101 Deadly Yet Effective Formulas to Drive Traffic to Blog – Part 3

So, you are looking for smart ways to optimize your blog or website traffic. Who does not anyway? Find 101 deadly simple yet effective ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Hope you have already applied those 50 effective formulas that I have listed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this post to drive traffic to your blog or website. And I hope you have already seen the changes in your blog traffic. I know now you are waiting for more formulas that again help you optimize your blog traffic.

Well, this is why I am here with more formulas that actually work for me to optimize my blog traffic. However, I want to let you know that it didn’t happen overnight and it took few testing too. But don’t worry with some efforts you will surely achieve your goal to drive traffic to your blog. So, let’s see few other effective formulas.

101 Deadly Yet Effective Formulas to Drive Traffic to Blog – Part 3

Effective Formulas To Drive Web Traffic Right Away

#51. Video Blogging

Vlog or I can say Video blogging is a great way for the exposure where you can generate video posts. Even on the simple blog you can publish a video on any of you popular article and post it with the same article.

#52. Run a Viral Giveaway

Viral giveaways can have a massive effect on your bottom line. One good case study to this impact is Josh Earl. He got visits of 482,044 people and 187,991 subscribers to his blog within only 11 days. Now, this is a remarkable result, isn’t it?

If you are struggling to get traffic to your blog, then it is time to start your viral giveaway. There are popular WordPress Plugins for Giveaway contest. So find a product which is in high demand in your industry and offer people a chance to win it by joining your giveaway. So let their chances of winning optimize by inviting more and more people to join your giveaway.

#53. Built a Viral Free Report eBook

Create one short eBook which provides high-value to readers and makes it available for free, no strings attached these means don’t even ask for their email.

Then share that eBook everywhere like on social media channels and so on, and encourage readers to share it as well. Again don’t forget to add your bio and blog/website URL inside the eBook.

#54. Run a Blogging Challenge

In the year of 2013, Natalie Sisson was about to do her book launch and make her mind up to run a blogging challenge; the challenge was a 30 Day Blog Challenge which is designed to match with the introduction of the book. After launching that challenge, she reports that to be the most successful effort she had ever run on her blog. This blogging challenge brought 100% optimization in traffic, and 1000 new subscribers to her list and also her book became a #1 bestseller of the week on the platform where it was published.

Blogging challenges can merge your community and make them amorously involved in your project, and this will direct to more traffic to your blog.

#55. Run a Traffic Contest

Encourage members of your community to advertise your blog and do their best to send traffic to your blog for a whole month, after that award the people who send the most traffic to your blog.

#56. Take Advantage of Social Locker Technology

This is one of the most efficient ways to advertise your blog. Create a restricted part of your content and ask audience or people to share your article on social media channels to get the access. This technique will help to increase the visibility of your content among their audience.

#57. Give Viral List Building a Shot

Build a series of incentives and design a viral list building system, and start with a primary motivation that will be your opt-in motivation. Offer people more attractive motivation if they share your content, or you can even invite some people to join your list.

#58. Create your Website Theme

Build your website theme with a link back to your site in a footer; there will be a link to your blog on each site that uses your theme. This link will help others to reach out to your blog. Ensure that you make the link to nofollow so that it doesn’t give you any issues with Google and other search engines.

#59. Take Advantage of Image Sharing Sites to Grow Your Reach

Make use of image sharing sites like Flickr. Because this site have millions of users, and this offers you with an excellent opportunity to optimize your reach. So take some beautiful and cool pictures around you on which you have your copyright. Then simply publish to those images on this site or any other image sharing site with a Creative Commons License (CCL) on the condition that those who use them link back to you.

#60. Take Advantage of User Generated Content

Comments, forums and other types of user-generated content can be the significant exposure, and a wins for your blog. With this only strategy, Mizzou Alumni Association was able to optimize their site traffic by 15%. Other than this Chobani experienced a 225.9% optimize in revenue by taking advantage of the power of user-generated content.

So I recommend you to generate a post on user generated content this will lead more and more traffic to your blog.

#61. Have a Keyword Research Approach

There are thousands of bloggers who enjoy lackluster search rankings, and as in a result, poor search traffic because of not having a keyword research approach. So do you research keywords before publishing your any of the article on your blog, or do you just publish new articles?

So, incorporate a keyword research approach into your content marketing strategy, this will go a long way to optimizing your blog.

#62. Submit a Controversial Response to Top or Influential Bloggers

When any top blogger in your industry publishes an article or says something, which you disagree with, then publish your response on your own blog which explains that why you do not agree with an industry leader. This will push most industry leaders to share your article, especially if your response is well-thought out as well as informative too.

