22 Actionable Blogging Tricks to Make MORE Money Online

Have you tried a lot but didn’t find the right way to enhance your blog visibility? Check this post and find 22 tips to make more money online.

Blogging is a huge factor for an SEO and lead generation standpoint. We all know that blogging becomes a larger element of the content marketing strategy. We are aware for every blogger, the primary goal of blogging is making money out of it. But it is important that the blog that you put out on the internet should provide value to your readers as well. Because without having a loyal audience you can’t get that much money.

If you are you looking for a collection of actionable and insightful tips for blogging, then do not look further. Here I have added 22 Tips that every blogger should follow and can easily implement to boost their site’s visibility and earn money from the blog.

Blogging Tips and Tricks To Make Money Online:

22 actionable blogging tricks to make more money online

#1. Build an Attractive Content with Eye Catchy Graphics

Graphics are the visual content on your blog. Creating an eye catchy images I mean graphics to demonstrate and share the message of your posts will attract more visitors and can also encourage users to share your blog posts.

If you are looking for a tool that makes your task easy with creating attractive graphics, then Canva is your tool make it very simple.

#2. Set Traps for Ideas

Everyone want to run their blog on a long-term basis, but have set traps to capture ideas from users? I have seen many bloggers who have started a blog with full of energy, and after few times they get stuck and do not continue with the blogging. The only reason is, they do not have more ideas to make their audience engaged with their blog.

If you are facing the same issue and want to run your blog for a long term, then you should set a trap to gather ideas. For instance, you can conduct surveys on your blog to get your readers input, host and participate. You can also create Twitter chats with your followers and ask for their email subscription to submit questions for Q&A. This is kind of great idea to create something new with generating and engage users with your blog.

There are plenty of more traps you can set and increase the engagement on your blog. Pick one of them and start engaging.

#3. Build Connection with Influencers

To make your blog attractive and to build a huge crowd of audience it is essential that you make the connection with influencers in your niche. Because great content is not only the strategy to make your blog popular but influencers also help you to promote your blog.

#4. Build Your Email List

I know you always provide valuable content to your readers and have also collect email addresses from your readers. If you have not then, you must start collecting email addresses of your users. This is one of the great ways to attract visitors on new updates and build an enormous amount of engagement with your readers to continue the conversation down the line.

Offer your readers a weekly newsletter and embed a signup form on your blog. Another way, you can create a free resource that users can download if they input their e-mail address. You can use this e-mail addresses to make them purchase some services/products from you and also keep them updated with your latest posts.

#5. Write a Sharable Content

This is the best strategy that every blogger should have, and that is creating content that gets more shares. If you are a newbie in the blogging world, then you should know what makes your content more shareable. You should write interesting, informative and attractive content that people will be willing to share.

You might have read that content is the king of the blogging world. This is 100% right because your blog is good for nothing without having great content. Make sure you always create good content and won’t make any mistake which deceives your audience not engage or share it among their network.

#6. Dedicate Some Time To Your Posts and Be Realistic

Assign dedicating time to your blog posts is one of my recommended tips. It is great to have one post with substantial length and well-researched post per week than any other posts. To build one post like this you need to invest a lot of time. But remember one thing to be realistic with your post.

#7. Take Inspiration from the Life Experience

A fine-tuned Blogging platform build on the experience we have. As a blogger, you should get inspired by your real-life experience and get different ideas from it. So use an example and take inspiration from what you go through on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Real-life experiences are very easy to recast in your writing, and this will also help you to grab the attention of your readers on various blog posts.

#8. Have Ideas from Your Audience

You can get ideas and advice from your readers. To do so, you need to take a look at their comments on your various blog post and their interactions on your social media activity. In this way, your readers will likely to share their advice with you about what topics they would most like and looking for what content they are looking forward from your end. This is the best way to grow your blog.

#9. Know What is the Purpose of Each Blog Posts on Blog

For the best blogging experience, the primary thing that every blogger should focus is to find the purpose of the each blog posts they published. The fundamental to know the purpose of each blog post you created is to keep remember the goal a blogger has set at a time of starting blogging.

You should also consider few points like:

  • What are you trying to achieve with it?
  • Who are your audiences?
  • What are the KPIs?
  • Are these all capable of achieving goal you set?

I have seen many bloggers have missed this and did not measure achievement. If you are too then start measuring it right now and know the purpose of each blog, you have written and published on your blog.

#10. Your Blog Post Is a Great Way to Sell Your Products/Services

We all are aware that blogging is not an optional strategy. The blog is the core foundation of an effective direct response to marketing strategy. So to turn your blog post into revenue, you should engage your audience with the content, which is useful before you start to sell your products or services.

