Blog Commenting – How Bloggers Can Boost Their Blog Ranking?

Want to know how blog commenting can boost rankings of your blog in SERPs? Well, this guide helps you get the clear idea blog commenting and how your leverage blog is commenting.

We already have shared an ultimate list of free yet authority websites to build high-quality backlinks. And each time we talk about SEO, one of the most asked questions that we found is building backlinks.

No matter what, besides from on-page SEO, backlink always plays a significant role in ranking of your blog. We have already shared 101 smart and quick ways to build backlinks to your blog or website, which is no doubt highly efficient but it requires time. So we will look into another article that will show you different ways to build backlinks.

Blog commenting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate backlinks to a new and even old blog/website. In fact, the effective blog commenting strategy will ensure your backlinks graph stays constant and go up with the time.

As we are talking about making most out of the blog commenting strategy, I am here to start with a primary topic and will take you the ways that will help you boost your blog with the comment backlinks. Let us dig into the article.

How a Blogger can Boost Keywords Ranking with Blog Commenting

how to get backlinks with blog comments

Introduction to Comment Backlinks

Blog commenting is a relationship between blogs, bloggers, plus blog readers. This is an excellent way to swap ideas, opinion or thoughts about what audience feel for a specific topic or a particular blog post. They help your blog to attract more traffic and makes it social.

Blog commenting is an action, which is taken by the bloggers, blog viewers, visitors, or readers of the blog. The visitors or the blog readers leave comments on a particular blog post in the form of questions only if they want to ask anything. There are some of the visitors or users can even simply leave their comments for appreciating the information that you have shared on your blog with them.

Why is Blog Commenting Essential?

Comments are the fuel to the blogs. Through the blog commenting, anybody can share knowledge with anybody. This is also the great way to viral out your blog. Commenting leads to the conversation that further leads to build the relationship among user and author. The more the conversation, the better it will be the popularity you get. Furthermore, it isn’t only about popularity, with the commenting, you can get lots of backlinks and even tons of traffic on your blog.

Types of Comment Backlinks

Primarily there are three types of comment backlinks simple, Anchor text, and Commentluv Enabled.

#1. Simple Comment Backlinks:

It is a basic form of the backlinks, which most of the blogs and websites have it enabled to get a simple comment on the blogs and sites. In a simple blog comment, a commenter will add his/her name, email address (which not get published publically), his/her blog/website address, and text formatted comment. An approved comment will link back to commenter’s blog/website with his/her name as an anchor text. Take a look at below image.

#2. Anchor Text Comment Backlinks:

This type of comment backlink that certain blogs and sites allow to their readers. Anchor Text Comment is a one step advance commenting type compare to a simple blog comment. It lets users add custom HTML code to interest blog/website URL with a particular Anchor text. A type of such blog comment is spammy any many spammers use it to get or generate instant DoFollow or NoFollow backlinks to their website/blog. Have a look at below image that how Anchor Text Comment Looks like:

Anchor text blog commenting to get link back

Nowadays many of the blogs have switched to the nofollow, so basically you will get the nofollow backlink. But still, few sites still allow do follow links.

#3. Commentluv Enabled Comment Backlinks:

This is not a comment type actually it is plugin through which commenters can comment on the blog. This is an excellent way to attract readers to comment on your blog. So it is a win-win situation for both the blogger and users who comment.

With this way you can get good-looking and high-quality backlinks for your blog. Based on the competition and quality of the comment links you actually can rank high in the SERPs. So besides only taking look at the number of the link you should really check the quality of the comment backlinks. It matters a lot while it is about rank high in the SERPs.

Comment LUV Blog Commenting to Generate Backlinks

Comment LUV blog comments to build strong backlinks

Factors of The Quality Blog Comment Backlink

  • Stay away from the spammy domain such as adult or gambling links.
  • Make sure the page you are linking your page allow Dofollow link.
  • It is also required to check the Domain Authority, if the site has more than 30 DA then it is good to link your page link.
  • Check out the page have less number of Outbound links in the comments. You need to make sure you don’t make links on the page that have over 50 comments.
  • If any site in your industry requires login to comment, then it is great because they are not spammed much generally.
  • Even make sure you don’t link your page to the sandbox or Google penalized the website.

How to Find Backlinks?

There are basically five different ways from that you can build comment backlinks:

  1. Build links from authority site
  2. Build links with the help of tools
  3. Build links with quality content
  4. Build links with purchasing high-quality websites
  5. Build links with Google Dorks

We have already shared few articles that will help you find backlink sources and build comment backlinks. But let see how you can find comment backlinks sources with using Google Dorks.

Take Advantage of Google Dorks to Find Quality Backlink Sources

To find the quality sources for to build comment backlinks you need first to find your keyword. For example, This blog uses premium CommentLuv. One you have keyword put it into text quotes. Copy that quote and paste it in Google search bar and hit the enter button and this will help you get more than just thousands of results, where you can create your comment backlinks.

You can even look for.EDU and.GOV sites, Dofollow sites, Keywordluv enabled site, etc. to create comment backlink.

How to Index Comment Backlinks?

Well, you can’t do that much to index the Backlinks, because it is all up to search engine. Google by itself crawls a site there is a total possibility, which the comment links will get indexed.

But the question when Google crawl a site?

When you are commenting on some blogs or sites that update quite frequently, then there is an excellent opportunity of getting the links indexed by the Google in under a week.

But the sites and blogs those don’t update on a regular basis then there are very fewer chances to get links indexed by the Google.

However, there are some ways that you can try to build comment backlinks.

  • Use OneHourIndexing to index your backlink quickly.
  • Use MissPing and Misspinger to make your comment backlinks.
  • Build Web 2.0 and create a post with all the URLs, here you even can create comments. So it is effortless to create comment backlinks.


With this distinct ways, you are sure can build quality comment backlinks to optimize your blog and boost the rankings of your website. Are you all set to fetch the quality web traffic on your blog or site, high PR backlinks and have a killer reputation in the world of the blogging community? Then this is the great way to build quality comment backlinks on your blog.

Any question?
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