101 Social Media Marketing Tips: Improve Website/Blog Marketing [Part 1]

Want to climb the heights to become a social media Expert? Want to learn best of Social Media Marketing tricks? You are in lucky! In this article, you will find 101 social media marketing tips to become an expert of Social Media.

According to one research, one in six marriages that commenced in the past few years has resulted from a connection that began online. At the same time, Nielsen also records that four of each five corporations in America are leveraging social media to support their client base and build relationships with consumers.

There is no any kind of secret that social media is here to remain and that its stake in the achievements or failure of an online business is growing larger every day. If you are hunting to optimize your own presence and quickly master the art of becoming an expert in social media, then there are lots of great social media marketing tips that can help you maximize your social media presence and success.

This post will talk about 101 social media marketing tips to improve your website or blog marketing.

101 Social Media Marketing Tips

101 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Blog or Website Marketing

Few of the strategies are from my personal experience, and others are from active research. I ‘ve divided this vast study into 4 different articles. This is the first post and will publish remaining three parts sooner.

So, are you ready to start your path to awesomeness? Let’s begin!

#1. Build account on leading social networking and bookmarking sites. Because this way you can build your brand image, but ensure that you use the same username/handle everywhere. To do this, you can use services such as namechk to find if your desired username is available or not.

#2. Utilize your pictures in your social media bio. This way you can make your profile more personal and also people can easily identify you on different social media platforms.

#3. Modify your social media profile like the background image, cover image and so on. This will help people to understand what your brand or personal brand is all about.

#4. Every day share your excellent content on social media channels to optimize perceived level of authority. But yes, don’t overdo it; just make sure that you do it at a constant rate.

#5. Be sure to fill your Author bio professionally not spamming. It is good to have a clear idea of who you are and what you do in few words. Also, try to answer “What is in there for me” this will help you improve the number of followers.

#6. On your social media account, you can also share other blogger’s content. This is one of the great ways to stick to your niche and share trending topics that can help you bring a conversation with your audience and even with those bloggers too. This will make those bloggers respect you, and they will be eager to help you too.

But this is equally important that you share those articles which are worth to share. Don’t forget to take advantage of tagging feature; it is an excellent way to build a connection with bloggers in your niche.

#7. One of the most essential tips for any social media marketing expert is to learn the art of automation. Few inexperienced individuals in the social media world select to manually craft their social media updates or probably selectively automate several tasks. Thus, to be a guru of social media, it is essential to learn to automate each social media task at least where possible.

There are tons of instance of automation, which I listed below:

  • Automatically the following individual back when they follow you.
  • Automatic mentioning.
  • Automatic retweeting.
  • Automated direct messages and posts from another social media guru’s blog.
  • Automated posting to network like LinkedIn from another network.

Sure, there might be many of the people who use few of these methodologies, but to be a real social media master, you must practice them all.

However, this is equally essential that you be careful that you don’t use that much automation, this can also corrupt your social media presence. For semi-automation, you can use Bufferapp, Hootsuite, and SocialPilot.

Check out: How SocialPilot helps me to automate Social Media Posts

#8. Make sure you always reply to questions which are asked on social media by your followers or by other people like bloggers in your industry. This will let them know that there is somebody who is handling the account and not a bot.

#9. If you want others in your industry to read your social media posts when they share it, then it is important that you read the great content that others are sharing on their profiles or pages, but you must find that content interesting. Also, put your footprints by leaving your comment or by sharing your thoughts or views on that content.

#10. It is essential that you serve better to your current followers or audience. I mean, it is important that you concentrate on relationships. There is value in 100 quality audience or followers that you know than 1,000 you don’t know. So always keep that in your mind while focusing on making new followers you also have something for your current and valuable followers.

#11. Make sure that you have quality friends, this means if you are in the industry in making money online then ensure that most of your friends are in the same industry. This will help you gain more and more updates in your industry so that you can walk with the current trend.

#12. This social media marketing tip can be a game changer. Don’t be the person that only shares links all the time. The goal of social media is to be social and engage with your followers and with other users too. While being active, it is important that you interact with your followers on a regular basis.

You can do few things such as:

  • Replying to other people’s posts even though it doesn’t mention you
  • Retweeting
  • Linking posts
  • Including people to social media lists

And more importantly, you want to switch from one-way social media posts to two-way posts. The variance between two-way posts motivates conversation and communications with followers and others in your niche. Besides this, one-way posts leave little to no room for your followers to reply back with anything other than “good post” or any other common response.

