101 Social Media Tips: Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

This blog post reveals few of the best 101 social media marketing tips that you can use to enhance your social media marketing strategies.

I have already talked about top 25 tips for Social Media Marketing to improve your blog or website marketing in Part 1. Now, with this post, I am going to reveal few social media marketing tips that you can use to enhance your social media marketing strategies.

In this post, you will be presented with few more excellent social media tips which you will not only read right away, but you would surely want to enlarge the list of your social media marketing strategies. What are you waiting for? Just go ahead and read the further article to know the expert and incredible tips to improve your social media presences.

101 Social Media Tips: Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

101 Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever

#26. There always something new to learn from top social media blogs. So always read leading social media blogs to learn great tips.

#27. Always take your social media followers into consideration, because your social media channels feed is for your followers, not for you. Also, always listen to your fans and respond them too.

#28. I have seen many people who tweet with the default blog post title; this is good but not the best. It may grab few followers’ attention, but as per my opinion, you can make your tweet more powerful by only making the blog post title unique.

You can do this by only changing the title of your blog post and make it more attractive one or by including your comments to it. I assure you that this will rock your tweet and your followers will love to click on it.

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#29. We all know that social media channels are truly the great source to drive organic traffic to your site or blog. So you should consider linking your site to your social media channel’s profile. Because traffic from social media channel should never be underestimated.

#30. Try split test – this is a tactic that lots of social media marketing experts take advantage of, however not many small businesses on a social platform are even aware of. Split testing or I can say A/B testing, includes utilizing one or more headlines for the similar piece of content to find which one is better in generating a good response.

Marketers in the digital market use split testing a lot for testing the sales pages and landing pages, but do you know that you can also integrate A/B testing into your social media posts? Yes, you can.

Rather than publishing a Facebook post or Tweet one and then forgetting about it. But you should schedule the link to be shared more than one time and modify the headline out with each post.

Split testing is essential because people are different and so as their thinking, so it is obvious that they will react differently to a post based on the copy.

I have seen many people saying that they didn’t get that much engagement on their content after sharing it on social media channels. The reason why your content is lacking success on social platforms could be due to a minimal quality content, or it might be possible that your content’s headline in the Facebook, Tweet or Pin didn’t catch your followers’ attention.

So, in short, to know what is working and what is not the split testing is great to find it. So leverage the use of A/B testing on your Social Media channels’ Profile.

#31. Why people should follow your brand! – This is a question which you need to ask yourself. You should think of this from the consumer perspective. Because consumer has thousands of options for people and brands to follow. So it is important that you should provide one damn good reason to people to follow you and stand out somehow. Build a kind of value proposition particularly for your social media channel profile. For instance,

  • Share discount codes solely with your followers of Twitter account
  • Generate behind the scenes content and share it on Instagram
  • You can even curate the best content in your niche and share the link on LinkedIn
  • Provide real-time consumer support and service on Twitter
  • If you think you are good at hosting live webinars, then you can take advantage of a platform like Periscope.

#32. Try to explore new networks – I have seen many people make their brand restricted to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Well, these four major networks undoubtedly provide the widest reach. However, if you are one of them, then I really recommend that you shouldn’t neglect the smaller or niche networks.

Niche network such as Medium is a very popular network for publishing a long form of content. This network is perfect for increasing thought leadership and sharing your niche expertise. Yes, this is true that this network is not that much popular like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. However, there is a huge crowd of the audience to make it worth discovering.

Equally keeping eyes on emerging social networks is essential. So you should also do that. Snapchat has been around for about 5 years ago. But this platform didn’t begin to take off for marketers until now. Being able to identify social media channels like Snapchat in an early stage will provide you a leg up on the rivalry once they become more mainstream.

#33. Sponsor exclusive Hangout On Air (HOA) Events – Success of social media is always based upon having a conversation with the right people. If you think regarding creating segmented lists, and then you may love to know that you can efficiently list-build on Google+ in many different ways.

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Utilize a private community together with regular Google+ HOA (Hangout On Air) events. Thus you can sponsor a dedicated, exclusive experience while having conversations with the right people.

