14 Best Podcasts for Serious Entrepreneurs

You are a busy entrepreneur and your time is valuable and limited. So you have to be choosy spending it. But you won’t get success if you remain ignorant. You have to take time out to learn more about your business. Reading books consume plenty of time, and it involves multitasking. Videos are easy and fast, but they also need plenty of focus. So what do you do? Listen to podcasts! Podcasts have become a key element for serious entrepreneurs who can absorb fascinating and new information by listening to them.

But there are thousands of podcasts doing the rounds. It’s not easy to find great podcasts to listen to, ones that relate to productivity, entrepreneurship or something new that makes things work better. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the podcasts that must be heard. Styled to make entrepreneurs happy, these podcasts offer guidance from both host and guests.

14 Useful Podcasts for Serious Entrepreneurs

14 Best Podcasts for Serious Entrepreneurs

#1. The Tim Ferris Show: Tim has billionaires, celebrities, influencers and well-known writers on this show. He does a great job of interviewing them to elicit the secrets of their success and their life experiences. He distils their life and mental make-up which he transforms into practical, easy-to-understand chunks of knowledge. This is a must-see podcast.

#2. The James Altucher Show: This renowned author is mainly known for his blog — Altucher Confidential. He interviews a whole lot of influential people in a down-to-earth and charming manner and discusses with them your business and general matters. If you are emotionally or mentally struggling with life and business in general, this podcast’s right for you!

#3. EntrepreneurOnFire: A new 30 minutes of this podcast is released daily so it always has something interesting to listen to. In every episode, John Lee Dumas, your host, takes an interview of an entrepreneur. He talks about the entrepreneur’s biggest failures, the A-Ha moment and ends with 5 rapid-fire and pertinent questions.

#4. Smart Business Revolution: Host John Corcoran’s focus is directed on the relationship aspect of business achievement. Together with his guests, Corcoran gives precious advice on marketing, networking and how to form authentic connections with influential persons. His guests talk about the network they have built and their businesses. If you think business deals with people as well as with products and marketing are vital, this podcast is meant for you.

#5. The Tim Ferriss Show: Everything Tim Ferriss says is worthwhile. A large number of people have developed great techniques after listening to his podcasts and earned business success. Ferriss interviews a diverse group of people so listeners get to know new techniques from them.

#6. The Random Show: This is a collaboration between Kevin Rose and Ferriss. It’s not exactly entrepreneurial but it’s worth the while. It’s hilarious, it gives you a peep into the life and minds of two entrepreneurs who have achieved success, and is full of tips on life and other interesting stuff.

#7. Smart Passive Income: Pat Flynn focuses on income generation and his advice is always spot on. He basically showcases what he has learned from other business people.

#8. 1-Day Business Breakthrough: This offering from Chris Ducker and Pat Flynn is a derivative of their 1-Day Business Breakthrough programs. Each week an entrepreneur explains his/her business and asks the hosts questions. Pat and Chris find the solutions. And since each week a new entrepreneur is presented, new problems and solutions are being constantly talked about.

#9. StartUp: Alex Blumberg, who produced Planet Money and This American Life, set up the new podcast StartUp, which tells of his entrepreneurial experience. He uses the documentary style and is very frank about what he has done. His learning experience is something that all budding entrepreneurs should be familiar with.

#10. The A16Z Podcast: The Andreessen Horowitz crew brings this podcast to you. It goes into all the facets of technology and entrepreneurship imaginable. The podcast brings together great minds from all relevant disciplines so that you can deeply and quickly comprehend the different subjects they talk about.

#11. Foundation: Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Chris Sacca among other top entrepreneurs, have graced this podcast which has great interviews from high-profile people. The podcast, hosted by Kevin Rose, has unfortunately not been updated for a year but it’s still worth listening to and if you are a newbie in the field, you’ll get a great treat!

#12. Mixergy: Andrew Warner’s podcasts features a ton of entrepreneurs so you can pick and choose from that awesome mix. Select the podcasts that are relevant to your field and have fun while learning!

#13. This is Your Life: The core of Michael Hyatt’s podcast is leadership and you’ll learn much about this topic when you delve into this. The best-selling writer, mentor and speaker go into other areas too but his forte is leadership which, as we all know, is a skill every successful business person must have.

#14. The #Ask GaryVee Show: Gary Vaynerchuck talks about myriad aspects of investing and business, in his inimitable style. His no-nonsense manner makes him very effective and his rapid-fire approach is his trademark.

In conclusion, we can say that our brains can follow the spoken word very well and so podcasts are a highly useful tool for entrepreneurs, both newbies, and experienced ones. To make them better you can make use of an app called Overcast which speedens things up and cuts off sound gaps. It’s one of the finest apps of its kind going.