101 Deadly Yet Effective Formulas to Drive Traffic to Blog – Part 4

This post is the fourth post in the series 101 effective formulas or ways to get traffic on your blog or website. I believe this is the only guide you need to increase traffic to your blog or business website. Check this one and other 3 posts of the series.

Now, this is the last series of this article in which I am going to reveal the remaining formulas to increase web traffic right away. As this article is comprehensive, all of the series of this article contains unique and practical ways to showcase your blog and drive web traffic instantly.

Below you read this post, first check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of these series. These posts contain effective and practical ways to increase web traffic instantly.

I believe that this is the only guide that you will need, thus if you really want to unleash an avalanche of quality traffic on your blog then read the article further and see what the remaining efficient formulas that you can apply on your blog to drive quality traffic are.

Enjoy the Remaining Proven Ways to Increase Traffic on Website/Blog

proven ways to increase blog traffic

#76. Analyze Your Blog Traffic

The key to your blogging success lies in identifying what is working and doing more of it. Once your blog starts to acquire traction and get few readership, start paying attention to your blog traffic, this will help you see what kind of content is getting the most views.

If you observe a trend with several types of content, do more of that kind of content, and you can be guaranteed of optimized traffic.

#77. Don’t Ignore Basic SEO Strategy

Most of the bloggers ignore the basic SEO, and they ultimately suffer from it. But have you ever imagine that most successful bloggers get as much as 50% or more than that traffic from the search engines. So when it comes to SEO taking right measures can double your blog traffic within a short period.

But how to optimize basic SEO strategy? Well, use the proper title tags, have a catchy description, make sure that your site is easy to navigate, and few more basic things can lead to significant optimize in traffic to your blog.

#78. Write for The Scanner

There is one study that shows that on average, most online users won’t read more than 28% of the words on a site. In other words, while having longer, lengthy articles will help your rankings in search engine. It won’t optimize the chances of your content being read, the more people read your content, the more people share your article, and in return, you will get more traffic to your site. The solution to this issue is to write your content for scanners.

Use headings and subheadings, italics, bold, numberings and bullets. You can make your blog article more presentable and scannable. This will help you boost traffic to your blog.

#79. Only Provide Partial Blog Feed, or Customize Your Feed

On your blog, you most probably allow people to consume your blog content through feed your readers. The great way to capitalize on this to optimize your blog traffic is either by offering partial feeds, or even by customizing your feeds in such way that you can add a note and link to your blog below the feed. The advantage of doing this is two-fold:

  1. It gets the audience to come directly to your blog; this optimizes the likelihood of them sharing your post.
  2. It makes sure that you get attribution when your content is being scraped. Lots of sites scrape article through feeds without attribution, and this is not great if there is no way for you to get credit back to your blog.

#80. Use Image in ALL Your Articles

There is one research that shows that articles with pictures or images get 94% of more views as compared to articles without images. So ensure that your every article on your blog include one or more related and appealing image, and this will considerably optimize traffic to your blog.

#81. Retweet Old Articles

The study shows that only 1.4% of your Twitter followers will engage with your Tweet. But the question is, what happens to the remaining 98.6% of your Twitter followers who will not see your Tweet? And how to grab their attention? The only answer is, continuously retweet your old blog posts.

Many successful bloggers are regularly sharing old articles, and it is not strange to see a blogger sharing the same articles for about 30-50 times in the span of some months. This will make sure that people who did not see your content at the first time will see it later down the line.

#82. Master the Best Time To Post

Research shows that the success of a viral blog campaign can be affected by the time in which the campaign has started. One study by BuzzSumo analyzed over 100 million articles came to the final result that the best day to publish any article is on Tuesday and the article which posted on Tuesday generally able to get up to 3X more views than articles published on Sundays.

So find out the best time to post your articles on your blog and use this knowledge to promote your content effectively.

#83. Join Bundle Offers to Expand Your Reach

Like Sometimes, there are some of the events like Only72 that offers thousands of products for a limited period of time at a huge discount price. The time limit and discount is the appeal of this, and this is not strange to see hundreds and thousands of people hear about the offer and thousands of people taking advantage of it.

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So if you have a product, then reach out to organizers of these events and ask them to add your product. And you will optimize your reach due to the cross-promotion other, frequently more influential, affiliates and participants will do.

#84. Give Affiliate 100% Commission to Your Products

As I have mentioned before if you have a product, it is very easy to get traffic to your blog. So within your industry look for influencers with a large blog, email list, especially they don’t have their own product. Then offer them 100% affiliate commissions for every sale of your products that they make. Ensure that you get all buyers of your products to subscribe to your email list, and you win. Because those customers might not know about you, but now they are readers who have bought a product that you have created.

