45 Best Hashtag Research, Analyse, Tracking Tools of 2017

Are you a digital marketer who is looking for best hashtag tools that can help you research, tracking and analysing hashtags? Then why not take a look at this article and find best of the hashtag tools to help yourself out with this issue.

Nowadays hashtags are everywhere. What started as a way to search for things on social media channels is now cross platforms, multi-purpose and used by companies. Many of the people alike for pretty much anything; from major global events such as #WordlCup Final to expressions of solidarity.

A good hashtag can capture the creative imagination of the online users and helps online business, organizations, and individuals to dramatically optimize their social media presence. Yet Hashtag research, Hashtag tracking and hashtag analyzing effectively can be a little bit of a challenge.

Another challenging is to find how many times online users mentioned? On which platform users have mentioned and in which languages, countries and different contexts.

So what is that one solution to all these challenges?

I guess it is “Hashtags Research, Analyse, Tracking Tools“.

Hashtag tools that I am going to list here in this article will help you for hashtags research, hashtags tracking and hashtags analysing.

Here I have built a list of 45 Best hashtags tools, which I think make a real difference to help digital professionals and interested people alike by offering them with the hashtag analysis they need.

In this list of tools, I have categorized all of them in the different category so that you can use each of them for every purpose.

Hashtag Research Tools

#1. Hashtagify

The most popular hashtag research tool that shows hashtags all over the keyword you offer in a graph. Basically, this tool shows the different links between several hashtags and lets you see how strongly linked and how popular they are. Even you can find a selection of posts using several hashtags and the top influencers.

Twitter Tracker - WordPress Plugin for Hashtag Tracking

This tool is free for hashtag research. However, if you want to take more advantage of this tool, you need to pay for this tool. There are four paid plans are available where the starting plan costs around $9.99/month.

This tool offers three key features such as related hashtag analysis, top recent media, the usage pattern, compare hashtags, influencers’ reports, and email alerts. This tool also has launched Instagram research as well.

#2. RiteTag

RiteTag is fascinating in that it is basically a type of hashtag personal trainer. To use this tool first off you will need to sign in with your Twitter account. Once you will sign in this tool, it judges whether the hashtags you are using in your Tweets are proper or not.

RiteTag Hashtag Research Tool

You can even search through a list of tweets and retweets per hour as well as potential reach. RiteTag is a great hashtag research tool which helps you to optimize your usage of hashtags. By providing you statistical insight into the popular hashtags that you can use to improve your campaigns.

If you are looking for pro features RiteTag Tool, then it offers those features in its paid plan and starting plan of this tools is $12 per month.

However, RiteTag also has a free version. If you have basic need of hashtag research then go with the Free or Seven days trial plan this tool offers.

The key features that all the paid plans contains and even you will find them in the free version are trend alerts, tag sets, and instant feedback. This tool also has integration with other platforms too, and you can also use its Chrome extension as well that will help serve you better.

Geography Search of Hashtags Research Tools

#3. Twitter Trends Search

Twitter itself basically offers this tool. When you log in to your twitter account, you can find trending hashtags in the left-hand side panel. In which you can change the location and find trending hashtags in the particular or desired area.

As this is an inbuilt feature of Twitter itself, it is available all for free. So when you click the specific hashtag, you will find tweets from other users and other relevant information with the standard Twitter interface.

#4. Trendsmap

If you want to find what the world is talking about, then Trendmap provides you a fast overview. Basically, this tool offers hashtag location map in which you can find popular hashtags, keywords, and even users.

TrendsMap Hashtag research Tool

In the free version of this tool, you can quickly see the current most famous hashtags in all the countries and regions. However, if you want to explore more with Trendsmap then pick it’s paid plan to start at $25 a month.

The key features that all paid plans offer are analysis, map zooming and history feature. If you are looking for a solution for marketing and brands, then you really should check it out this tool page for the solution.

#5. The One Million Tweet Map

The One Million Tweet Map offers a map interface on their home page in which you can modify location to know more about the popular hashtags in a particular location. This tool is available all for free. And few of the great features that this tool provides to their users are cluster view, hashtag /keyword filters, and time filter.

The One Million Tweet Map - Research Tool

They also offer the facility to solve the issues related to client servers and also provide rest API that you can check here.

