9 Best Heatmaps Tools and Plugins For Your WordPress Site

If you are a webmaster, blogger or marketer then I am sure you always wish to know the behavior of the visitors on your website or blog. And to track the behavior of visitors, heatmap tools and plugins will help to show you where your visitors and users are clicking. Also, the heatmap tools and plugins contribute to plot the area of your website and show which area of the website or blog has most views and clicks.

Before we dive into the heatmap tools and plugins first, we see what Heatmap is.

A heatmap is a two-dimension representation metric of data. It allows you to visualize the visitors’ interactions like visitors’ location, browser or OS. This kind of data sent over to your servers in the cloud and instantly displayed on your screen, right on your website or blog.

But, how to get this data and, how to generate heatmaps? It is very simple, and you need heatmap tool.

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Heatmap tools allow you to expand better insights into the way the visitors interact with your site. It provides data like where do visitors click and how many visitors are scrolling on the page. Heatmap tools allow you to take action so that you can optimize to increase profits.

Heatmaps tools are not like any other analytical tools like Google Analytics. Because Google Analytics provides only the information like how the user came to your site, what pages they viewed and how they move from one page to another. But heatmap analytical tools provide the information like how actually visitors interact with your site and how they use it.

9 best heatmaps tools and plugins for your WordPress site

9 Best Heatmaps Tools and Plugins For Your WordPress Site

#1. Crazy Egg
Crazy Egg is testified as one of the most powerful and popular heatmap tool. It will not just only help you to show where your visitors are clicking on your site but also help you to find the best position for your form field.
And one of the best things about Crazy Egg is that it provides heatmaps tracking clicks, cursor and scroll. The useful feature it provides is confetti heatmap.

crazyegg heatmap tool

Explore Crazy Egg

With this feature of Crazy Egg, you can divide your heatmap data into traffic source so you can find information that how the visitors interact with your site, is it from social networks, search or other sources. And with one Crazy Egg account, you can track multiple domains.

Using Crazy Egg, from the visitors you can know how to improve design and base of your site. It is very easy to install into a WordPress website but just because of some plugins installed, and the installation may become a little breeze.

There are 4 plans to install Crazy Egg on your WordPress site like basic, standard, plus and pro. But the 2 plans are highly in use are the basic plan and the Plus plan. The pricing for the basic plan is $9/month for 10,000 visitors per month and 10 active pages while the pricing for plus plan is $49/month for 100,000 visitors per month and 50 active pages.

#2. Mouseflow
Mouseflow is popular session recording heatmaps tool. It tracks click, scroll, movement and attention. It allows you to increase the usefulness of heatmaps with accurate data and dynamic elements.

mouseflow heatmap tool

Explore MouseFlow

Mouseflow shows the behavior of visitors in a straightforward and easy-to-read format. This feature makes easy to you to find out what works and what doesn’t.

It also tracks activity from page-to-page on your site and helps you to analyze processes. With this, you can make reports to see how visitors interact and even you can watch the session of those visitors who drop out.

You can install it easily on your WordPress website. There are three plans available to start with and pricing for starter plan is $24/month for 10,000 recorded sessions limited to 1 website. Price increases with more recorded sessions and websites. Mouseflow also offers free plan limited to 500 recorded sessions from a single site.

#3. Lucky Orange
Lucky Orange is another heatmap tool which is very popular. That offers click heatmaps, movement heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps.

luckyorange heatmap tool

Explore Lucky Orange

It also provides features like form analytics, real-time analytics, live chat software, visitors polls, visitors recording and live sessions, and live visitor map. So what you want in heatmap tool is all covered in a single heatmap tool like Lucky Orange.

The pricing of Lucky Orange is $10/ month for 25,000 page views on a single site, and it also offers a free plan for 7 days.

