How to Avoid The Common Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing?

Are you thinking about getting into the business of Affiliate Marketing? You might be little scared; the reason is all the possible newbie affiliate marketing mistakes. Right? Or probably, you have already begun, and you are concerned that you might be doing something wrong. Yeah. Either way, this article is for you to help you out.

Based on Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is one type of performance-based marketing. In which a company rewards amount of affiliates for each consumer or visitor brought by the affiliate’s own marketing attempts.

The industry has four primary players who are: The Merchant which mainly known as brand or retailer. The Network that includes offers for the affiliate to select from and also be careful of the payments. The Publisher which is the affiliate and the important player without this affiliate marketing is nothing. And that player is The Consumer.

The market has expanded in complexity, resulting in the victory of a secondary tier of players, adding affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates, and particularly third party vendors.

Internet marketing ultimately consists of few traditional marketing techniques. And affiliate marketing is a technique which is non-traditional and has currently come on the block. Mostly, organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid SEM, e-mail marketing, pay per click, paid display marketing, and content marketing is used to boost the affiliate’s marketing.

For the newbies, these techniques of marketing are might be new. So there are the increased number of chances of affiliate marketing mistakes made by them. Many affiliate marketers who are already jumped in this market made mistakes. Committing few of the most common mistakes might cost you a large option of your affiliate marketing profits.

Before you jump over to the list of mistakes, I recommend to read:

Here I am going to list 6 common affiliate marketing mistakes which made by affiliate marketers. And with the mistakes, I am also going to give you the solution to avoid those mistakes.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing?

Mistake #1. Not Testing

I am not saying that you have to purchase and test every product you review. Not, I am saying that before you send out anything to your audience, you should test the product(s). This also clearly shows that you should check every single link and what they lead to. By doing this, you will be able to provide your audience a review that is 100% full of facts.

If you failed to follow this, then nothing is worse than opening a link with so many hope only to result into promotions. This can break the trust of your audience and also break the bond between you and them, which is really hard to build.

If you spend time in testing, you will get a superior result from affiliate marketing. Ensure that your links are informative and real.

Mistake #2. Rather Than Just Selling Guide the Buyers

Many affiliate marketers make this mistake. Their only strategy is to sell the product to the customers without guiding them. But it is essential to understand that affiliate marketing is not about selling. It is about offering guidance and help consumers.

The task of affiliate marketing site is to aim to drive traffic to the product owner site, and not to try to sell the products. With regards to affiliate, marketing affiliate is of the substance, and marketing is just to include the understanding of the overall chain process.

Actually, the point is that people want to hear from the other people what is good and what is not? This is why the product owner provides the reviews on the product. Because the buyers first go through the reviews which are given by the other people and then decide that they should buy it or not.

Mistake #3. Join Every Affiliate Program

Do you know that why this is a mistake? Because it is said that too many cooks spoil the broth!

This would be a big mistake that joining each affiliate program which comes across. While this is vital to develop one or more income streams online, you should not choose more that you cannot handle.

It is advisable that to focus on appropriate programs that suit the particular affiliate marketing objectives.

Mistake #4. Providing Unbelievable Statistics and Claims with ‘Earn Money Online’ Text

When you visit web pages or online forum related to your niche, you have perhaps seen the make money online messages with an affiliate link. Few individuals even market weird pages with headlines such as – “I have made 150 million dollars with this link.” You probably won’t wish to click on that link.

So I recommend you to avoid making any of those wrong claims and comments online. However, you can talk about how a particular service or product has helped you. But don’t intend to trick your audience.

Mistake #5. No Comparison

Are trying to market one single product by affiliate marketing? Well, this is a great idea! Though, if you compare any product to two or three similar products, this would optimize your post. Equally, you would be posting more than just one product.

Doing this, you are presenting your audience with a comparison table to help them make the decision that which product is suitable for their requirements. Likewise, as you keep tracking your product page, you are able to see that which page is doing better and having the best conversion rate.

Comparison of pages is not only helpful for your audience, but they are profitable as well as for your growth too.

Mistake #6. Not Tracking

One of the biggest mistakes that affiliate marketers make is not following the merchant’s site correctly. Actually affiliate programs are beneficial only as long as you know that which direction it is flowing.

Each time you make a sale, you would like to know that where your sale is coming from. This would let you find the pages which are transforming well. So this provides you a chance to grow and scale your campaign.

For example, Amazon contains the most incredible affiliate program, and this is easy to track an Amazon link through the Amazon affiliate program dashboard. So have separate tracking IDs to know which campaign or page is doing well. This is a smart way to grow your business.

Apart from only mistakes, there are few smart affiliate marketing strategies, which I have listed below:

  • Never make a direct recommendation for the service or product, the reason is no-one really wants to hear what you like or what you assume is right for them. Instead just make it a comparison and benefit the online shoppers will feel intelligent to make their own selection, yet they will subtly get into the affiliate marketing methods.
  • Ensure that you only suggest the service or product as an affiliate marketer that you are well aware of. This is a safer way of marketing the product and also not hurting the online shoppers.
  • If you are a smartphone app development organization, there are now way your audience must be convinced it through indirect marketing.
  • The smartphone is the new trend regarding affiliate marketing, so ensure that you are to date with this trend!
  • Ensure to depend on more than just one traffic source; it is often good to have a backup.
  • Build highly competitive content is crucial to succeeding in the world of digital marketing. So if you wish to succeed in affiliate marketing, then the vital element of your strategy is to build highly competitive content.
  • You should also learn to include to the site that can bring better value to the customer insights.
  • Each successful business has the one way to succeed – repeat business. Build a recurring affiliative revenue bond with the product owners, and also with the online consumers.


Making mistakes is like a bad horror movie, people often make them. Even when starting out with the affiliate marketing. It is like no matter what you do you will often do something that is wrong. But try to avoid which is incorrect.

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However, time is the key. So take a chance to study your marketing strategy and check out if you are on the right track or not. If done correctly, you can maximize your participation into your affiliate marketing program and make higher profits.

Also if anything goes wrong like doing any given above mistake then do solve it with the given solution. This is if you have any mistake and solution for it then do share here with me.

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