Tools For Hashtag Contest

#6. Interactwive

One of the fastest tools to build Twitter contests and this is a web-based tool, so there is nothing to install. This tool automatically gathers tweets and declares winners.

They offer features such as live statistics and prevents loss tweet. You can use its free version, and it offers three paid version in which starting plan costs around $19.99 per month + $2.99 per day.


Woobox is generally a social promotion application that helps you to gain a huge fan base for their products by running polls, contests, quizzes and sweepstakes across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, and Google+.

WooBox Hashtag Contest Tool

Woobox offers certain free apps with no limit on fans or pages. But for access to all apps, plan start at $30 per month. This tool also leveraged by few big name brands like Spotify and American Airlines. This tool added campaigns can be shown anywhere as in sites, blogs, or mobiles. They give readymade campaigns to provide nearest to what user wish.

Its drag and drop campaign builder help to personalized the campaign and include your brand image. And finally, this tool has a fantastic analytical tool to measure success level of your designed campaign and decide the winner of the contest.

This tool is very famous for its campaigns and being genuine to what it says. The very minimal change to its pre-designed campaign can provide exactly what is needed.

Hashtag Tracking Tools

#Hashtag Tracking For TV Shows & Events

#8. Social Searcher

This is a real-time search engine for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

It is designed to offer a distinct type of user experience for the curious users and deep analytics for the marketing professionals like posts types, domains/top links, keywords, top users, posts, and sentiment.

Social Searcher - Event Hashtag Tracking Tool

Also, the service has a quick chance to modify your search locale, Filter search result by the content type and popularity.

This tool is available for free for with the limited features only. But for the advanced features, you need to pay for that, and there are basically three plans Basic, Standard, and Professional. That basic plan costs at 3.49€ per month, standard plan costs at 8.49€ per month, and Professional plan costs at 19.49€ per month.

#9. Tagboard

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing of every hashtag research sites. For each tagboard that you build, you specify a hashtag for it to track. This tool then displays great posts including that hashtag on board. You can then quickly peruse all those posts which maintain that hashtag in which you are interested.

TagBoard - Event Hashtag Tracking Tool

This tool has even incorporated the ability to Feature Post that pulls the post t an individual board and makes responding easy. The famous two organization take help of this tool those are BBC and Audi.

You can enjoy their primary features with the free plan. And for the advanced features, you need to contact them for the price.

The essential features which are standard for both the free and paid version are filtered by keyword, filter by media and advanced filters.

#Hashtag Tracking For Hashtag Contests & Brand Campaigns

#10. Tweetdeck

This tool covers the primary requirements of any Twitter user, so this is a good option for the beginners. This is a great tool for scheduling tweets and tracking your interactions and messages, tracking hashtags and managing multiple accounts as well. There are a web app, Mac app and Chrome extension available for its users. The Windows appended functioning in April 2016.

TweetDeck - Brand Campaign Hashtag Tracking ToolAs Twitter powers this tool this is entirely free to use. This tool gives a feature to include multiple Twitter account, which you use for the different cases. You can enable alerts, which you can use to get notified about new tweets.

What I love the most about this tool is a column based structure that helps to handle multiple tasks using multiple Twitter account that is needed by marketers usually. As this tool is very famous there numerous of brands, who are using this tool.

#11. Twitter Advanced Search

Do you know that Twitter has its own advanced search option that totally free to use? Yes, if you go to its main search page, you will see the option of “Advanced search” that is hyperlinked underneath.

However, if you wish to find particular conversations and several hashtags, this is the tool to use. If you are looking for a specific hashtags or conversations, this is definitely the tool that you wish to be using.

Hashtag Tracking Tools For Tweet Chats

#12. TweetChat

Want to see your hashtags trending and engage with others directly? Twitter’s reply button or @mentions may be the first thing that you will go to. However, things tend to get unpleasant when having a discussion with more than just one person.

TweetChat - Hashtag Tracking Tool for Tweet Chat

Well, here is the solution for that which is TweetChat. This tool solves that and also you can pause the stream if replies from the people are coming very quickly. An additional tip is to build a hashtag only for chatting.

