5 Best Hosting for Your High-Traffic WordPress Site

As WordPress accounts for some 25% of all Internet websites today, there’s a pressing need for specialized providers to directly and fully manage WordPress hosting.

Your website has recently had a massive rise in traffic and you naturally feel like celebrating! But before you plan that vacation, put this question to yourself: Will your present hosting provider be able to handle the traffic increase?

A sharp rise in traffic means the resources you need go up and, in some instances, you could require a VPS or a state-of-the-art plan and not just the usual shared hosting. CPU, RAM, storage, reliability, and speed are all factors you have to give importance to when you seek the ideal hosting for a site that’s getting great traffic. So, if you build your site on hardware that’s advanced it will vastly improve your loading time. It will create a much more dependable site.

Best Hosting for Your High-Traffic WordPress Site

If you want to find the finest hosting for high traffic, you’re in luck! We will help you by explaining in detail how to discover the best hosting for loaded traffic sites. In this write-up you’ll learn about the top five hosting list with a combination of VPS, shared and cloud-based hosting suppliers.

5 Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Site

#1. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean Hosting Services

This cloud hosting provider has gained popularity for being the most liked provider today on the Internet. It showcases an outburst of growth which started when the company began operations in 2011.

What attracts beginners, as well as developers to Digital Ocean, is its general cleanliness and simplicity in use and the sign-up to launch of your ‘droplet’ – a term that’s used for cloud occurrences – time which is just 55 seconds.

All its servers are constructed on Hex Core devices which have unique ECC RAM and RAID-10 SSD storage. KVM virtualization which is used for every droplet ensures top security and great performance. Cloud servers are extremely reliable, and Digital gives a 99.99% uptime assurance. This means you don’t have to worry about losing traffic because of downtime. The standard low volume plans start at $5/month – that’s $0.007 per hour – and high-volume ones start at $160/month which includes an astounding 16 GB of RAM and an 8-core processor.

The bottom line: Digital Ocean gives you the best hardware and resources per dollar.

#2. Site5

Site5 Hosting Services

Site5 has data centres in 9 countries and unlimited bandwidth and storage. It’s is a terrific option for heavy traffic sites – in any part of the world.

Site5’s server is tops, with every server using at the least, RAID-10 SSD storage, dual E5-2630 Sandy Bridge 8 core processors and 64 GB of RAM. Site5 is ideal for all hosting including heavy traffic, thanks to its hardware.

You get a free 30-day trial and plans start at $4.95/month and a 45-day cash back guarantee.

#3. FastComet

FastComet Hosting Services

This is one more awesome option for heavy-traffic sites. SSD based it gives unlimited bandwidth starting at only $2.95/month. FastComet also provides a whole lot of perks by way of discounts, SEO services, free tools and many site templates and tutorials.

FastComet has burning fast network structural design. They also support the most used programming languages like Python, Perl, and Bash. Their free CloudFlare CDN account is particularly helpful if you encounter blazing traffic from varied geographical locations.

FastComet also has five layers of daily/weekly backups, caching and unlimited email accounts and FTP. They also have 45-day trial cash back guarantee!

#4. WPEngine

WPEngine Hosting Services

WP Engine provides great hosting and has specialized plans for huge traffic sites.

It offers a mix of dedicated and shared hosting plans. The dedicated ones are for businesses that get more than one million visitors/month. Their personal plan starts at $29.99/month. This includes one WordPress site and ten GB storage up to 25,000 visits/month. The plans are founded on a virtual Xen environment with hardware of enterprise grade. Their star performer, however, is the EverCache caching structure. It optimizes all sites on WP Engine so they run at top efficiency.

WP Engine has more than 250,000 WordPress installations. Check them without risk @ 60-day cash back guarantee!

#5. Lithium Hosting

Lithium Hosting Services

This hosting’s motto is: ‘Good site hosting mustn’t be expensive’. It is focused on clear-cut pricing and avoids the dicey advertising practice of “unlimited” storage and bandwidth.

Their Economy plan starts at $3/month – you get 3GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth. Its Elite $9/month plan is meant for heavy sites. It provides 1 TB bandwidth and 15GB storage. The storage and bandwidth limits are scalable, which means that if your monthly limit is over you can quickly upgrade it to suit your growing traffic.

Lithium offers a 30-day free trial before the sign-up which means you can try it out without any risk!

Before concluding, here are some tips to keep your site well-served.

If your site gets the same amount of heavy traffic in one day what you would get in three months, would you think of pushing off for a vacation? Unfortunately, no. To serve this load of visitors your need to ensure that your site is optimized and prepared to manage such an increase.

If you website has plenty of images, its speed will be adversely affected. Also, mobile users will experience slower speeds for big image files take longer download to a tablet or a phone.

So optimize and compress your images with the right tools, it will raise your site’s ease of access.

Finally, load tests your site to test performance and capacity under varied before launching it. Then you’ll get to know how your site functions under different stages of traffic. This will allow you to be better prepared and optimized for the expected enhancement of visitors.

Use a load testing device for web apps and websites for this.