An Excellent 55+ Blog Post Types Ideas To Make Blog Go Viral

This article contains a list of various blog post types, which you can attempt to craft creative blog posts to attract the audience and can make your blog go viral.

Are you having a hard time coming up with great blog post ideas? And every time thinking of new ideas to write a blog post which feels like a challenging task! Don’t worry, here is an excellent list of blog post types ideas which can make your blog post go viral.

Coming up with an endless supply of blogging and writing ideas would be great, right? Fortunately, here I have added a supreme list of techniques and strategies that can always keep your blog post idea on the tip of your tongue. Read this article thoroughly, and you will never be short of a post idea again.

Pro Tip: Bookmark this post and never forgot the list of blog post ideas.

List of 55+ Blog Post Types to Make Blog Viral

an excellent 55 blog post types ideas to make blog go viral

#1. Series Blog Post Type

A series post is useful when you are covering a complex topic, or if there are opportunities to break an excellent topic into a series. You can generate series posts and publish a post every day or week to encourage your readers to come back for the best series posts. Do not forgot for linking articles which will help to drive significant traffic to other posts in a series posts.

#2. How-To Blog Post Type

How-To posts are trending format of blog posts. By walking readers through a process of getting something done. How to post will leave with actionable steps and tips that users can apply to solve a particular problem they are facing. So make a plan to add how-to posts more, appealing by adding videos, audios or images.

#3. SAQ Blog Post Type

SAQ post is typically known as Should Ask Question posts. With these posts, you can highlight problems for customers or prospects don’t ask but should be asking. So this is another great format to be helpful and adds value for readers.

#4. FAQ Blog Post Type

FAQ Posts are a great post type when repeat questions from customers or readers are frequently raised. This post type contains answers to the question, which users have their in mind before they buy/hire product/services. In another way, FAQ post will help to build trust by providing solutions to users problems.

#5. Checklist Blog Post Type

Always look forward to format content. If the content is good to break down into a checklist, then it will often perform better that any other content type. The checklist blog post type is easy to digest format for the reader to scan and take action on the itemized key points.

#6. Definition Blog Post Type

In the niche market, most of the people don’t know about rising trend. There is an excellent opportunity to for bloggers to create definition post that educates readers. Create a series posts which will help to list various aspects for given topic. This is a useful format and helpful establish thought of leadership and expertise in the niche.

#7. Research Blog Post Type

Research posts are generated by the primary research around a topic in the niche. These types of posts are a great way to grab the readers’ attention.

#8. List Blog Post Type

List posts are very useful for those people who are pressed for time, just because these kinds of posts are very easy to scan and read. Taking the audience straight to the points is the great part about the list posts. Bloggers can create blog posts featuring lists of resources, tools, books, and any other topics which potential audience will find useful.

#9. Stats Blog Post Type

These type of posts are actually what it sounds like. A post with original and curated statistics on a given topic are called stats post. It’s another popular format in the blogging world and easy to scan or to pull out the key points from individual counts.

Pro Tip: Creating charts based on stats and adding those chart images into the blog post will add values in the particular stats blog post.

#10. Case-Study Blog Post Type

The word Case-Study itself carries more recognized value than other terms like posts and articles. This is the great blog post format that grabs reader’s attention easily and also encourages them to click through the post. These kinds of posts aim to unpack details of something, for instance, a process, project or event.

#11. YouTube Cut-Up Blog Post Type

YouTube Cut-Up posts are mainly used while to create stellar content. In which, a blogger can put screenshots during a video, add explanation text and embed the video into the post. This high-value content is very easy and fast to create and very easy to understand for readers as well.

#12. Problem/Solution Blog Post Type

Problem/Solution posts are similar to how-to, checklist and SAQ posts. These posts aim to help readers and solve their particular challenges which they are facing. By defining the problem and presenting helpful solutions is another blog post type which can make a blog go viral.

#13. Ultimate Guide Blog Post Type

Ultimate guide posts aim to provide readers a comprehensive, detailed coverage of a given topic or subject. A Blogger must have to research from his/her end first and based on that S/he can plan and build an ultimate guidepost to showcase the research.

Promote Other’s Posts

One of the best ways to grow a blog audience and increase traffic is being generous that means promoting other’s posts. Every blogger always loves to reach

When you promote others’ posts, they will help promote you and your content as well. Here are some ways to get started.

#14. Crowd Sourced Blog Post Type

To build this type of post, a blogger needs to collaborate with multiple influencers to answer a single question and combine into a post.

For instance, a post type “10 experts shared their blogging secrets”, in which a blogger contacted to 10 expert bloggers and asked them a question to share the blogging secret. And combin them into a single post.

#15. Best of The Web Blog Post Type

Best of web posts are a post type which frequently adds content, resources, tools or anything else. This post has curated, linked to, or written about, the best tools, product, or services for specific functions. Best of the web post are informative and contain a suggestion for a specific requirement.

