Best Ways to Use Twitter Polls for Your Business

When Twitter introduced Twitter Polls, they were restricted to 24 hours and each pollster had two choices of responses to choose from. Twitter Polls have now been expanded to four responses with a 5-minutes to a 7-days time limit. It may not be a great game changer to your business, but brands have discovered new ways to use this tool to get responses and generate engagement with their audiences.

Twitter Polls is a feature that’s simple to use. It helps you get answers to some vital questions that concern your business. It enables you to put a simple question to your followers and provides them two – or four — answers from which they must choose, anonymously. The results stay in the public domain. The feature is a helpful way to read your audiences’ minds. It helps you to create a more participatory experience related to your business on the popular social media platform.

How must Twitter Polls be used?

Best Ways to Use Twitter Polls for Your Business

Really, it’s your choice. There are endless possibilities if you are a creative person. In this post, we’ll give you some ideas on how to use the feature.

  • Adopt Twitter Polls in your weekly brand social programmes and get useful audience responses. In this way, your audience will regularly engage with your brand and get them back to see both the weekly question and the results.
  • Your hashtag, be it a branded one, or a generic, must be included in your poll campaign. It makes it easy for your audience to track conversations and to follow your polls.
  • Use Twitter Polls to make sure your content is reaching out to the highest number of your followers. One way to do this is to give your followers, in a poll, the task of choosing between two headlines you have been struggling with. The headline the majority votes for will catch their attention and get them interested in the outcome.
  • Embed your polls on your blog posts. You’ll find many free tools to do this.
  • Know your audience feedback. Twitter Polls helps you to learn this and the feedback you get will validate your final business decisions. There are several ways to do this, as you will learn later in this post.
  • Set a final voting date for your polls. This will make it a matter of urgency for your audience and you get a fixed amount of data to work on.
  • Without resorting to long, dull surveys, learn about your audience by asking pertinent questions. Use public events like movies, sports, news stories to engage with your followers. Ask them questions about the event that is related to your business. Think of a poll which is event-related and do it in such a way that it shows your human touch and your personality.
  • Make Twitter Polls help you value your customers’ brand loyalty by showing that you hold their opinions in high esteem.
  • If you want to promote your goods and services on Twitter Polls, keep theme entertainment to the minimum. It must not seem to be an advertisement.
  • Get specific reactions to your products from your customers. A Twitter Poll is a terrific way to get to know where you stand in the market.
  • On the ever-busy Twitter, why should your brand be left behind? Use Twitter Polls to chat and connect with customers.
  • After hosting a Twitter Chat immediately hold a Twitter poll that encourages people to reply to the question you ask them about the chat. Depending upon the responses, you’ll know if your chat was successful and what to expect the next time.
  • Use Twitter Polls at an event you host and get engaged with your audience. When speaking to your audience for 30 minutes or so, drop a question or two and have a poll on them (your assistant Tweets the responses when you’re on stage). Put the results on a screen and congratulate those got it right and explain to those why they were wrong!
  • Plan an event using a Twitter Poll and let your guests do the planning! Ask them what particular venue they like the most, what cold drink they prefer, what is their favourite food and so on. Ask questions that will have a direct bearing on their decision to attend – or not. Finally, ask your guests if they’ll attend your next event!
  • After your campaign launch on Monday, you find two days later that you haven’t quite got the numbers that you had aimed for. Now you want to know why your promo failed, whether it was uninteresting or any other reason. Organize a Twitter Poll and get to know important insights into your problem. Negative answers will tell you that your promotion strategy needs to be re-worked.

You will naturally not put in the hands of your followers an integral part of your business strategy. Twitter Polls are just a means to get valuable feedback from the very people who will be seeing your final decisions. You decide on the ultimate branding and design of a product or service and polling will give answers to some questions and decisions that had you puzzled. Let your followers be your guiding hand, for the final decisions will affect the same people you will be sharing your content with.

Also, you can have some fun with your Twitter Polls! Ask nonsensical questions, crack jokes, make people laugh and smile while they’re travelling in a bus or working in their offices. Seriously, a lot of people like that!

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