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#85. Market Your Products on Promo Sites At a High Discount

While it might not look like a win to sell your products on sites that provide products at a substantial discount. It might be a big win if this all of sudden exposes you to thousands of new audience. So look for this nature of sites that offer your product at a discount. Also, ensure that people are required to sign up to your email list before they can access your product.

#86. Do Solo Ads

A solo ad is and email newsletter that solely contains an ad. So if someone emails their list and a suggestion for your blog or product is the only thing in that email, that is a solo ad.

This is an excellent way to boost your blog traffic. Find a relevant blogger in your industry with good email lists and offer them a fee in return for sending an ad to their list about your product or blog or email list.

#87. Leverage Kindle Free Promotion to Optimize Your Reach

Apart from distributing free eBook you can, you can even sell your eBook, so if you are thinking to sell you eBook, then nothing is better than Kindle platform. You can take advantage of limited-time Kindle promotions to optimize your email list.

#88. Take Advantage of Hashtags

You can also increase your readership by using hashtags (#) when promoting your articles on social media channels by just using relevant hashtags. This way you can make your content discoverable when audience search for content. You will also advantage should a hashtag you use will become trending around the time you used it.

#89. Rewrite Some of Your Articles to Post Them on Article Directories

Article directories are not that much effective as they used to be. However, you can rewrite some of your articles within minutes and have them distributed to article directories. Ensure you add links to your blog in your articles.

#90. Translate Your Blog Articles into Other Languages

Converting your blog into few another language is an efficient but little-known way to optimize your blog’s traffic. This works because translated version of your blog will start to rank in the specific country search engines of the languages that you translate into.

#91. Create an App for Your Site

Build an app for your site and submit it to Apple Store and Google Store. Then regularly invite your audience to download your app and feature it on relevant app sits. If a bulk of people download your app, then Google will start showcasing it to more of their readers, and this will optimize your traffic.

#92. Organize Events in Your Area and Ask Attendees to Visit Your Blog

Organize offline education events in your local area in partnership with schools, and communities. Ensure your events entertaining and educative, and invite attendees to read your blog.

#93. Generate an Industry Survey and Make the Results Public

Encourage your readers to answer a survey about subjects of major interest to your industry. Then publish this survey results and build an infographic about it. Email bloggers in your niche to inform them about your survey results and ask them to write about it.

#94. Join a Webring

A webring is a collection of sites which are linked together in a circular structure. Here you can collaborate with like-minded blogger and share knowledge of your blog and this way you can also make backlinks and optimize your blog traffic.

#95. Offline Marketing

Advertise your blog on billboards and flyers offline this offline marketing can also help you optimize your blog traffic.

#96. Write great posts that start with “Please don’t read.”

Writing great posts which start with Please don’t read sentence make people curious to read your post and also they are willing to share your content over many social channels too. In return, this will offer you massive of traffic to your blog.

#97. Build Free CSS Templates

If you are tech savvy, then create CSS templates and submit them to CSS directories while linking back to your blog.

#98. Have Facebook Fan Page

I didn’t know that how much traffic I was losing by not having one, but now I have one, and I am able to generate massive traffic to my blog. So I also recommend you to have one Facebook Fan Page related to your blog.

#99. Write Great April Fool Jokes

Every year on the 1st day of April write April Fool jokes on your blog, for instance, Google has been bought by Microsoft. Trust me people love to hear things like this, and once you do this, you will surely get lots of referral traffic to your blog.

#100. Join Pinterest Group Boards

To gain more exposure for your visual content, you can build enticing pinnable images with using any tool like Canva, and you can find a huge list of group boards, which are categorized by topics and Pin Groupie. So be nice, request an invite and do follow the rules.

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#101. Discover the Relevant Google+ Communities

Use a quick search on your Google+ page, then select the most active ones and begin engaging there.

# Bonus Tips to Increase Traffic

  • Be on every social media channel and post a link to your latest post every day. Social media channels alone is the great way to get hundreds of views to the articles daily and more backlinks to optimize your search engine rankings.
  • Research shows that a once second delay in website loading time will result in a 7% loss in conversion, and that slow site cost a lot. So optimize your site loading site.

Back to You

Now, let’s get things cracking. Promise me that you will try at least 10 of the traffic generating tips from the above-given list and share the result here in the comment section with me.

What other techniques do you have for promoting the blog and generating massive traffic? Don’t forget to share this also here with me I would love to add those tips to this list.

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