#4. Inspectlet
Inspectlet is the real-time heatmaps analytic tool which provides excellent session recording service. It provides all the three heatmaps tracking like clicks, cursor movement, and scroll.

inspectlet heatmap tool

Explore Inspectlet

The major feature it provides is session recording and form analytics. Also, offer conversion funnel analytics which has a very powerful function of filtering.

Inspectlet allows you to capture video of what the visitors are doing on your web pages and also can view all the movement of the mouse, clicks the visitors make and the scrolling and what they type in site.

Inspectlet has a tiny piece of javascript which is javascript tagging api, which lets you tag any session or user. So from this, you can find the visitor based on their ID or email addresses.

It offers a free plan for 100 recorded sessions on a single site. And the pricing starts $39/month for 5,000 recorded sessions on single site.

#5. Heatmap.me
Heatmap.me is one of the simplest heatmap analytics tools. The benefit of using this tool is that it comes with a tiny piece of JavaScript code so that help to load asynchronously without slowing down your website. So it is easy to install.

heatmap tool

Explore Heatmap.me

Heatmap.me provides real-time analytics and mouse tracking. It also used to optimize the traffic flow on your website and significantly reduce exit rates. It also respects the privacy of your users by not logging unnecessary data.

Heatmap.me’s plans start from $100/month unlimited visitors and unlimited pages on a single site. And it also offers a free plan limited t o5 pages on a single site.

#6. Ptengine
Ptengine is not just only heatmap tool but also a web analytics tool. That has four heatmap tracking like click, conversion, scroll and attention. It supports multiple devices and domain, as well as one-click filters, heatmaps comparison, and segments.

ptengine heatmap tool

Explore Ptengine

Ptengine also includes other features too like group analytics, heatmap, campaign, conversion, and real-time analytic.

The pricing of ptengine starts with $7/month for a single site with 5 heatmaps and 25,000 page views. There is also a free plan available for a single site with 1 heatmap and 1,000 page views.

#7. Clicktale
Clicktale is another very popular heatmap tool. Unlike other, this provides very powerful session recording technology. Clicktale has session recording heatmaps, click heatmaps, movement heatmaps, attention heatmaps, Scroll heatmap, conversion analytics, advanced insights and more.

clicktale heatmap tool

Explore Clicktale

Clicktale has a key feature to analyze heatmaps in great depth. And the key advantage of using Clicktale is that it offers co-ordination with other analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.

The pricing starts with $9/month for 1,200 session recording for a single site, and the free plan provides 400 session recording for a single site.

#8. SeeVolution
SeeVolution is a real-time analytics heatmap tool. The heatmap tool tracks click, mouse move, and scrolling. It is widely used because it has plugins for all popular CMS, including WordPress.

seevolution heatmap tool

Explore SeeVolution

This heatmap tool is very easy to install and has an attractive dashboard, with the help of dashboard users can understand the data they are viewing. It also provides a feature of site-wide analytics, with the support of this function you can get a complete overview of your site’s performance.

Pricing of SeeVolution starts from $9/ month for 5,000 visitors for a single site with unlimited pages. They also offer 14 days free trial on all the plans.

#9. Hotjar
Hotjar is powerful heatmap tool with analytics and conversion optimization tool. Analytics tool allows you to find out visitors behavior while optimization tool helps you to optimize the profit of your site.

hotjar heatmap tool

Explore HotJar

It provides four heatmaps tracking like click, tap, scroll and mouse move. Also, it offers several features like visitor recording, heatmaps, Conversion funnel form analytics, feedback polls, surveys, and recruit user testers.

With features like visitors recording and conversion funnels, you can determine and fix usability of your site. And yes, the dashboard of hotjar is very easy to understand and take actions.

It offers free trail for a month for 2,000 page views per day, and the pricing starts with $29 per month with 10,000 page views per day for unlimited snapshots and recordings.

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So, if you are looking for the best heatmap tool, above 9 heatmap tools are the best to track records for your website. Give it a try and I am sure you will like the data these tools provides.

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