#13. Being too much addictive to social media can also lead to frustrating life. It is being said that addiction can make you as poor as a church rat. Many people say that church rates are no longer weak, however, any weak thing that you can imagine about, if you are too addicted to social networking and bookmarking sites it can direct you to a frustrating live. The reason behind this is you will have wasted your valuable time doing nothing useful for your future.

#14. Follow the 90/10 rule. By this means the only thing I want to tell you is to try to share 90% of other people’s content and only 10% of your contents, this will help you gain more and more followers and of course generate backlinks to your blog/website.

#15. Don’t just use social networking site just to promote your business or to solely promote your content. Because this way you will bring the wrong idea to your followers and others in your industry. It is equally really essential that you use social networking site for fun too.

#16. Headlines of your content do matter a lot. You believe it or not but if you wish that your social media post goes viral, then it is essential that you build catchy and attractive headlines of your post.

#17. Even though Twitter has a limit of 140 characters. It is a very good idea to leave few space of 16-20 characters in a tweet or so for your followers or others in your industry who want to retweet your post can add content. In short, tweet less and leave space for others so that they can share and retweet your content.

#18. Don’t spam your followers or readers. Just take notes of your updates, because generally too many updates in short time are considered as spam.

#19. I have seen many people that share everything on social media sites like their house addresses, their personal life, and everything. I have also heard of people grabbing other people’s spouse on social networking sites. So this is important that you are very careful while you are on social media channels and don’t reveal your personal life too much on social media channels.

#20. If required then you can have two accounts on social media channels. This way you can learn best from your social media networks if you more than one account for different purposes. You can have one account for your business, and another one is for your personal which you can use to interact with your family and friends.

#21. Be genuine and honest while you share something on your social networking site. And when it is about your business then it is important that you share something that your followers found it honest and genuine too.

#22. Use proper hashtags while tweeting something on Twitter. Hashtags are easily one of the great ways to organically expand your reach on social networking sites. Organic reach has dropped dramatically on social media platform over the years. So to expand your reach and get more impact for your posts and tweets, begin incorporating proper hashtags.

Including random hashtags isn’t going to be as powerful as taking a strategic approach. Study popular hashtags in your niche, as well as more common and widely used ones. Those are the hashtags people are actively searching for on Twitter and Instagram. Including them in your tweets and Instagram posts will provide your posts a better opportunity of showing up in search results too.

Also, ensure that you keep track on your hashtag analytics to analyze which hashtags are producing the most engagement.

#23. Be unique while crafting social media post. Unique content is like your brain. It is like you are aware of its significance. However, few people actually know the inner workings of what makes it essential. There are two reasons that you wish to craft unique content.

  • The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) payoff is enormous.
  • The value that your current and a future audience will receive provides your site an aura of authority.

From the SEO standpoint, unique content is the key to your site’s entire quality. Content is one of an excellent way to optimization of SEO, which means search engines highly value quality providing. So make sure you craft unique content and share them on social media as widely as you can.

#24. Optimize Visual Content with Links – Believe it or not but to the more valuable content the visual content act as a gateway. When you are planning visual content to post on social channels, assume regarding how visual content can drive traffic to your blog or site, service and products.

Suppose you have created a presentation and put it on SlideShare deck in this presentation you can include a link back to a resource page which lists multiple blog posts with relevant content.

You can even link a short video back to your blog or site from your Instagram profile link or from your YouTube Account and make sure you offer expanded content around the video.

So don’t waste your time in thinking, just assume regarding building gateways to more valuable content when you plan your visuals!

#25. Build a social media channels plan – Many company and brands feel overwhelmed by the need to develop content for each and every social media channel on the web. Or worse yet, many organizations build one type of content and then blast that content one to each and every social media channels. If that is you, then you surely needs social media channel plan.

Most probably, your aims are different on every social media channel. Since that’s the case, the article that you develop for social media platform require being different as well. Here are the aspects of your social media channel plan.

  • The channel (For Instance, Facebook)
  • The persona (Who are you mainly targeting? Choose one.)
  • The aims (Is it a cost-saving aim, sales aim or are you trying to build a better customer experience?)
  • Basic content type (Infographics, Textual, or Video?)
  • Structure (What does a standard post look like?)
  • Tone (Is it playful or sarcastic?)
  • Channel incorporation (How will this social media channel work with other social media channels for an optimum impression?)
  • Preferred action (what audience behavior do you want to gain?)
  • Editorial calendar plan (Each and every social media channel requires its own editorial calendar.)

After seeing above aspects, we can say that why content marketing isn’t that easy. However, if you take advantage of social media channel plan accurately, I am sure you will able to double down on the social media channel that works for you. Make sure to realistic with your sources on the other social media channels.

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