This tool is all for free to use in which you can enjoy highlight user, stop and start streaming, and URL shortening.


This tool’s homepage contains a list of tweetchat that you can filter depending on categories of your interest. This has all essential features required to join and host any tweetchat. This tool is all free to use, and you can enjoy its essential features like mentor section, attach image along with your post, show tweets with questions and stats as well for past tweet chats.

TWChat - Hashtag Tool for Tweet Chat

This tool has all the features to replay over tweetchat, blocking a user, shortening links, etc. that you can consider too.

#14. TWUBS

This is an interesting tool. It is more to do with creating and joining conversations about specific hashtags. Like, you can check the hashtag directory to find particular hashtag feeds and then participating in a type of hashtag chatroom.

TWUBS - hashtag Tools for tweet chat

However, if you have made your hashtag, you can register it, build your own hashtag chatroom and then include the hashtag feed into your site or blog. This is a fascinating way to get closer to conversations about hashtags, and this helps you to know particular conversations which are happening in real-time.

This is free for use in which you can enjoy feed speed and show new retweets. Basically, this tool has the all necessary feature that you need for a tweetchat.

Hashtag Tools For Stories

#15. Paper.li

This is the newspaper of tweets or any other type of content where you can combine user-generated content from many sources and present it to your audience in an aesthetically pleasing way.

This tool has very easy to use interface that lets you filter tweets by hashtags, usernames, keywords, etc.

Paper.li - hashtag tool for stories

You can even handpick content from many different sources like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and much more and bring everything in one place. You can also build email newspapers with it or only share your freshly generated content with users. This tool is used by Techcrunch, Wired, Bloomberg, Mashable, The Guardian, and Life Hacker.

You can use this tool for free with limited features, but with its Pro plan which costs at 9 USD per month, you can enjoy its advanced features.

#16. Storify

This tool quickly creates a story of tweetchat hashtag and share it with your audience. This will let you build engaging and personalized stories in no time. From live blogging to hashtag campaigns, there is a distinct type of stories that can be readily create using this tool.

StoriFy - Hashtag tool for creating stories

This tool integrates easily with social media channels, so you can easily connect it to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profiles and bring a different kind of content under one roof. This lets the provision to readjust the aspects and add text as well so that you can provide your readers a unique experience.

This tool is free to use however if you are enterprise they have paid plans for that. They also launched Storify 2 as well with few advanced features such as real-time, customized look and feel, integration, monetization, etc. Major brands use this tool for their brand.

Hashtag Analytics Tools

#Hashtag Analytics Tools For Enterprise Users

#17. Talkwalker

This social listening tool has incredible subscription plans and few really fantastic free tools, too. With this tool, you can track the brand hashtags and mentions across social media channels. They take this one step further; however, and you can even track keywords off social media channels too. For that, you can create a daily or weekly alert too.

TalkWalker - Hashtag Analytic Tool

It offers two basic features like image recognition technology, and superior analytics and reporting. But this tool doesn’t provide free plan; it offers three paid plan basic, corporate and enterprise, where the basic plan cost at $8,400 per year.

#18. Meltwater

Since this tool claims to filter data and actionable insights with their algorithm, I recommend this tool for enterprise tracking. It collects data from all social media channels and even websites and blogs to a single place.

MeltWater - Hashtag Analytic Tool

This tool offers basic features like monitoring, modern analytics, and distributive. Basically, they have no specific pricing as it provides quote-based enterprise pricing. You can even contact them with your requirements, and they will showcase you their most appropriate pricing plans.

This intelligent platforms filters lots of data at their own and showcase the actionable data at their own if they are influencers of different journalist or domains that matters for you. This tool also used by Gogo, Becker, Columbia Business School, DeltaWing Racing.


This is PR and social analytics software that is able to analyze hashtag campaign and PR activity for your brand as well. Their rich analytics helps you to share your story to related sources since they claim to discover real-time pitching changes.

Cision - Analytics Hashtag Tool

This software has their pricing format categorized depend on modules such as PR pricing, Communication Cloud Pricing, Social Pricing, Global Insights Consultation, GR and PAC Pricing, HARO Pricing and PRWeb Pricing. To its pricing, you can contact them. It is used by Seattle University and many other organizations.