Make your blog provide your brand a voice and raise your current and a potential audience who has an interest in your products or services. This helps you to grow your blog and your business by inspiring your audience to purchase any product or service.

#11. Create Content That Reach Beyond Your Targeted Audience

Compelling content is the new advertising way to reach out beyond the targeted audience. Over the half of the most active bloggers put out new compelling content for their readers at least several times a week, because the compelling content is the essential part of the blog to attract more and more visitor and make your blog post viral too.

#12. Stick with Your Blog

To be consistent in blogging or the content marketing is the second most strategy. Many bloggers start their blogs with lots of enthusiasm but after some posts they give up. So remember one thing that blogging is a long term game. Besides leaving blogging, you just need to be clear about your ideas and about your blog to stick with it. That’s it.

#13. Focus on Quality of Your Content than the Quantity

Many of us believe that quantity of the content will lead to success in blogging. But that’s not true. According to me, quality is the thing which leads us to success, which speaks about our skills and expertise.

If you are writing a 1500+ word article and do not provide any insightful information, then there is no use of such blog post. If you are writing a post with 350 words and sharing accurate information will build more engagement among the audience.

One of the best writing lessons I have learned in the year of 2016 is to eliminate fluff and create short and straightforward informative content. So I recommend you not to focus on word count. A longer post does not mean a better blog post which does not have enough information to share.

So start building content which provides useful information like answering questions, how-tos, engaging writing and actionable statements.

#14. Make Keyword Research

Keywords are the first thing that you should know and learn about when you start to optimize your blog SEO. Well, keyword research is the process of finding the right phrases in your niche. If you wish to grow your blog then keyword research is the important step. There are many tools in the market that make this task very easy for you, with which you can easily find profitable keywords and make your post fruitful with those keywords.

Google Keywords Planner and KeywordTool.io are the leading and most favorable keywords research tools.

#15. Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is the third most important attribute to growing your blog. Without getting your word out about your blog, your content will never maximize its reach. To this end, leverage social media like Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms to support your blog promotional activities.

The simple logic behind blog promotion is to take advantage of the social media board and global reach.

#16. Create Eye-Catching Headlines

Too often the headlines are the most neglected part of writing an article. People just gloss over it without taking much time to consider it. But the headline of your article is the sundae. An eye-catching headline of your blog posts can do wonders in attracting readers. So if you wish your readers’ full attention, this is important real estate of blogging.

#17. Create Content of Substantial Length

When it comes to providing detailed information, it is important that you create content with substantial length. In the recent study, it is concluded that the posts which have significant length are better for SEO ranking. With the considerable length of content, you have the opportunity to get more potential readers.

#18. Engage with Your Blog Commenter

Make sure that you frequently check and leave a reply to your blog commenter and make conversation with your audience learn more about them while leveraging their feedback. Also be sure that you approve comments manually to prevent negative comments and protect your blog’s brand from any damage.

#19. Have Content That Educate, Entertain and Build Connection with Audience

Your content has to provide real values to your readers and give them something back to the time that they spend reading it. Time is scarce, and you have to grab your readers quickly, by writing content that means their needs and compels them to read on and engage with it. One of the ways of doing this is to use the ‘Educate, Entertain, Inspire, and Build Connection’ test. Ideally, your content should accomplish at least one.

#20. Don’t Forget to Make Your Content SEO-Friendly

To rank well in the search engine, you need to focus on making your content SEO friendly too. “How to improve the blog posts search engine ranking?” is the million-dollar question that every blogger has. Many bloggers and I spent a lot of time to make content more search engine friendly. And in return to that, the content will have a higher ranking in search engines.

To create SEO friendly content you need to perform keyword research, keyword optimization, content organization and content promotion to let your readers know about your content.

#21. Be Creative and Be Yourself While Creating Content

Being creative and yourself makes you good at your blogging job. Maybe you are not able to blog about on totally original concept, but you can put your clear way to an old topic. So let your voice shine through your unique writing skills, and I am sure you can’t go wrong in this.

#22. Responding Your Audience’s Questions

Responding your audience’s question is the vital part of the blogging. Answering to the question of the audience is a kind of clarification and consolidation of learning. You can enhance the effectiveness of your blog by creating a question and answer session as a formal part of your blog when your audience can respond to questions or can raise the question regarding query.

This is it.

Now I am sure you know so many tips which will lead you to enhance your blog visibility, and you can make more money from the blogging.

Follow these tricks for getting more organic and referral traffic and turn your blog post into revenue. If you have noticed, the whole post was about better blogging, better marketing, and networking too. So I would conclude saying, the trick in blogging to make money online is to share accurate and relevant information by creating content with different types, encourage your users to share your blog posts in their network and add convert your audience as your network member is the key to success.

If you have any question, then feel free to ask me. Comment it below, and I will get back to you on this.