Comparison and Insights – Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing

Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing, which is a better method for website monetization? We know this question has crossed your mind many times. Many of us struggle to find the right monetization platform that will benefit our online business or blog. While most of the established bloggers count on AdSense by flashing ads on their blog page, Affiliate marketing also enjoys the reputation among users for its clear-cut approach.

These platforms are reliable and great sources of income. Both the platforms are the best for making online income yet we are left undecided when we try to choose one over another. Keeping this in mind, we have enlisted the best features of both the platforms that will enable you to select what works the best for you and your website.

Let us first understand what they are!

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is a high revenue generating program by Google that allows users to run various advertisements on their websites and generate income through per-click or per-impression basis.

The advertisements are administered by Google and can be targeted to your choice of audience. It is one of the highest paying platforms online and hence the most preferred one, thanks to its price per click (PPC) system.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a great source of making income based upon commission from merchants. You can run an advertisement about a particular business and you will attract visitors to them or even better translate them into buyers.

You will be called affiliate and will get paid every time a visitor buys via your advertisement. It follows a commission based system and it is usually very high and can go up to 50% of the product price.

Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing : The Insights

Comparison and Insights - Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing
Comparison and Insights – Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing

There are many features that are unique to both of these platforms and make them equally the best. Yet the question of selecting just one will keep tricking us.

Here are some features that will give you insights about what they have to offer and how it can benefit your business. The comparison will help you make the right choice as per your liking.

1. You can enjoy more income via Affiliate Marketing opposed to Google AdSense.
This is because of the income structure in Affiliate Marketing. Usually, people make more from one affiliate sale as compared to that of what they make in a week from AdSense. The reason being AdSense offers a passive income which is usually less yet consistent.

2. It is easy to get approval for Affiliate marketing than Google AdSense program.

3. Once your AdSense is approved, you can earn from multiple ads put on different pages of your website.
You do not have to update the page regularly for your ads unlike in the case of Affiliate sales. So you need to invest a lot of time in case of Affiliate Marketing program.

4. The income generated by PPC of AdSense is generally low and not reliable.
Your income will depend completely on the visitors on your blog or website. In case of Affiliate marketing, you enjoy high income per sales. You are the one in charge of your income plan and you can make changes accordingly to generate more income.

For instance, you can dedicate an affiliate sales page on your blog and find ways to attract more visitors. AdSense, on the other hand, is controlled and monitored by Google. Many AdSense accounts are even blocked frequently if they do not adhere to Google’s policies.

5. The payment with Affiliate ads is easy as you get paid via PayPal. AdSense offers payment through check or wire and that is not a feasible or preferred method for many.

6. You can get more creative with Affiliate sales ads as they offer lucrative options for visitors so that it is easy to translate them into buyers.

That freedom is not enjoyed in the case of AdSense ads as Google is strict with its policies and do not give much room for creativity.

7. Google AdSense Ads generate passive income as Google is not paying the advertisers but you.
Still, you cannot really count on it for long-term stable income. On the other hand, affiliate sales make for long term gains and you can depend on them for a regular income.

8. Although affiliate sales involve more money yet it is not that easy to generate income.
They are more beneficial if you have a niche blog with good numbers of visitors. For instance, say you have a fashion blog. You can put affiliate ads for products related to fashion and there are good chances of converting those prospect buyers into buyers.

But if you have a blog with more than one niche, the risk factor is involved to get convert. And you can end up being an affiliate marketing blog which is ultimately going to affect your blog.

In the case of Google AdSense, you can even earn on the per-impression basis. That makes it the backbone for any blogger for generating income through clicks, though less.

9. There is more variety to affiliate sales products as compared to the limited niche products in case of Google AdSense.
Google AdSense restricts users to certain types of ads unlike in the case of affiliate ads that offer unlimited options and variety.

10. Affiliate marketing program is more flexible in its approach as compared to Google AdSense.
You have full control over the marketing of your ads while Google AdSense doesn’t offer such luxury and is stringent in its approach.

If you need to make a selection, we will suggest you go with both of them. In the case where Google AdSense restricts you, affiliate ads can offer you the liberty to generate income your way and even if you don’t comply with Google’s changing policies, you will have the backup.

So a simple answer to the question Google AdSense Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which is better? is that a planned combination of both the platforms can generate hefty revenues for you at the end of every month.

Alternatively, if you are a new blogger, then we suggest you start with Affiliate Marketing and slowly move towards Google AdSense so you generate revenues from both.

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