Doing this we have noticed two trends:

  • Within a day, about a third of community participants watch the HOA event
  • We have also notice that around 8-10 community members also take part in the event as participants.

Contrary to public communities, when you start your HOA event within a private one, the participants will get an event notification. This is an ideal way to rip up the noise and reach to the right people/audience.

In both the circumstances, the event will be listed on the Event tab, and on the right-hand side of the community as well.

Selling is significantly personal. Thus, face-to-face time with the participants of your community makes a large difference. Plus, the power to quickly provide them the access to resources/links results into a pleasant customer service experience.

#34. It may happen that for some of the people Twitter might not work that much for them as compared to the Facebook. If you are facing the similar issue, then I suggest you stick with the network what works great for you.

#35. Not often you know that what people are saying about you, but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. You really should try to efficiently manage your reputation and also know what others are saying about you.

#36. Use social updates to generate blog posts. By this means all you need is to take your most famous tweets and Facebook posts, or the ones for which you feel most passionately about, and utilize them to build blog posts. There is no need to write content for about 3-4 pages or a bunch of paragraphs on it.

For instance, Set Goblin is the successful blogger in the digital market, and he also uses this tactic, but he writes only 2-3 sentence paragraphs. He is a master at conveying ideas which are thought-provoking and easy to read. Nowadays, people are forced for time and content can be overwhelming, thus, making it valuable and quick to read too.

There is another way to get thoughts is to commenting on the articles that you read, like other people’s newsletter and blog, media publication and whatever which is related to your industry. You are already absorbing the content, and you most likely have opinions when you are reading that content. Just go ahead and don’t think to comment on that blog.

There is one benefit on commenting, that people will begin to recognize your name, another is that it provides you material for a blog post.

#37. Keep eyes on your competitors. Is any of your competitors completely killing it on social media? Do their Instagram posts have hundreds of likes, their Tweets get dozens of Retweets, while yours are entirely abandoned? When this occur, you should begin to analyze what they are doing which you are not like,

  • The article they post
  • Which people in your industry they follow
  • Who is following them
  • How many times they post
  • What is the time of the day they post
  • What type of headlines they use in their posts
  • Their most famous posts

This will provide you an overall idea of what is working for them and why they see this much social media success. Once you know what kind of strategies your competitors are applying to get this achievement, you’ll wish to integrate some of what they do into your own plan. At the same time, you don’t want to totally copy your competitor.

For example, if you notice you any competitor posts lots of images, then you should be creating your own images and try to post at similar times of the day, or more often based on their activity.

But, this is not an excuse to simulate your competitors. You consumers or your audience will want to you to be unique from others. So, you should show that by implementing some things from competitors and searching for other ways to optimize those strategies.

#38. It is not about only creating content and promoting it. With your content, your goal should be sharing something that people find it valuable so share some useful tips that can help them to improve their lives.

#39. You should target your audience better with the help of social media statistics. These statistics allow marketers who use social platform for business to guide their strategies about social media.

With a bunch of studies being done on a social platform, this would be a shame that not to the benefit of these very informative numbers. A blog post which puts together the healthy collection of social platforms statistics that each social media manager should know.

#40. Include your favorite social media sharing buttons to your blog, this helps ensure that your content is being shared.

#41. Target your blog visitors with social ads. this takes lots of time and efforts to gain the attention of visitors to your blog. When you gain the attention of relevant visitors, it is essential to optimize the potential of that visit even after those visitors leave your blog or site.

Nowadays, there are several great retargeting choices where you can follow your blog visitors to other sites like Facebook and Twitter, and motivate them to take further action.

For example, to target your blog visitors on Facebook, show “page like” ads and motivate them to become a fan. In return, you will get a relevant and another great place to reach your audience.

Your potential consumers don’t see all of your communication. However, with good marketing strategy, you can optimize your chances of showing up in their social streams!

#42. If you have not already done yet, then you should now take advantage of the free content publishing feature of LinkedIn which is generally known as Publisher. This is one of the great ways to expand your exposure to your target audience, and it helps you build your credibility as a professional in your niche.

In fact, LinkedIn Publisher can tremendously expand the reach of your online business on LinkedIn, regardless of your network’s size.

