101 Tips for Social Media Marketing: Best Social Media Tips and Tricks

Believe us that you won’t find any other comprehensive guide social media marketing tips. Get the list of best Social Media Marketing Tips and tricks.

Now, this is the last series of Social Media Marketing Tips. In this post you are going to enjoy remaining tested and verified formulas to improve your blogging social media marketing strategy. Well as compared to the last three parts of this post this article is comprehensive because with this post you will present with the bonus tips too.

If you haven’t checked the related post to this article then first check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of these series. In this post, you will read the remaining effective tips for social media marketing.

I believe that you won’t find any other comprehensive guide that this, so you should unleash your blog marketing strategy with this remaining fantastic tips. Read this article and get ready to apply these excellent tips to your social media marketing efforts. So enjoy them and don’t forget to give it a try!

101 Tips for Social Media Marketing: Best Social Media Tips and Tricks

101 Best Social Media Tips and Tricks

#76. Analyze your followers and often make your fans happy. So if you found that they are worried or finding solution than comfort them. Invest your time to find the solution and help them to fix their problems.

#77. Try to slightly reframe your previously post content. This way you can few times get double or even triple amount of engagement by featuring different elements of your blog post each time you post it. You can always do this on Twitter.

#78. Send out the right message to the right social platform – Each social media channel serves a different purpose and draws a unique audience. Knowing this can make your social media marketing strategy go more smoothly. For instance, you wouldn’t wish to market a law firm on Pinterest or Instagram.

Most of Twitter users enjoy an image which has been linked, Facebook users mostly like pictures and can’t stand asking for likes and followers of Google+ are passionate brand advocates.

So before sending out a message, I suggest you test every social media platforms to see how your followers respond. I have found that women tend to be on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, and men tend to be on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ more.

#79. When it comes to creating a strong social media presence, getting followers and likes is great. However, it is about more the just the amount of responses that each of your blog posts received.

You may be enticed to deliver a post which only grabs a lot of attention of your followers, but this will do nothing for your brand if you don’t ensure that your content aligns with your message. Thus, everything requires fitting into your brand personality and market what it is that you are trying to say to your audience.

#80. Make your favorite social media channel your base and use that platform to engage and communicate with your audience and do most of your activities.

#Tips for Twitter

#81. Twitter contains millions of users, every second many of them tweeting thousands of piece of information. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by and lost in that noise. Instead of trying to soak all those information and repurpose them, you should consider focusing on your passion.

Don’t be the jack of all of the Twitter subjects and a master of none. Tweets which are surrounding your passion are going to be powerful. Also, you will grab the attention of users who have similar interests. If you don’t concentrate, you will grab the attention of meaningless followers, if any at all.

#82. Always ensure that your tweets offer relevant information as well as a great value too.

#83. Don’t go over 140 characters or use all of the 140 characters in your tweet, try to limit it to less than 130 characters. This will provide others the opportunity to easily retweet your tweets.

#84. Make sure that you always interact with others in your industry by replaying them to direct messages and replies. It will help you get more and more people ready to hear from you and talk to you.

#85. If you really want that people start retweet on your tweet than it is essential that you be friendly with everybody who comes your way. Because you never know who you might ask for a retweet.

#86. Every marketer in a digital market should ensure that their organization’s identity and voice has great branding. This means you should have a bio which efficiently tells other people in your industry about your online business, who you are, and what you do.

This should also add a link to the landing page or site or blog of your organization. This is essential that your Twitter bio has a consistent tone so that other people can clearly have an idea of what your organization is about.

#87. Get your own personalized and customized Twitter background, this makes you and your brand look more professional.

#88. Change your profile image – Changing your default profile Twitter image, is a very common thing. But having which something that represents your organization’s and your brand’s personality. You can have a picture of yours is okay.

#89. Tweet regularly – Regular tweeting provides the impact of a healthy active profile. If you tweet once or twice on Twitter every week or every month, you are not engaging with your followers, influencers in your niche and competitors.

The people will simply forget about you. However, daily engagements and postings keep you stay top of their mind. So tweet regularly, it is equally essential that you tweet useful and relevant content that your audience would like to read, and retweet on it.