#Hashtag Analytics Tools For Small Businesses

#20. Twitonomy

Twitonomy provides a variety of metrics for free, and with premium features, this tool enabled for $19 per month. Just sign in with your Twitter account for great tracking and metrics about your account. You can include your competitor’s Twitter handles to achieve insights about their activity too.

Twitonomy - Hashtag Analytics Tool

This tool shows you information about your Twitter lists, followings and your followers, you most famous Tweets, engagements and a lot more. You can even track conversations on Twitter depend on hashtags, lists, and users. The information those are displayed in graphs as easily digestible stats.

This tool also available for free and if you want to take advantage of advanced features, then you need to from that around $20 per month. This tool helps you monitor your interactions with any Twitter user tweets, replies, retweets, mentions, hashtags, etc. It also tracks follower growth and displayed in more organized format, so that essential decision making can be efficiently done.

#21. TweetReach

How do you know whether the hashtag is effective or not?

Then here is your answer, use the TweetReach. With this tool, you will be able to know whether or not the hashtag is impactful during your event or campaign. This tool tells you that if your hashtag is generating retweets, discussions, and very essential who saw your tweets. Just enter the hashtag in the search box. You can also this use tool to find who is talking about your brand.

TweetReach - Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tool for Analytics Data

Its Starter plan costs around $99 per month. There are two more plans those are Team and Suite. This offers two essential features such as robust backend and shareable reports.

#22. Follow the hashtag

This is new to the hashtag tracking tool marketing that has accurate analytics and improved performance.

Follow The Hashtag - Analytics Tool

This tool adds plans by Historical time reporting that starts from 19.90€ per month with up to 2000 Tweets. It primarily offers two key features like Premium historical data, and geodata and heatmaps reports.

#23. Tweetbinder

Can’t keep up with too many hashtags that you are tracking? Well, in that case, TweetBinder lets you built “binders” for a particular hashtag or hashtags. Then this tool will generate a report to show the statistics of conversations, pictures, tweets, links and contributors surrounding to that particular hashtag.

TweetBinder - Twitter Hashtag Data Tracking Analytics Tool

This is very useful tool for keeping track of your numerous of campaigns and events, the data which are collected can be used for future marketing references. Also, you can browse things by binders too.

You can try this for free with the basic features like reporting and event wall. But for the advanced features, you need to pay around 150€ per month. They have a website available in Spanish too.

#24. Hashtracking

Do you want to keep track on the hashtag for your event or campaign? Hashtracking can do that in real time. Few of the things that will keep track on tweets, retweets and who is contributing to the conversation. This tool also offers graphs and charts and in-depth analysis that you can export and share as well.

This tool available for free and paid version in which paid version begins with $50 per month. This tool is also used by Microsoft, Intel, RedBull, Billboard, Yahoo, and IBM.

Its primary features are also very excellent like real-time reporting, historical, and multi-platform enabling system.

#25. Keyhole

This platform is initially created for the internal use. However, they decided to open this platform up for the people outside on the web when they started receiving some positive feedback. There is two big name uses this platform Shopify and Zoho.

Keyhole has few key features those are available for free, perfect tracking, efficient identification, and advanced search. But there are more advanced features available only for paid membership.

#26. SociAlert

Socialert is hashtag tracking tool which can analyze keywords and brand mentions as well. To use this tool you need to sign up first, and after that, the tool automatically asks for the hashtags that you want to quickly scan or follow through Twitter to find everything about the hashtag.

Social Alert - Hashtag Tracking and Analytics ToolFor each hashtag, they provide the essential information like Tweet count for every day, wise country distribution, sentiment, influencers ranking, URL with rank, most popular mentions, top active users, and majorly used keywords. You can try it for free, and its paid plan starts with 9.95 USD per month.

This tool provides easy to understand graphic reports. For a free user, they analyze up to 300 tweets from the last seven days. They also provide filtered and exported result.

Hashtag Marketing Automation Tools

#27. Ritekit

This hashtag recommendation tool optimizes the total social media channels content and helps in direct posting to social media channels. It includes all the content sources to one single place and then does its work.

RiteKit - Hashtag Marketing Tracking Tool

It offers best automation features such as auto-enhance in which you can include hashtags images and links to an amount of posts at once followed by a single click.

