12 Silly Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Blogging Career

Are you making these blogging mistakes? Take a look at this article and see how you can fix those mistakes.

The mistake is the sister of blogging, none of the bloggers can say that I never made a mistake with their whole blogging journey?

But the only question raised in anybody’s mind is the why no one?

If you have started your blogging, then you probably know that blogging is a professionals’ job as an online business. So there is no one perfect in this world who can say that they never commit any mistakes.

It is okay to make mistakes, without it, you can’t learn anything and can’t get the label of pro-blogger. However, making mistakes is okay but to learn from those mistakes and overcome it is essential.

There are several common yet silly mistakes that many bloggers make that can even ruin their blogging career.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 12 mistakes that bloggers generally make. Also, you will find the solutions to those mistakes. So let’s not waste time and dive right into the topic.

12 Silly Mistakes Could Ruin Your Blogging Career

Here, I am going to show what kind of common yet very dangerous things those you are making and that could kill your blog. With the each highlighted mistakes, I will also provide you the solution that how you can overcome those mistakes so let’s dive right in.

#1. Don’t Have an Emil List

There is a myth that email list is only essential for your blog to optimize affiliate earnings, sales, and profits.

However, this is partially correct. Email list does not do only those things but also help you achieve that thing which your blog want that is traffic for your blog.

There are many bloggers, who build their email list to drive traffic to their blog and of course through that they keep their audience updated with the new updates on their blogs.

Even, many of you might have made this blogging mistake by not collecting any email addresses of your readers. Well, then you probably know how did that mistake affect you.

For all kind of online businesses, I strongly recommend building an email list from the day one. Once you build your email list, don’t forget to keep your audience updated with useful information.

And yes this also very important that you don’t irritate your audience at the same time by sending too many affiliate emails, this way you there are chances to lose your valuable readers on your blog.

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#2. Being Lazy with Your Work


This is another very big problem for many bloggers. When anybody starts their blogging career, they write and research more and more.

However, with the passing time, they become lazy with their work, just because setting up a blog, developing an audience, and making viewership take at least 6 months. This is the reason that newbie doesn’t wait for a long time, so they become lazy, and this becomes the reason to quit the blogging.

Apart from a newbie, there are many blog master who makes this blogging mistake that being lazy to write great post ideas, and don’t update their blog on a regular basis. Even don’t work hard to reach to the mountain of the success.

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But do note that, without any hard work, you can’t get what you want or what you think of. We all know that there is no any substitute to hard work.

So this as clear as crystal, that you should avoid laziness and become a productive person and blogger. Concentrate on your work and complete it in time.

Laziness may spoil your blogging career and also destroy your online business. Always keep your mind healthy, fresh and focus on your work attentively.

#3. Never Reply Back To Audience Comments

A blog post without comments is like that abandoned house down at the end of the street. Equally, having comments on your blog but not replying to them is one of the major mistakes that many of you have done or still doing. Even I have made this mistake too in my past blogging year.

However, not replying to your audience can affect you blogging career and can the major blogging mistake. Not replying back to them can encourage your audience for not to leave any comment on your any blog posts.

Even in future, it may happen that you can lose that potential audience. This way you can lose your readers trust in you and your blog too.

Replying back to your audience’s comments is very much important and necessary to building a relationship with your audience and makes your regular readership.

So don’t be silly, always answer back to your lovely blog comments and start engaging with your audience and your blog reputation will increase for sure.

Thus, always try to reply back to your readers’ comments, this will help you build trust with you and your blog too.

#4. Inconsistency in Maintaining Posts

The single and the huge mistake with bloggers is that they never become consistent on adding fresh content on their blog. Many of the bloggers are very inconsistent with their blogs’ quality and quantity too.

Many bloggers build their blog, published few articles and then forget their blogs. This is one of the common mistakes that newbie and even the many other bloggers make. This is a very bad idea, and this is the one big reason that many bloggers destroy their blogging career.

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Readers always wish to read something new from you through your blog. And if you don’t maintain your blog correctly, then there is a chance to lose many of your daily readership with this single silly mistake.

This mistake affects you, your blog traffic and the one significant factor your blog ranking and the revenues too.

So try to maintain your post in a consistent way and frequently. Make sure, you post at least one blog post in a week or even in a month to keep engage with your readers. As the consistency is essential for your blog, and this is the reason that all the popular bloggers keep their blog updating with new blog posts on a regular basis.

#5. Never Take Advantage of Guest Blogging

Whether you know it or not, Google has already penalized a massive guest blogging network.

Many of you might not be familiar with the power of guest blogging. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build your brand trust and readership on your blog.

Guest blogging become very important, that helps you get quality traffic to your blog. It helps to build domain and search engine authority, your online influence, help to build your portfolio and credibility, increase your exposure and brand awareness and a lot more.

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So if you have not started yet in recommend you to also write a post on other blogs to join as a guest blogger. After posting some articles, you will definitely find good signs from your guest blogging activity.

With this, you can also create a network with other bloggers and establish your authority. So go for the guest blogging.