While most of the posts won’t gain such excessive reach, all posts have the potential to reach to the new leads.

Every time you publish, all of your networks and followers will acquire a notification. The post also has an opportunity to be added to the email LinkedIn Pulse sends out its members with recommendations for posts that might interest them.

To optimize your chances of success with Publisher, build professional-looking posts which address the requirements and pain points of your audience or consumers.

Post valuable content that other people in your industry will love to share with their connections and your reach will grow even more than you thought.

#43. Build a social update library. one thing which maintains so many businesses back from actively posting on platforms like social media channels have to come up with thoughts for what to post. When you set content and social media update creation, this is much easier to come up with interesting ideas for status updates related to the content.

Every time you generate a piece of content like a blog post, video, and podcast for your site and blog. I suggest you come up with a list of 10 to 20 social media channels posts at the same time which can be utilized to promote that piece of content.

The same concept will also work for your sales pages, product pages or any other piece of content you wish to promote.

Once you have listed all the updates for social media, include the updates to a spreadsheet to maintain the track of them all in one location. It can be a simple spreadsheet which adds just the update and a link to the content, or it can be more complex one which tracks all of your content and the social media updates for multiple connections.

This will save your lots of time over the long term. Even, you can create a library of your Twitter’s tweets and Facebook’s status updates. That you can utilize for years to come. Every time you require to schedule few updates, for that naturally go back to the spreadsheet, create one .csv file, and transfer it into one program file such as Hootsuite and you are ready to go.

If you are running a small online business, and curating or creating content that can be relegated to the back burner. The issue is that an inconsistent publishing schedule can push away your audience and break the trust. There is a way which can help you out with this issue.

Schedule a baseline of curated content. While there is an amount of tools out there which can help, you can choose to use Hootsuite’s new suggested topics within its Publisher tab. Here choose up to three topics of your interest, then let the Hootsuite search the content which is related to your audience.

Remember this is baseline content. If you wish to rock your social media marketing, you should still require to curate or create your own posts and start engaging with your audience as well. However, this platform allows you stay in front of your audience. No matter if you are making a sales call, creating proposals and making that second pot of coffee.

#44. Delivering content consistently is one of the great ways to increase your social following and engagement. The very first step is to put the correct systems in place to keep your posts related, fascinating and valuable for your audience.

You should use Edgar. This allows you to build your own content categories. So you can keep track of the particular types of posts that you are releasing. It makes sure that you don not overwhelm your audience or followers with the similar type of posts over and over.

You can even schedule repeat posts consistently, so the schedule of your content never runs dry. Also, Edgar enables you to upload custom images for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

As you create your library, upgrade your schedule with the categories you wish to release and when. Then allow Edgar take care of the rest.

Benefit from a social media scheduler such as Edgar which will surely save you time. This tool will help you grasp the big picture when it comes to your social media marketing strategy. And also allow you to stay on the top of your game when it comes to delivering valuable content to Fire Nation.

#45. Provide context to pinnable pictures. As we live in the era of information overload and short attention periods. When it is come to grab your audience’s attention, then I recommend you to take complete advantage of each and every chance to connect your message in a way which they will engage with!

The great way to obtain and keep your audience’s attention is by using the efficient visual content. Visual social media channel like Pinterest can be proved as a fabulous traffic source. Only if you have used this platform in a correct way.

When designing images for publishing on Pinterest, make sure from that image your readers know what is in it for them. One of the strongest pieces of visual content that you will find is the infographic. This kind of images works well across a vast number of your audience. You can even use text in your images to tell your audience and even the new leads to what exactly they will get if they click on the pinned graphic.

Another way to make your image pinnable is adding a heading of your blog posts. Using this way your audience will easily have the idea of your post. I recommend you to often add the title of your blog posts on your graphic. This way, when you pin this graphic to Pinterest, an audience will have a frame of reference and want to read it.

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#46. Use these three tactics on Twitter. There is one great line from a movie “if you build it they will come“. It is a terrific marketing plan. To succeed on the internet today, you should create content which ignites and engages with your audience. But, if you are a newbie in the world of blogging then you should most certainly spend more and more time developing an audience than building your content.

