101 Social Media Marketing Tips: Best Tricks for Social Media Management [Part 3]

Here are amazing and proven 101 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks to Enhance your social media management skills. Read them all and be the SM Expert.

Before straight ahead to the third part of Social Media Marketing Tips to improve your blog marketing, I hope you have enjoyed applying those 50 excellent social media marketing tips which I have listed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this post to improve your blog marketing.

As those tips are personally experienced by me, I am sure that you have undoubtedly seen the difference after applying those 50 tips.

Are you waiting now for more tips which you can apply? Then let’s head over to the see few other efficient tricks that helped me to accurately manage my social media campaigns and I optimized my blog traffic. So, let’s roll with few more tips.

101 Social Media Marketing Tips: Best Tricks for Social Media Management

Best Tricks for Social Media Management

#51. Publish the long form of content on LinkedIn. You can even publish your long-form content on LinkedIn, by posting new content and previously released content on LinkedIn. You can expand your audience and connection while optimizing your status as a professional.

With this open publishing platform, your original post from your blog becomes part of your business’s profile, which is shared within your trusted network and has the capability of reaching the largest crowd of experts ever assembled.

#52. Build partnership. The critical part of building a social media presence is getting that first initial audience, or I can say, followers. For example, people are lots less likely to follow that company which has only 13 followers and no engagement as compared to the enterprise with 40,000 followers and thousands of comments and likes on each post.

But how do you have people to notice you and your posts when you don’t have brand recognition? And also those people don’t know your company at all?

So here comes the concept of partner up with an influencer or identified organization which already has an active following. Certain organizations have seen tremendous success with this technique. By applying this trick on Instagram to go from zero followers to thousands into a matter of days or weeks.

This tactic creates the philosophy of “Know, Like, and Trust.” The organization which you are approaching has a crowd of loyal followers that follows this philosophy of know, like, and trust. Getting a shout out will let their audience know they recommend you. This helps their consumers know you are a brand to identify and trust as well.

There are two more different ways with which you can start. The quickest and easiest way to gain this is a paid shout out. There are certain sites which connect pages with a huge following to organizations searching to get a shout out to their followers. But, you must be careful and do a little research before using one of these services and also make sure you never buy the fake followers.

Apart from these, there is another way to get trusted brands to promote your organization is by only building relationships with influencers in your niche first and let the chance develop organically.

This could begin with an email to a high-level brand saying you like their organization and the content they build. Then you should share their content and stay in touch with them. When the chance presents itself, grow few type of content or cross-promotional event such as a giveaway that will enable you to reach their audience while also providing them some value as well.

#53. Don’t be frightened to sell. Nearly any list of social media marketing tips including this to warn you that not being too promotional. This is true that continuously pushing marketing messages in your followers’ face is not an efficient strategy. But, you can also be too conservative with your blog posts well.

Sometimes Tweeting a link to your posts or promoting products that will earn your organization revenue is not a bad thing. The reason is promotional posts are frequently discouraged because few organizations go overboard to the point of getting spammy.

Maintain the majority of your social platform content non-promotional. If you send out 10 Tweets in a day, then at least five to six should be totally non-promotional. This builds a healthy balance that won’t turn most of your followers away.

#54. Don’t forget to thank those people who share and promote your blog posts. For instance, if someone retweets your content, then thank them for this.

#55. Make use of CTA’s (Call To Actions). If you wish your followers retweet your tweet then ask your followers to add “Pls RT” into your tweet. When sharing content on Facebook, you can ask your followers to like, comment or share it. This will optimize conversation and improve edge rank of your Facebook page/profile.

#56. Many friends have their birthday date which shown on their social media profile, especially on Facebook. This platform notifies with the notification that today is a birthday of your Facebook Friend. And also it shows future birthday date within your followers too. So congratulate them on this date, and you will surely win more loyal friends.

#57. Make sure that your details of your social media profile easily accessible on your site, this will help you get most of your followers from your blog or site.

#58. Often provide a solution to people’s issue. So always do follow and list each and every comment who comments inspirational quotes. And if you find any common issue among your followers, then build an account and use it to give a solution to that issue, you will surely get a lot of supporters in no time.

#59. Take advantage of asking. This means, ask your audience that if they need help, then they can feel free to ask you.

#60. Use all the top social media sites to offer consumer support and get the feedback from the consumers. This will also help you create your base.

#61. If your site is based on providing service, then it is important that you demonstrate a social proof for that service. You can do this by sharing the customer testimonials and such other things.

#62. If you find a top brand which is related to your industry holding an essential event, then write about that event. Promote that post on social media specially in your network. This can help you grow few more new traffic.

#63. Try to create your social media potential customers permanently yours by seeking for ways to include them to your list or to your site or as a blog subscriber. This is kind of your backend so have this type of yours.

#64. You can even run social media contests by that you can offer your audience $1 to everybody who tweets your post or post your message on their Facebook wall, you will be amazed to see how it works!

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#65. You can even answer the question on Yahoo answer. Make sure it is related to your niche, and don’t forget to share this answer on your social media profiles.

#66. You can interview top social media experts or professionals to find how they are getting results with social media marketing today. Then generate one article on it and promote it on your social media profile.

This might take a little understanding, though.

For instance, you can interview the top influencer on social media. Make sure you use very attractive and eye catchy title for the article you write.  This will help you to make your article go viral of social media channels. e.g. let say the top social media influencer name is “Nikhil Makwana”. Now, you can set the title of “The Power of Influence Marketing – With Nikhil Makwana”. This will easily get more attention than “Interview with The Top Influencer Nikhil Makwana.”

#67. You can even build an account around a band or even around celebrity. This can help you generate more new leads. Or I can say you can gain more attention from new users. You can turn them into your potential consumers or loyal audience.

#68. Post controversial issue on your any one of social media channel profile. This type of issue leads to a battle on your account, and you will be surprised to see how your account is exploding with followers.

#69. If possible, you should try to interview the founder of your favorite social media channel. This is one of the best ways to generate more and more lead and organic traffi. And recognition for you if they share it on within their network. Even the influencers in your industry will amaze with it and also love to connect with you. So this is a great way for your exposure.

#70. If you are planning to develop a product or service for your blog or company such as an app for your site. Then take advantage of social media channel and conduct surveys on different social media channels. This will help you gain more ideas about your service or product.

#71. If you want to build to get more retweets, then try to be humorous. For instance, I got a tweet with the title, “great joke – how to make $$$ in 5 seconds”, “How to make $$$ in 5 seconds, to earn $$$ in 5 seconds and go to the comments section of my blog, press shift 5 times, press f1 key only once and you have already make $$$ in 5 seconds.” Isn’t this funny?

I think it is and I instantly tweeted on this funny post. Try to be humorous, and you will sure build your base of loyal fans over time. And you never know few of those fans can turn into your loyal audience.

#72. Try to build your loyal fan base or loyal follower base. Your true fans or loyal followers are those who are always fascinated into all you do and post on your social media channels related to your online business.

#73. Try to turn yourself into a celebrity into your industry or make the best brand for yourself. Of course, this requires a lot of hard work and efforts. But by the passing time and your efforts you will surely turn yourself into a celebrity.

#74. Concentrate on your efforts and optimize your relationships with your loyal follower base.

#75. Get your team involved. If your organization has employees or contains multiple departments, then encourage your employee to help your social media marketing efforts. Whether it is about sharing content to the blog, following the organization’s social media profiles or other steps, the more engaged your team is the best.

When your organization publishes a newly generated blog post which you wish to promote, you can include it to your team’s curated list from where your organization’s employees can distribute it on their own Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn profile.

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