5 Tools To Create An Infographic In 30 Minutes

We all love Infographics. They are a fun way to make any write-up visually attractive. They are incredibly amusing and change the whole look and feel of any article making it very easy to read & remember. Whether you are a blogger or a business analyst, Infographics have become an indispensable part of our professional needs.

They are great at illustrating content with reference to latest trends, insights, and comparisons. You can do a lot with Infographics than you can think of, be it whatever industry you belong to. Gone are the days when one used Photoshop to create Infographics.

In this world of digital trends, there are many tools available online as well as offline that make the work of creating smart Infographics super easy. You can create an Infographic under an hour in today’s world.
Here are 5 tools to create an Infographic in 30 minutes.

5 Tools To Create An Infographic In 30 Minutes

5 Tools To Create An Infographic In 30 Minutes
5 Tools To Create An Infographic In 30 Minutes

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Visme is fairly a new tool in the market but an innovative one. You can create interesting presentations, animations, banners everything in Visme. Simply start by clicking on ‘Create new Visme’ option. What sets Visme apart from others is its built-in animation feature. It allows you to animate objects. This undoubtedly makes for unique Infographic and all that within 30 minutes.

You can share your Infographic among your target audience on your website as well. As the user will scroll down the website, an animation will follow. It also allows you to share your Infographic with selective people. This way you can share it with your team online and test it before it goes live on your website.

Price: Free; upgrade plans start at $7 per month
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Feature: Built-in animation feature
Access VISME



Canva needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular tools among users. There are a plethora of Infographic templates to choose from on Canva. You can even access the Infographics created by other users to get some ideas. You can customize the templates to create Infographic of your choice. The interface is user-friendly. There are countless fonts and designs to pick from. There is absolutely no limit to creativity while using Canva as you have access to its huge database of 1 million images.

The best thing is – you don’t need to be a techie to use it. Just drop and drag is all that is needed to create an incredible and visually appealing Infographic. All of this is possible under 30 minutes on Canva. If you are not sure of any tool and a beginner in making Infographic, then Canva can be the best tool to start with.

Price: Free
Difficulty Level: Fairly Easy
Best Feature: Easy to use interface, 1 million images available
Access CANVA



There is an ample room for creativity on Piktochart. The designer templates, styles, font styles etc can be picked and modified as per your requirements. New templates keep on coming and are updated on their website every week.

You can select from myriad formats whether you want to make presentations or a unique poster. You can even create your very own template if you wish. The interface is easy to use and mostly involves drag and drop. It allows you to add your own graphics/ images to the Infographic in the most creative manner.

Price: Free; upgrade available from $15
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Feature: 500 Infographic templates to boost creativity



Venngage excels at creating Infographics. The best thing is that it does it all in just 3 simple steps. You can start with selecting a template on Venngage and create charts, maps, presentations seamlessly. There are options to select your category of Infographic as well. The options include Statistical, Timeline, Comparison, Charts etc and they facilitate creating an Infographic under 30 minutes with an ease.

There is a unique option to insert ‘widget’ which refers to charts, maps and things like that based on your Infographic requirements. Some templates are premium and require an upgrade to be accessed. It is the best tool to be used for professional assignments.

Price: Free; Upgrade available at $15 a month
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Feature: Create unique Infographic in 3 easy steps, ‘widget’ option is helpful



A quick and easy tool to create Infographic, it lets the user unleash their creative skills without consuming much time. As soon as you open their website, there comes an option of selecting a template to get started. One of the easiest tools online, you hardly need any computer expertise in using it.

You can either pick one from their collection of templates or you can create entirely a new one. This can be done by clicking ‘Start Fresh’. There are categories for the templates as well to make it easy for you. Once you select a template, you can customize it, add images, change backgrounds, insert charts, texts and more.

Price: Free; Pro account starts at $3 per month
Difficulty Level: Very easy
Best Feature: Easy to use tools

We hope you liked learning about the world of Infographics and the best tools that can make it possible.

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