#63. Be An Influential Blogger’s Success, Story

While many bloggers struggle to drive traffic their blogs, authority bloggers with hundreds or thousands of readers go over and beyond to send referral traffic to people who can validate them. Thus, if you take the advice of any popular blogger in your industry and in the future you will get the results from it, the blogger will happily showcase you to his/her audience and send back the traffic to you.

#64. Ask Experts to Contribute Advice to Your Post

This one of the very effective ways to unleash an optimization of traffic on your blog is by only asking experts in your niche to contribute their advice to your posts. This is effective if you have written an ultimate guide to a particular topic or subject, or you might have written a long list of the article with lots of points.

Look for the major experts in your industry at various points and ask them to provide you their input, then add their contribution inside your article and let them know when you are going to make it live on your blog so that they can easily share it.

#65. Regularly Refresh Your Old Blog Posts

One of the Google’s ranking elements is content freshness, and this apparently affects as much as 35% of Google searches. This also supports study from Hubspot which shows that blogs that publish 16+ articles in a month get 3.5X more traffic than blogs that publish less than 4 articles in a month.

Besides this, if you really want to benefit from Google’s freshness algorithm is that all you need to do is publish more and more articles on your blog. While the another way is refreshing your old blog articles, or review articles which you have published months and years ago. Make sure to element out-dated information and bring them forward. This will affect your blog’s search rankings and drive more and more traffic to your blog.

#66. Proper SEO Slug Structure

Whether you know it or not but your blog’s SEO slug structure can go a long way to impact your search rankings and traffic to your blog. The great SEO slug is the one that adds the title of your article in a descriptive way while removing unnecessary words such as verbs.

#67. Proper Site Structure

Like a great SEO slug, it is equally essential to have a good and proper site structure. So make sure that your site structure makes it really easy for search engines to index your content.

Also make sure that each and every page on your site is indexable, and have a sitemap or archive page that will make that easy for search engines to crawl your content.

#68. Deep Internal Links

As internal links are a critical part of on-page SEO strategy, and quality internal links also affect your rankings in the search engines. Ensure that on a regular basis you internally you’re your posts with relevant pages and articles on your blog.

#69. Optimize Your Articles’ Headlines

Whether you know it or not but a simple headline change can result in a quality and a massive optimization in your blog traffic. According to Copyblogger, it has proven that on average, 8 out of 10 audiences will read your article headline but only 2 out of 10 readers will read your content. That is why it is essential to learn how to write great headlines and put your efforts into your headlines.

#70. Link to A Lot of Authoritative Sources

Google uses lots of elements to rank sites, adding how many links points to a site, but very few of the people know that Google also ranks you based on how many people you link to.

If your site continuously links to authoritative sites and resources those are related to your niche, Google will believe that you are an excellent and reliable resource in your industry, and they will rank you better as in return, and this will lead to more referral traffic for your blog.

#71. Earn Links and Referral Traffic with Pingbacks

Lots of bloggers have those enabled in their WordsPress based site. Pingbacks are auto-notifications that you receive when someone mentioned and linked to your article.

#72. Pitch Your Story to a Journalist Directly

Look for a writer, who has previously covered other persona in your niche and quoted them as experts. Thus, outreach with a letter of introduction that briefly describes what you do and what enticing story you can share. The best option is to:

  • Look for the name through Google News search
  • Then convert that result in a spreadsheet
  • Utilize Mechanical Turk, and this will automate finding the contact details
  • Then finally send out the letter

#73. Start Paying People to Write for You

Several sites frequently publish lists of sites that pay writers, and these lists occasionally get thousands of view and hundreds of backlinks thus making them highly authoritative. By providing to pay people to write articles on your blog, and emailing the publishers of these lists to add your site, you will be getting and a quick boost in traffic and a quality and authoritative backlink.

#74. Offer Reward to People Who Are Writing for You

A strategy that can provide you a massive optimization of your blog is worthwhile contributions to your blog. Whether you pay writers for writing articles for you or accept guest posts, you will be able to get more traffic by paying people whose articles become your most outstanding post or get a several numbers of views within a month.

#75. Listen to Your Readers

Few times, you will notice that several articles on your blog will become big hits few will barely get read by anybody. Frequently, the reason for this has to do with demand for the subject and article covers. If your post is in high demand, it will do a good job of promoting itself and traffic will solely keep optimizing. However, if an article has weak demand, the promotion you do will yield little results.

Ask your reads what content they are actually want to read about the most, and build your content based on popular demand.

All remaining Formula will cover up in next part. Stay tuned and sign up for email notifications.

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