#6. Without Proper Knowledge of SEO

Blogging without SEO is like Man without a soul. Marketing your blog is a vital factor to be the successful blogger and make your blog ranking higher in search engine results. SEO is the great technique to optimize your blog ranking.

Might be many of you don’t know “What is SEO?”, at the beginning of your blogging journey.

Without correct optimization of your blog posts, you can’t reach to your targeted traffic, and also you don’t get high ranking in SERP. So this is essential to optimizing all the contents on your blog.

It is not like cutting a stone SEO is very easy to learn, you can just learn the primary elements about it, and then you can improve with by passing the time.

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So if you want to become a professional blogger, then it is really important that you first learn about SEO at the beginning of your blog career. Concentrate on topic and learn as much as you can then start blogging.

#7. Never Read Other’s Blog

Never reading other’s blog is yet another big mistake in blogging. You might have thought that why reading other’s blog is important and some of you may believe that, reading others blog is just time wasting, but actually it is not.

Reading someone’s blog you can get the proper knowledge of how you can entertain your online audience or readers? If you are a newbie, then it is important that you keep good understanding or share update on your blog. Otherwise, you are going to end your blog career.

It is not that only newbie has to do this. However, if you are one of the well-established bloggers, you still need to read another blog. This way you will also keep an eye on your competitors too.

The main aim behind reading others blog is to gain proper knowledge, and you will be able to gain your readers’ trust and build your online business.

Thus, optimize your experience level and keep yourself and your audience updated with industry trends. This also is the best way to build your online persona.

All you need to do is to go and visit a popular blog in your niche. Read their published blog post. This way you can optimize your knowledge and can also learn how they sharing their thoughts via their blog posts.

#8. Poor in Building Social Branding

This is an era of social media channels such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and a lot more. Many people spend hours and update their status, upload photos and hang out with online friends and all.

But do ever realize that you can leverage such platforms to present your online business and build an online persona. If never, then not building a brand via Social Media is your biggest mistake.

Social media is the greatest way to build your brand awareness and spread your words. So, I recommend you to start building your online presence through social media channels.

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If you are a newbie, then it is the great start for you that you concentrate on building your online presence from day one. This way you will help yourself and your blog to gain good organic traffic and online branding as well. So publicize your online business on social media channels.

#9. Poor in Building Relations with Other Bloggers

This can be the biggest factor in your blogging career failure. Many of the bloggers are hesitate to build a relationship with other bloggers or influencers. On the other hand, many bloggers underestimate the power of the networking with other bloggers. But networking is a very important aspect in the online business world.

Benefits of building a relationship with influencers, whenever you need any help like technical help, reviews, guest posting and all, you can take advantage of this relationship.

This method helps in the long term and the best way to survive in the online business world.

#10. Never Treating Blogging as Business

I know that for many of you, blogging is your hobby, but do you even know that your this mistake can reduce your productivity.

Seeing your blogging as a hobby and as a business both are different things. If you see your blog as a business, then it will help you optimize your branding and productivity.

However, you know your blog as your hobby, then it will definitely reduce your productivity, and you will lose your online branding and business.

Many pro-bloggers treat their blog as a business, yes some of them may have started their blog as a hobby but by the passing time they take it seriously and turn their hobby into a business. This way they produce maximum productivity and make a huge amount of money from it too.

#11. Think That Money will Magically Appear

I have seen many bloggers think that they can instantly and magically make money through a blog, but this thinking is one of the silly mistakes of failure in blogging.

There are many ways to make money online, and you can earn money through your blog too. But the one way to make money is to put your efforts in right directions. The only thing does matter a lot is how you are doing and how you are working for it.

All I want to say don’t just dream a big, but also do hard work and put your extra efforts to achieve your goals. So wake up yourself and work hard to achieve your goals and be the successful blogger.

Just like a pro-blogger, if you are dreaming of building your personality then it is essential that you see your blogging as a business instead hobby.

Pro Tip: Facing the real blogging world is equally important because this helps you craft your ideas and plan very well. Make your blog worldwide famous by looking forward your blogging journey.

#12. Wasting a Lot Time On Social Channels

Many of you may addict to social media to share stories, tagging, chatting, updating status and a lot more things. Even I was an addict too. But now I realize how much time I have wasted.

The disadvantage of becoming addict to social media channels is that you become indolent. Rather than spending time and concentrating on your work you waste your time on social media channels.

It is not that you should totally avoid, as I have mentioned above that social media is the great way to gain traffic, it is also very important to stay on social media channels. But all I want to say is you should avoid using social media channels too much. Because this can distract you from your actual work and waste of time too.

You can use social media channels for branding purpose; this will help you put your brand in front of your targeted audience, but too much use can also kill your blogging career.


Now, you know the primary reasons or mistakes with which you can ruin your blogging career. So I recommend you to focus on your blog, don’t waste your time sin other activities, and treat your blog as a business to become successful and pro-blogger.

I hope you find this article helpful. If so, please take a little while to leave a comment below. Or if you have any other blogging mistakes to share or I forgot to add in this list of mistakes than feel free to share them here, and I would love to include it on this list.

Any question?
You can ask it here, and I will get back to it very soon.