7 Great Time-Tracking Apps For Freelancers

    More and more people are quitting their full-time job and turning as freelancers due to several reasons. And, time is one major factor to help you establish as a successful freelancer. If you build a better relation with deadlines, you are sure to earn a better name amongst the clients.

    Being a part of the technological era, there is a solution to every problem. There are applications that help the freelancers to keep a check on their time and their projects.

    Here are the 7 Great Time-Tracking Apps for Freelancers

    7 Great Time-Tracking Apps For Freelancers
    7 Great Time-Tracking Apps For Freelancers

    #1. Top Tracker:
    It is exclusively meant for freelancers as it isn’t tied to any particular application, unlike other time-tracking applications. There aren’t any limitations when it comes to versions and the application is absolutely free to download.

    The user will always have a control over the things that he wants to be tracked and how often he wants it to be tracked. Top tracker uses efficient tools like timers, screenshots, and webcam shots to frame the report.

    The user can also write task descriptions. The app can be easily downloaded and installed. It supports OS X and Windows and will be supporting Linux as well. It is a standalone application.

    Price: Free
    Click here to download:

    #2. Harvest:
    Have ample projects to work simultaneously? Have strict deadlines? Harvest is a time-tracking application that can track multiple projects at the same time irrespective of the nature of the task and the projects.

    If you are a team leader and have to assign work to the team members, Harvest can be of great use. You can integrate Harvest with other applications as well. Example; Basecamp.

    The only demerit with this time-tracking application is that the app doesn’t include desktop monitoring options like active application or URL tracking.

    Price: $12/month for Solo; $49/month for Basic; $99/month for Business
    Click here to download:

    #3. Due Time Tracking:
    Do you want to track your work time as well as the idle time? You can set the timer to start a new session anytime. Most of the freelancing projects are charged on hourly basis.

    You can use Due Time Tracking to generate invoices for the projects that are based on hourly basis. As a freelancer, you might be handling several clients irrespective of the geographical locations and industries.

    Due Time Tracking allows handling projects based on client’s name, address, location, hourly rates and so on. You will be able to manage your projects in a better way.

    Price: Free
    Click here to download:

    #4. Tick:
    If you are working on a single project, you will not require a time tracking app to monitor it. But, if you have multiple projects, keeping a track of the work is very important. Tick is one such time tracking application that will be charging you on the task basis and the project basis rather than charging you the same for all the projects. It is a user- friendly application and can be used across all the devices.

    Price: $0-$149/month
    Click here to download:

    #5. Rescue Time:
    If you are an individual freelancer and want to keep a track of your time and work without reporting to any managers, Rescue Time is a great application. You can get the complete detail of how you have used your time, the projects completed, the pending task and so on.

    This is just for your personal information as the application doesn’t share the information with your clients or managers. You can plan your entire day or week based on the detailed report provided by Rescue time.

    Price: Free for RescueTime Lite; $9/month for Premium
    Click here to download:

    #6. Toggl:
    The main focus of this application was to consider the individual and team productivity. Toggl was developed keeping in mind the speed and usability in mind. The freelancers will be updated with the real-time updates about the work provided they keep the application on. The report will be real-time and will have all the minute details of the work and project. If team productivity is a big concern, use Toggl.

    Price: Free for Basic; $5/month for Pro; $49/month for Business
    Click here to download:

    #7. Hubstaff:
    It doesn’t work on the project basis, but on the size basis. If you have a large team, the monthly charges would be high. But, if you are an individual freelancer, the charges would be very low. The timesheets can be modified once the report is generated by the Hubstaff application. The number of clients can also be chosen. You can invite the clients to view your report, the activity levels, and the screenshots.

    Price: $5-$249/month for Basic; $9-$499/month for Premium
    Click here to download:

    Hope this article has been useful to you. As a freelancer, one has to be careful when it comes to timings and deadlines. A single error can cost you the entire project. You need to be on toes to finish the work and stick to the deadlines.

    These 7 time-tracking applications can help a freelancer the best way to track their work and expand the work accordingly.

    Do try using these applications and let us know if they were useful to you.

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