With the plans like RitePush, you can schedule the circulation of your each post for days or weeks in minutes. So you can automate your social media stream within a few clicks of your mouse. This tool has plans ranging from $29 per month to $49 per month.

#28. Bundle Post

This tool is very useful content management system, which allows you to generate, schedule, organize and post content for hashtag campaigns. This also incorporates with HubSpot, HootSuite, Buffer and other systems.

Bundle Post - Hashtag Marketing Tool

This tool has a customized feature that identifies popular keywords in your content, and by default, it replaces those words with hashtags. Once you type these keywords and phrases into the Bundle Feed feature, this goes out and finds related content for you.

By including RSS or any other feed to the system and this will automatically save posts from each, multiple times a day. This tool also handles your own marketing messages by saving them in a described folder that you can use anytime you want. This tool acts faster than other plugins so that user can focus more on establishing engagement and relations through quality conversations.

This tool used by Pluggio. Along with free trial, this tool offers 3 plans ranging from $19.99 per month to $100 per month.

#29. Zapier

This tool enables its users to bring out automated operations by connecting the service which they use with apps. This follows ‘if this, then that’ type of structure in its performance. It has won the Editor’s Choice award for its efficient functionality and performance. This has 3 plans ranging from $20 per month to $99 per month.

Zapier - Hashtag Marketing and Data Tracking Tool

With two key features task history and easy import export, this tool provides excellent service to their users. However, being one of the best automation tools which we have today for the hashtags, IFTTT is its only rival in the market. This tool is used by a big name like Gmail, HubSpot, Google Sheets, etc.

Hashtag Tools For Websites

#30. Twitter Tracker

This is a WordPress plugin that provides avatar images using a Twitter API, together with tracking Twitter search results. This allows the user to indicate a Twitter Hashtag in the sidebar so that you can show anything from hashtags to aggregated twitter streams. To use this plugin, you need to get authorization from Twitter first.

Twitter Tracker - WordPress Plugin for Hashtag Tracking

It offers two key features Twitter profile tracker and Twitter tracker blank avatars. This is a major tweet tracking plugin by WordPress that not only helps in searching tweets by hashtags but also arranges and shows them in the user’s sidebar. This plugin is used by WordPress users.

#31. Show Hashtag Conversation in Widget by Twitter

You can just merge Twitter conversations to your site as a part of a particular content using Twitter widget because equivalent to the conversations that will keep going on Twitter. Your widget will work simultaneously in keeping several tweets that seem importantly significant.

This tool free to use and still offers two important features like Worldwide tweet display and more engagement. This is more basically a simple way to create community as while hosting a site, and you can ask people to tweet your links. Doing so, if anyone would relate these links, a notification will be sent from your site to the individual tweeted it. Also, the SEO will also send more traffic to your site.

#32. Rebelmouse

If you are running cross-platform, then RebelMouse will be your best friend. Not only does this fetch hashtag conversations that are happening anywhere on social media channels, but it also offers incorporated Google Analytics, RSS feeds, social sharing and content moderation. This tool is founded in 2012 by Paul Berry, former Huffington Post CTO.

RebelMouse - Hashtag Tracking and Marketing Tool

Include to that a custom domain feature with personalized designs and CSS capabilities, which lets you add RebelMouse on your site, and have a one-stop shop for your social storytelling.

This centralized manager efficiently manages and hosts all your digital assets such as pictures, videos, GIFs and others. With the use of its entry editor, this tool aims towards generating effective content. This tool acts dynamically in choosing and organizing content from all the great social media platforms. Basically, this tool has three products like Rebel Discovery, Rebel Roar, and Rebel Runner.

Burger King’s #SATISFRIED campaign used this tool to pull hashtagged Instagram photos into their site and show off how fans were being satisfied. Apart from this, there are few more organization, channels, and sites who are using this tool like Discovery, The Dodo, Amazon Web services, and Time Inc.

Hashtag Tacking Tools For Mulitple Platforms

#33. SumAll

Focused on small-medium businesses, SumAll is a cross-platform social media hashtag tracking tool that will help you understand the relationship between your social channels. The user interface does take a little while to get familiar with, but there are a huge number of metrics you can analyze.