Here are three easy yet overlooked tactics that you can utilize to create an audience on very famous social media platform like Twitter, this is arguably the great platform for this.

Once you have been on Twitter for a quite while, you will notice people will place you on public Twitter lists. Lists on Twitter primarily categorized by a geographic location and particular interest.

For instance, I might be on lists for “bloggers” or “marketing experts“. Find a related person to follow, and look into his or her lists. You will probably find a goldmine of fascinating people to follow who will hopefully follow you back.

There are several apps to help you find new followers. However, there is one of my favorite places to look for targeted followers is Twellow. This site is very useful, and it is available for free. This site is like the yellow pages for Twitter. Over here you can find look for and follow targeted people for each category, industry, and interest imaginable.

The second way is to utilize specialized Twitter search prompt. Open up the primary search functionality on the Twitter screen by learning some of the specific prompts. The Twitter search prompt is one of the most powerful market research tools available for you.

Using these tactics, you can broaden your audience to reach to the new people who are looking for the better services and products.

#47. Be picky about what to share. When it is about figuring out what to share on social media channels, quality often beats the quantity. As I have mentioned that deliver consistently, however publishing content continuously, you need to make sure that it is valuable.

Quality content is helpful, relevant to your audience, and of course entertaining too. So that your audience engage with it quickly.

Nowadays one trend is becoming very popular. And you should be careful of is depending on tools that suggest content to share with your audience. Few times the suggestions are good. However, in many cases, you will finish up with lots of suggested content which may not relevant to your audience.

These tools are generally run depending upon keywords and data feeds.

For instance, if you are searching “content marketing” then your search result may add suggestions related to content marketing.

If you did not take the time to check the tips which are listed in the result. And just blindly included them into the posts. Then you would be sharing content which is not really useful to your audience. Strive to share the best content with your audience, not just what is immediately available.

There is one way which will help you have a steady supply of fresh and helpful content. Build a list of websites into your niche which is known to publish useful and high-quality content. Include them to RSS reader such as Feedly. A platform like feed will let you have one dashboard. This dashboard is full of the latest posts from the websites that you trust and known for the relevant content, which you can confidently share with your followers.

Even you can incorporate Feedly within the Sprout Social dashboard.

#48. Along with the previous social media tips of A/B test, you need to measure your efforts and evaluate the results. There are many online businesses which don’t monitor their social media ROI at all.

Thus, they have no clue whether or not anything they are doing is working. So, if you don’t want to fall under that umbrella, then start monitoring your social media activity right away.

There are few of the metrics that you wish to look for include:

  • Impacts, visits, and mentions on Twitter
  • Reach and engagement for Facebook
  • Views and actions on Google+
  • Impact, clicks, and interactions on LinkedIn
  • Impacts, and engagements on Pinterest
  • Likes, visits, comments and mentions on Instagram

You should monitor the metrics as mentioned above on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Once you do this, you know what kind of changes that you should make.

#49. Join in the communities. Within the large social networks, smaller communities form. No matter if is Twitter chats, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups or Google+ Communities. There are plenty of chances for you to connect with like-minded people and companies into your industry.

Being part of these communities will help you establish yourself on your business as an authority. Utilize these communities as an opportunity to share your knowledge and communicate and interact with the influencers in your industry. As you begin to connect with the influencers in your niche, they will be most likely to share your knowledge. They will share your content with their audience in their network and maybe even on their own blogs or sites.

Search for communities relevant to your niche. Join them and actively take part in these communities. Try, to begin with, Twitter chats or Facebook groups, because they are usually the most active communities. But this can vary.

#50. You can even become a source on social media channel like Facebook. Over the past few year, Facebook has now slowly making changes in their algorithms. This change has limited the number of people that who can see a page’s Facebook post. Facebook pages utilize these changes to an algorithm to their advantage. Assuming of their page as a user resource, instead of a promotional tool.

Create a page which your audience enjoy and then use that platform to delight your audience. Such you can deliver posts that educate them, inspire them, inform them and even entertain them. This will encourage them to share your post and thus your post will reach to a full crowd of Facebook audience.

This is all not done…! Few more Social Media Marketing Tips are yet to reveal. Stay tuned and sign up for the updates.

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