#16. Profile Blog Post Type

Creating a profile post of an influential person is an excellent way to make the blog go viral. Contacting influencer/expert/celebrity, knowing more about him/her and creating a profile based on that will attract more users. As they always love to find out more about influencers and their experience.

#17 Pick of The Week Blog Post Type

This blog post type is a combination of the post which has been curated during the week. Adding a top blog post type from the blog and the other bloggers will help to keep the post interesting for users and user can navigate to individual post from the given link in the blog post.

#18. Quote Blog Post Type

Every reader would love to read quotes from the influential people. Pulling multiple quotes from multiple influencers and thought leader from the list and adding them into a single blog post will boost the chance to make the blog go viral.

Pro Tip: Tag influencers on social media while sharing quote post will encourage influencers to re-share that post in their network.

#19. Content Aggregator Blog Post Type

Content Aggregator posts are a hybrid form of the list post that uses other people’s content. To generate this type of content, find the most socially viral content on a given topic and aggregate it into one post.

#20. Interview Blog Post Type

This blog post type does not need in detail description to understand. Interviewing an influencer or a thought leader in the niche and crafting a post of the interview is another blog post type to make the blog go viral.

#21. Link Roundup Blog Post Type

Curate and link to other posts or content which audience will find relevant and valuable to read. Consider including a short blurb or one-liner to describe what each piece of content is about. This type of post works great as an ongoing series and can publish every week or month.

#22. People To Follow Blog Post Type

This is another trending blog post format to spotlight influencers and thought leaders in the niche. Add a short description of individuals as well as links to their social media channels, blog, websites, books, etc., as a reference for the audience to look into.

Generate Interesting Blog Posts

Telling interesting and entertaining stories to readers is a great way to attract more people. Story posts can be separate, individual blogs or as part of a series of posts.

#23. Cartoon Blog Post Type

These types of posts are very entertaining for the readers. It can give readers a good laugh and think about certain topics or issues on relevant to the niche. It also works well as a series and monthly or weekly publication as well.

#24. Satire Blog Post Type

Humor, though the use of exaggeration and irony, works well with timely issues like sports or politics.

#25. Story Blog Post Type

Creating a post content stories can be interesting and entertaining for the reader. This can be separate from the blog, or an individual blog or as a part of series posts.

#26. Meme Blog Post Type

This format of posts is extremely popular and humorous piece that can go viral across the web.

Create Promotional Posts

Some organization or brand use blogs in a very promotional way, and sometimes it doesn’t work for everyone, which is extremely useful for some organization.

#27. Product Update Blog Post Type

A brand with a huge fan following can take advantage of this blog post type. Creating a post announcing new features of the entire new product will be beneficial to attract a more targeted audience. There are a lot of chance to go viral this blog post.

#28. Income Report Blog Post Type

Many bloggers share their income report regularly on their blog, which is another famous and influential blog post type. Creating a post around income report and share it with a targeted audience is a creative and innovative way to keep the audience stick to blogging and convert them into rerunning visitors.

#29. Presentation Blog Post Type

Being a part of the conference, events, and online webinars is a good way to expand the network. And publishing a presentation showcased at the conference, events or in online webinars as a blog post in another valuable type in blogging. Presentation blog post attracts more users and increases the visitors to the blog as well.

#30. Comparison Blog Post Type

People are always looking for best products/tools/services. And making them understand with the help of creating a blog post with specifications various products, pros, and cons of tools and reviews of different services can assist them to take the decision to go for individual product/tool/service.

Comparison blog post type is evergreen post type, and blogger can update it on a regular basis. With this blog post, there are a lot of chance for blog go viral.

#31. Best of the quarter/Half-Year/Year Blog Post Type

Creating one blog at the end of each quarter/half-year/year is another best way to encourage users to go through the popular posts in that time duration on the blog. Many experts recommend “Best Of” blog post type and verifying this blog post type to make the blog go viral.

#32. Project Showcase Blog Post Type

Showcasing an on-going project or completed project is another interesting topic for readers to read a blog post on that. Creating a post for such products and sharing with readers is another great way to attract.

#33. Product Tips Blog Post Type

Product tips posts are powerful to help customers to be more successful with the product or service. Product Tips Blog post can be both such as promotional, useful, and extremely efficient for the blog and audience.

#34. Company Update Blog Post Type

This post type is quite similar to income report posts. Mainly, these kinds of posts aim to inform and share with customers and prospect the latest information about the company growth. This may include recent acquisitions, customers, overall growth and more, which can highlight the strength of the enterprise.

Provide Audience Timely Information

It takes commitment and hard work to stay timely and up-to-date with the latest updates in any niche. And finding such post topics and creating a post around is also challenging. Consider the establishment of an effective blog post that covers timely information. Here are some blog posts ideas that are timely and can help for blog go viral.

#35. Trend Blog Post Type

Covering trends, picking up topics and creating a blog post around such topic is another blog post type which has high chances to go viral. Such blog posts would also be helpful to boost the brand credibility.

#36. Survey Blog Post Type

To generate survey post, find a newsworthy or trending topic and survey audience about it using email, social media or in-person events. Based on that survey create and publish a blog post and give mentioned to surveyed users.