Sumall - Hashtag Tracking Tools for Multiple Platforms

Its daily email updates can provide you a quick summary of top-level stats for your account when compared to the previous week, letting you react and respond to critical issues quickly.

Its automated content analytics tool will allow you understand ideal hashtag length, the perfect time to post updates, highly engaging keywords, tags, best performing content and a lot more. As this tool creates visually pleasant reports automatically, this will allow you save your time and resources a lot.

This tool allows only 7-days free trial and the one premium plan which costs at $99 per month. This tool supports multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. You can either concentrate on every platform individually or get everything in one place.

#34. Mention

Mention is like a big brother of Google Alerts, and it also tracks mentions of your brands and the hashtags of it across social media. This tool also lets you search in over 40 distinct languages so that you won’t miss at least a single mention.

Mention - Hashtag Research Tool

When people have few thing to say about your brand through the hashtag, you will be able to join the conversation right away.

Its keyword tracking let you filter out unnecessary content and get straight to the user content and conversations that you most wish to see. With this tool, you can easily engage with your audience and connect all the major social media channels in one place such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

This tool is available in three paid version solo, starter, and company. The solo plan cost around $29 per month, starter plan cost $99 per month, and for the company plan is custom. This is a tool is used by Adobe, Microsoft, Ogilvy, Hired, Asos and more.

#35. Brand24

This social media tracking tool is used by pros and provides an easy to use interface with fantastic insights. This tool offers basic features such as sales opportunities detection, mobile app, and social insights.

Brand 24 - Hashtag Research and Tracking Tool

This is certainly a must-have tool for every marketer on the internet who would like to carry a revolution in their work. This is a quick and reliable tool that can be used on several occasions. This tool is used by Ikea, Discovery Channel, Intel, Uber, H&M, Panasonic, Air France, and a lot more.

#36. Google Alerts

Try Google Alerts if you are searching for an easy, but a barebones option. This tool will scan publications for keyword mentions, providing email alerts according to the frequency you select. You can filter results by the region, source, and language including blogs, news sources, forums. This tool is all free to use.

Google Alerts

One of the best things about this tool is that it is a universal application. You can incorporate it into almost every smart application to get instant updates. This highly useful platform is known for its fast processing. With the help of it, you can go beyond social media channels to get real-time updates related to the particular keyword.

This tool also supports the use of famous Boolean operators like or, not, and, etc. Besides that it also lets you use signs like “+” and “-” that can help you improve your search. Without any doubt, there are millions of marketers on the web who are using this most reliable tool. And I also recommend you that you should try to learn this tool efficiently.

#37. Trackurs

Trackur tool used to create custom listening feeds. While tracking hashtag mentions on blogs, forums, and any other platforms, that you can set even your feeds to filter results by country and other particular criteria. This tool also uses Klout to determine influence scores to people talking about your hashtag.


This tool has been giving effective social media tracking since 2007. The tool has several improved with the time by being one of the most effective multi-platform hashtag tracking tools of now.

Besides all the other matter this tool gives comprehensive insights relevant to velocity change, results, etc. to keep you some steps ahead of others. You can access its dashboard from almost any device like smart TV and have real-time updates on the go.

The white label branding will give a customized dashboard for you, with brand information along with a dynamic logo. You can simply recruit your client details and customized it as per your requirements. It’s Plus plan costs at $97 per month while the premium plan costs at $197 per month. This tool is not only just used for hashtag tracking, but also you this is widely used to make informative reports in very less time.

Hashtag Social Walls Tools

#38. Postano

With the Postano, you can easily generate a social wall and monetize it all well. Presently, obtained by Sprinklr, Postano can be used for building event displays, social walls, community boards, etc. For the pricing now it’s a part of Sprinklr now.

Postano - Hashtag Social Wall Tracking Tool

You can use this tool to build interactive in-store displays as well. You can even enjoy features as hashtag analytics since it is part of Sprinklr suite now. Also, you can get unique access to a broad range of other digital marketing features with it as well.

#39. Walls.io

Walls.io is one of the most comprehensive tools for building social walls that is recently linked with more than 15 distinct social media platforms. This tool offers a free trial as well as paid version that range from $40 per month to $500 per month.