#90. Don’t forget to inject your personality into your tweets. As like you are funny, then always tell jokes in your tweet.

#91. You should not mind retweeting other’s into your niche as this will be useful in connecting you with and cementing your thought leadership into your industry.

#92. Searching for more friends in your industry? Then you should use a Twitter search feature to find friends related to your industry.

#93. Check the trending hashtags and try to look for a way of building a relevant network to your organization. When you place your brand among trending topics, then people will see your handle when they search the tweets related to those topics.

Also tagging the post with a couple of trending and relevant hashtags, it helps you to reach to new audience. However, you should use this trending hashtags occasionally so that people don’t see them as a Twitter Spam.

#94. Track your brand mentions and keyword as well to have an idea of what your consumers and individuals are saying about you and your brand. Ensure that if there is a need to respond them, you should respond them in a professional and polite manner.

There are some consumers who post their product queries and even complaints related to the product on Twitter. Also, monitor the conversations in search and joining in, when suitable, this is a good idea.

#95. Favorite Tweet – Favourite tweets is something which can provide you more attention than the retweets, and still most of the people do not know about the favourite tweet. So consider favoriting tweets that you like within your areas of business.

#96. Always be the first to tweet on important events, this will include a value for your followers.

#97. Get visual on Twitter – Photos and videos get about three to four times more clicks and retweets on Twitter. This two are the rich media that gets more views and shares as compared to Tweets with plain text.

#98. One of the great idea to get more exposure on Twitter is to run different Twitter contests such as, “The next 30 people who retweet me will go to get a coupon for 20% off,” or you can have your consumers to post picture of themselves by using your products or while visiting your store.

#99. Incorporate Twitter account with your other marketing efforts – Twitter is just like other social media channels, it is a lot more efficient when it is combined with other marketing activities of your organization.

For instance, let say that you are running a promotion or contest on Twitter. You should tell your subscribers that you are running this promotion of contest on Twitter.

Your subscribers are another group of consumers who like to receive emails from you and wish to know more about the different offer on that contest and promotion. You can also use it the other way, by simply tweeting a link to the mailing list, with this you can tap the Twitter base into your email content.

#100. Select a Twitter username which is relevant to a popular but less competitive keyword. If you do this Twitter will easily rank in search engines.

#101. Follow the relevant people only. This will provide you a better professional life.

#Bonus Social Media Marketing Tips

#102. Always eliminate spam DM’s quickly, if there is any legitimate DM’s in which you are stuck, then there is no other choice than to delete them all. Make sure you never give this kind of DM’s any room.

#103. Always watch out for the Twitter spammers, because spammers always do as if they know you. They are the one with links which pointing to gaming and drugs sites of course.

#104. Publish your Twitter ID within your other media such as into your email signature, which is at the bottom of the articles, and anywhere else where you think it is applicable. This will let the people know that you are on Twitter and helps them to find you. One of the great ways to grow your following is, to begin with, people you know and connect with them in different ways.

#105. Follow the offer-follower rule – Such you follow me, and I give your something, ebook, information, etc. Ensure to give away something which your target audience will value. Also, make this easy for them to claim their reward.

#106. Use promoted tweets to target your audience directly. If you fail to specify exactly who you are trying to reach, this can cost you money and time too. Make sure that the tweets you are promoting are not spammy. Your aim should be to give a value which builds credibility and trust for your brand.

You shouldn’t try to trick your audience into clicking your links. Also, make sure that you don’t allow a promoted tweet to run for a long time. However, if you wish to continue to get your message across, then simply find a slightly distinct way of saying the similar thing.

#107. Adopt a Twitter tool such as Tweepi – This is a very powerful tool, but very easy to use too. This tool will help you grow the crowd of your Twitter followers very quickly. Rather than spending many hours of your time in trying to search and connect with people on Twitter, Tweepi’s tools will help spend very few minutes of your time. Thus you can focus on doing the thing that you like the most, while the list of your Twitter followers will continue to grow. Even you can utilize one tool that is Tweepi unfollow; this will help you clean up irrelevant or non-active users, and will use the insightful Twitter tool to know the social value of your every follower and your productivity too.

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