#37. Issue Blog Post Type

Another extraordinary blog post type. Addressing issues of audience and providing them proper solution will build a trust of a visitor on the blog.

#38. News Blog Post Type

Consider covering happening and latest news as a blog post. It’s not necessary to be the authority to break the story for the best result. But make sure to add perspective which audience will find valuable or entertaining.

#39. Review Blog Post Type

Review post type is a kind of a blog post where an author has shared a personalized review of the product or tool, s/he has reviewed. Being honest and adding positive and negative reviews are core points which will win the trust of readers. The review blog post type will also build authority for the entire blog.

Be Human

To build trust, relationship, and engage in conversations with the reader it is must be humanized for the brand. Here are some of the blog post such blog post ideas to make the blog go viral.

#40. Holiday Blog Post Type

To humanize the brand and build an emotional connection with customers, many of the marketers deliver well-wishes or showing their humorous side to their audience. Take the opportunity and create holiday post to build authentic and emotional connect with the audience.

#41. Behind The Scenes Blog Post Type

Behind the scenes blog post format works well, especially when having a loyal fan following and they will want to see what goes on behind the scenes of the content that have been published.

#42. Off-Topic Blog Post Type

Off the topic blog post type can be risky as they may seem irrelevant to readers. But in some cases where bloggers have a strong following that has become familiar to the topic which is usually covered then this post format can sometimes surprise the audience. We never know how much the great response we can have from the audience. Give a try to this blog post idea.

#43. Guard Down Blog Post Type

Guard Down posts are the most efficient way to connect with readers. With the help of guard down post type, a blogger can show his/her human side and can share his/her experience to the audience may relate too. Guard down blog post types help to build strong emotional relations with readers.

#44. Rant Blog Post Type

This post format is similar to the Guard Down post. Creating and sharing a blog post around the passion, anger or frustration for something can build the credibility. This post format is not everyone’s cup of tea. But crafting a post around such content and sharing with an audience can get a great response.

#45. Inspirational Blog Post Type

Some of the most successful blogs on the web are not informational or entertaining, but only inspirational. This format works well as a story, profile and quote posts among others.

Crank Out Controversial Posts

If it fits with the brand, controversial posts can get a lot of attention and action from a target audience. So let see what kind of post are controversial blog post types.

#46. Debate Blog Post Type

Take a stand on certain topic and present the side of the debatable argument on the blog. Find someone who disagrees with the stand and presents both sides of an argument in the debate blog post.

#47. Reaction Blog Post Type

With this kind of post format, there is an opportunity to get maximum responses from the readers. Create a post by sharing a reaction on trending things and get a huge response from the readers.

#48. Attack Blog Post Type

Be very careful while creating an attack post. Addressed person or organization or an event in the attack post will force readers to take sides and can get lots of attention. With such blog post, the blogger can earn some die hard, loyal fans and yes enemies too.

#49. What If Blog Post Type

What-if kinds of posts are extremely fruitful and thought-provoking. Thus, choose a “what-if” topic that is debatable and relevant to the audience.

#50. Embed Reactor Blog Post Type

For Embed reactor post, find embeddable video from YouTube, SlideShare presentation or infographic. The target for content that is already popular, then embed it in the blog post and post the reaction below of the embed content. Make sure to create a title that is a variation of the resources are integrated.

#51. Prediction Blog Post Type

This post format is quite similar to the “what-if” and debate posts. Picking up the controversial and speculative approach in the blog post can make the prediction go viral with great conversations. This will also drive the good amount of traffic to the entire blog.

Create Appealing Posts To Build Engaged Audience

Engagement may not necessarily be an end goal, but having an engaged audience is crucial to the success of any blog. So let see what kind of post ideas can use to increase engagement on the blog.

#52. Contest Blog Post Type

Holding content on the blog is an excellent way to boost engagement and participation from the readers. This type of format also works well as a series and can provide ongoing updates on winners or contest results.

#53. Challenge Blog Post Type

Posting a challenge to the readers is yet another way to get the audience involved. This post type works well as a blog series with updates on the status or progress made by users who are participating in the challenge.

#54. Freebie Blog Post Type

Create content that allows readers to get access to giveaways which are relevant or interesting to them. Freebie blog post type has a great chance to make the blog go viral.

#55. Question Blog Post Type

Monitor and track question of the audience asked on forums, in the comments section, or on social media, and answer them on the blog.

#56. Answer Blog Post Type

Answer blog post type is attached blog post type to the question post. With this kind of posts, ask your audience a question and encourage them to share their answers in the comment section. Co-creation is an effective strategy to promote the blog and enhance engagement by getting the audience involved in creating the content.

#57. Customer Showcase Blog Post Type

While partly promotional, this type of posts also helps to build engagement, but how. It is very simple by featuring a customer or a project that have worked on.


Now, that you have gone through each and every blog post Types and exercise to make your blog go viral. I hope that you will experiment with at least 40-50 ideas to write about.

But if you have any strategies to employ I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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