened its door for international writers as well. Transactions are now made in two currencies: Indian Rupees and US dollar.

There are many writers from UK, USA, Asia and Africa. This online content freelancing portal has proved its international presence as well.

ContentmartHow Contentmart works for writers?

When writers sign up for Contentmart, they have to give the grammar test to qualify as a registered writer. When they complete the first test, they are called beginners. Even with beginners’ tag, they can start bidding after filling all the details and updating portfolio. So, when the beginner grammar tests get completed, most of the writers go for an intermediate level grammar test. After the completion of the intermediate grammar test, there is the final test that approves that the writer has good hand over the English grammar and he/ she is tagged as an advanced level writer.

It is observed that writers who have completed advanced difficulty English grammar test get more work. Contentmart also gives the rank to individual writers, which act as an extra elements of skill set of the writer.

If a writer is a beginner, they are known as standard. If the writer is on the intermediate level and has a rating of more than 4 stars, then they are known as experienced writers. If the writer is on the advanced level and has 4.2 plus ratings and more than 3 completed orders, then he or she is known as verified writer. There is another set of handpicked writer that Contentmart chooses on their own.

How Contentmart works for clients?

Clients from all over the world can order their content write-ups by setting all the details in the form. They have to recharge their wallet to confirm the order. They can place the order at no cost at all. But, if they confirm working with a writer on Contentmart, then they have to recharge their wallet with the pre-decided money.

After the completion of the order, the money gets transferred into the account of the writer.

Based on overall work and process client can share his/her feedback to the writer.

Features of Contentmart:

Different niche: Writers will have huge opportunities to bid and pick the work. There are many clients who are raising their requirements of different content from different niche.

Easy to understand: The process to place and order or to find the work is very simple. Bid on the recent/open projects of content requirements. Start writing the content. Submit it to the client and get money in your pocket.

Make sure you as a writer complete the work on decided dead line.

Price: You can ask for money depend on your skills. Contentmart has set the minimum price at Rs. 0.40 per word.

Favorites: If a client is impressed by the writer, then he can favorite him so that in the next orders. So, there is a chance that client will ask you directly to write the content.

Personal order: The default order placing is public where all the writers can bid, but if a client do not want to go public, he can set the order only for a specific writer. So, you can even get your job done without letting know the whole world about your project.

Refilling money in your account as a client: Refilling money is pretty simple for clients. All they have to choose the option in which their account should be filled. If they want to recharge their wallet with Rs. 500, all they have to click the tab and it will direct to the transaction page.

Contentmart Affiliate Program: This is another advantage of the Contentmart. If someone calls a client, then they will get 10 percent commission on all the orders placed within a year. You can easily earn money by creating referral links from the Contentmart dashboard.

Final Words:

Contentmart has evolved as one of the best digital content marketplace, which has improved the profits for clients and has given works to the writers. In this way, both clients and writers get benefit from each other.

Don’t think more, register yourself as copywriters and start making money.