10 Best Twitter Chats for Bloggers: Grow Your Network and Knowledge

With some 10,000 tweet/second moving in the Twitter stream, it’s practically impossible to gain publicity because news gets outdated seconds after you’ve posted your tweet. The best way to overcome this hindrance is to take part in Twitter chats.

You will get more data of an explicit subject in Twitter chats, get associated with other bloggers and increase publicity for your blog and yourself. In this post, we’ll check out ten of the best Twitter chats, among the thousands that exist. Before that, we’ll examine these chats and get a detailed idea about them.

Best Listed Twitter Chats for Bloggers

What’s a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat is an online discussion that’s held at regular intervals at a scheduled time. There is a discussion that pertains to a specific hashtag. Participants follow the chat hashtag. Normally, there’s a host or a moderator who will direct the chat and asks questions and participate fully in the discussion. Some chats have featured, expert guests.

How to Take Part

If you don’t have a Twitter account, creating one is the first step towards participating in a chat. Your account’s setting has to be on ‘public’ or your tweets will not be seen when the chat is on. The Q&A format is generally used for all Twitter chats. The host/moderator does the questioning and the participants answer back as they get their turn. So that the others see your comments, make sure that your hashtag is included in your Tweets. If it isn’t there, you will wonder why none of the other participants is speaking to you. You’ll find many tools that make participation easier; use them to make sure your tweets are not missed. Spider by oneQube and Hashtracking are two such tools.

Chat Etiquette

There are ‘house rules’ for each Twitter chat which have to be strictly followed. Of course, you have to maintain the formal rules of etiquette when participating.


It’s a Twitter chat where everyone converses and no one shouts! The aim of the talk is to educate, learn, and connect with people, not howl!

Be Relevant

Needless to say, your comments should be to the point and relevant to the subject that’s being discussed.

No Spamming

If you post the same thing, again and again, it will most probably get you flagged or blocked. Nobody likes spamming, so refrain from doing it.

Now, let’s discuss some of the important Twitter chats that can help you connect with the audience and increase your brand awareness.

10 Best Twitter Chats for Bloggers

#BlogElevated: This chat focuses on your blog. How to monetize it, promote it and get more traffic. It also tells you how to grow your Email list and other aspects of blogging. The #BlogElevated group also holds the Blog Elevated Conference. This Twitter chat also provides plenty of strategies, experience, clever ideas, know-how and best practices. It has a working Facebook group, a good community vibe, and knowledgeable people are regulars every week. Hosts: @BlogElevated, @lisa_stauber, @clumsycrafter. Monday 9 a.m. Central Time.

#GetRealChat: This is a favourite Twitter chat for many. The community is knowledgeable, welcoming and fun. The chat focuses on real talk about technology, social business, content marketing entrepreneurship and more. However, the human element is a high priority here. At one chat, an on-the-side conversation talked about using the participants’ work for social good, which was moving indeed. It’s great for intelligent bloggers who know the vital aspects of content strategy. Host: @PamMktgNut. Tuesday 8 p.m. (CT).

#CMWorld: CMI or Content Marketing Institute has been one of the most important resources for bloggers and content marketers. Its Twitter chat brings valuable guidance, thorough knowledge, and guests who are big names in the field, like @randfish, @sujanpatel, @kikolani, and @jaybaer. It is a great resource for content creators. Host: @CMIContent. Thursdays 11a.m. (CT).

#NectarChat: Host Melyssa Griffin has on her own helped a large number of online entrepreneurs to develop their business. NectarChat provides great information. Melyssa gets terrific responses from the participants and in turn drops valuable bits of actionable tips and knowledge. The chat focuses more on entrepreneurs than on blogging but since blogging has become an integral part of any business today, the chat’s good for all. The chat is marked by friendly banter, tough love, and great insider’s perspective. Host: @NectarCollect Alternative Wednesdays 8 p.m.(CT).

#InboundHour: The great content creator and content marketer HubSpot’s #InboundHour covers all aspects of inbound marketing. With a diverse community and huge knowledge, it welcomes all new content creators and bloggers who want to restructure their system. Besides, HubSpot’s blog is overflowing with resources, insights, and great tips. Check out HubSpot’s blog at once. Host: @HubSpot Thursday’s 12 p.m. (CT).

#ViralChat: This is a good, Twitter recommended the place for bloggers who wish to build their platforms. They cover practically the entire gamut of content marketing and blogging — content strategy, video, future predictions social media and more. Thought-provoking questions get great replies from a friendly community. Guests add great value. Host: @PostPlanner

#MediaChat: Since their communities overlap, #MediaChat begins straight after #ViralChat so many participants participate in both the chats. These fun chat covers varies topics connect with the media. It’s recommended for people who want to brush up their content game vis-a-vis social media. It’s also good for those who like a light-hearted and funny community connection to the social media. Host: @kilby76 Thursdays, 9 p.m. Central.

#BlogChat: This very popular Tweet chat that delves weekly into fresh topics is one of the longest-running and most popular chats on Twitter. Be it pro blogging or SEO, it’s recommended for both newbie bloggers and experienced ones. The community is helpful, friendly and engaged, Host: @MackCollier Sundays 8 p.m. (CT).

#ContentChat: The community comprises bloggers, content strategy professionals, marketing people and other professionals from all over. This chat covers social media, technology, blogging strategies, and marketing. Recently their chats dealt with developing a social media existence organically, general writing and content creation besides blogging tips. Host: @SmarterShft / @LUCYrk78 Mondays 2 p.m. (CT).

#TwitterSmarter: Since Madalyn Sklar is the host you don’t need to ask what you’ll get here. A Twitter rockstar, Ms. Sklar is also a host of the Twitter Master Class and Twitter Podcast. It covers all that you wanted to know with regard to Twitter. Sklar is well-read in community-building, social media, content creation and other marketing fields. Host: @MadalynSklar Thursdays 12 p.m. (CT).

If you want to make Twitter help you in your business enterprise, content writing or blogging – or anything connected to that social media platform – it’s imperative that you join one or more Twitter chats. Apart from being educational, they throw up innovative and fresh ideas that you can work upon.