Walls.io - Hashtag analytics and tracking tool

Its social wall feature provides your hashtag and stylizes your own wall in few seconds. This also gives a hassle-free way for you to personalize your wall as per your requirements. Also offers to customize a wall, that can be displayed anywhere you want. Also, you can customize the CSS and style to modify look and feel of the wall.

You can use even this tool for free and get comfortable with its major features. Later, you can update to its basic, pro, or a premium plan.

#40. Livewall

Typically, it gives a quick and hassle-free way to build engaging social walls on the go. You can also use its mobile app that can help you track your wall with just a single tap. This tool has an extensive free version which can let you know about the interface and its main features.

Livewall - Hashtag Tracking Tool

It offers sentiment analysis and LiveWall Filter as its key features. And plus, this tool provides a provision and dedicated support to your wall and come up with a winning strategy. This also has a narrowcasting feature that is quite easy to use.

#41. Presenterswall

With this remarkable tool, that you can take the idea of social walls to a whole new level. You can easily build entertaining walls and ask your audience to vote or participate in the quick survey with its assistance.

PresentersWaall - Hashtag Poll Tracking Tool

You can build a relationship by live voting and show on the social wall. This tool also provides real-time results based on incoming votes and messages are rapidly displayed on a screen. You can easily add these polls in a presentation too and build an engaging way to show instant results to your audience.

This tool is available with its paid version, and it starts from €19 per month. You can even take advantage of its free version.

Multipurpose Hashtag Tracking Tools

#42. Tint

Once you have begun your own hashtag campaign, you can make use of Tint to aggregate every social post including that hashtag into a beautifully created social hub.

Tint - Multipurpose Hashtag Tracking Tool

You can try this tool for free and also you can start with its $500 per cost plan. This platform also lets you customize a plan to meet your requirements. You can enjoy its essential features such as display visualization, user-generated content, and integration. This is used by Google, Disney, Nike, Coca-Cola, Nordstrom, and Marriott.

#43. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the very big name and multi-purpose tool, which help you monitor and schedule all of your content across more than one social media channels. When you are looking for specifically at hashtags tool like this, concentrating on their Twitter reports and their social streams are just way to go.

In this tool, you can build customizable reports to examine activity across multiple social media platforms. Their Twitter Profile Overview report lets you include a keyword module, which you can use to track a particular hashtag and its mentions for a given time frame. An organization like Virgin, Orange, Monster, Wiley, Australian Open and a lot more are using this tool.

There are different plans available that you can use wherein the Professional plan cost at $10 per month. With the free plan, you can enjoy original features like automation, risk management and measure your ROI.

#44. Sprout Social

Full disclosure, Sprout Social is a fantastic tool for hashtag research. This tool shows you while using it that which hashtags are already associated with your brand. Its Trend Report analyzes every incoming message of yours and shows which hashtags are trending with your brand.

Sprout Social - Social Media and Hashtag Management Tool

This tool offers 30 days free trial, and it offers three paid versions where the Premium plan costs about $99 per user and per month, the Team plan costs at $149 per user and per month, and the Enterprise plan costs at $249 per user and per month.

It let the user enjoy three common features with all of the three plans including free trial version as well. Those features are social customer service, multi-solution, and social CRM.

#45. Agorapulse

This is another fantastic tool which is very affordable social media tracking tool. This tool can help you to so much more than only hashtag tracking. From the scheduling of the posts to ROI calculator, this tool will surely come handy to you on numerous occasions.

Agorapulse - Multipurpose hashtag management tool

This tool is available as a mobile app and browser extension. And this tool even manages your content without any manual efforts, because it offers inbuilt spam filters and content categorization that will help you moderate each thing automatically. This tool is used by McDonald’s, Nivea, Pepsi, Yahoo!, and Volkswagen.

This tool offers four plans small, medium, large and enterprise. Where small plan costs at $49 per month, medium plan at $99 per month, large plan at $199 per month and Enterprise costs at $299 per month.


Hashtags are an incredibly popular element across social media channels, and they are now also used by numerous of brands to assist in their marketing. This is why it is an essential to ensure that you are using the best of the tools to research, track and analyze all of the hashtags linked with your brand.

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