101 Deadly Simple Yet Effective Formulas To Drive Traffic Right Away – Part 2

Let’s continue with the list of 101 Effective ways to get traffic on your blog or website right away. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe below as remaining 2 parts are yet to release.

As you already know that I have already talked top 25 formulas to drive traffic to your blog right away in Part 1. But today with this post I am going to reveal few other formulas that you can use to drive traffic to blog or website.

With this post, I will share formulas that you will not only read right away, but you will also apply those formulas right away along with those previous 25 formulas. So let’s not waste your time and let’s straight ahead to other excellent and effective formulas.

101 Deadly Yet Effective Formulas to Drive Traffic to Blog – Part 2

Effective Formulas To Get Web Traffic Right Now

#26. Start a Hub

Build an account with Hub pages and begin a hub. Then write quality and informative hub that help you grab the attention of your readers. At the end of your hub add a link that can get them to your blog. Trust me, you are going to constant traffic.

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#27. Include Your Blog to Feed Directories

Feed directories can distribute your blog posts to many sites in that way leading to optimize traffic to your blog.

#28. Press Release

Write a press release about your blog and submit it to free press release websites. There are many free press release sites are available.

#29. Google Adwords & Facebook Ads

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are great sources to make exposure for a blog. Thus, advertise your blog using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

#30. Local Television Station, Radio Station, & NewsPaper

Like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, also advertise your blog on local television station, local radio station, and local newspaper.

#31. Yellow Pages

Yellow pages is another source that will help you promote your blog wisely. Also, advertise your blog on online yellow pages.

#32. Do Cross-Promotion with Other Bloggers

Look for a blogger with the same audience to yours and see if you can do a shout out an exchange. I mean, you mention them on your blog, and they mention you on their blog. You can also promote them to your email list while they promote you to theirs.

#33. Blog Directories & Website Directories

With blog directories and website directories, your blog will be exposed to a whole new audience. Traffic from blog directories and website directories are highly targeted. Thus, you will be generating the good number of backlinks to your blog. So try to being listed in some blog and website directories this will help you optimize your blog.

#34. Controversial Topic

Writing controversial posts, or attacking sacred cows in your industry, can be one of the dominant strategies for optimizing traffic and boosting your exposure. This article on Shopify showed how publishing a controversial post can help skyrocket a blogger’s blog fame and traffic too.

#35. Ensure You Are Listed in DMOZ

DMOZ is a Google’s respected directory and getting listed can optimize your rankings in Google and other search engines overnight, in that way you can lead more and more traffic to your blog.

#36. Key into Major Events:

Smart blogger is creative, and as in a result, they always know how to take advantage of significant events which are happening around them to boost their reach and influence. When major events happen, not many people, lots of the people are interested and start searching for it on search engines plus social media. So, by capitalizing and using an angle related to your industry, you can easily get quality traffic.

#37. Submit Your Articles to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon (SU) is a great site to drive referral traffic to your blog, but before you submit any article on this site, you need to create an account to get traffic. Also, ensure that you send a lot more other articles to this site so that they don’t ban you for spamming.

#38.Include Elements of Transparency

If done right, then the transparency can be the most powerful weapon for promoting your blog. There are individual blogs, and startups have to testify to this, where seven-figure blogger Pat Flynn is a good example.

Startups like Groove and Buffer have also utilized this principle to grow their blogs. While being transparent, they are able to get people excited about what they are doing, and this leads to more exposure for them.

#39. Minimize the Number of Share Buttons on Your Site

While earlier we have noticed that adding social sharing buttons on your blog can help optimize traffic and social shares too. However, there is the paradox of choice factor to think about as well. It is also proven that giving people too many choices will make sure that they don’t make any.

I mean, having lots of social sharing buttons on your blog will ensure that your readers use none.

#40. Take Advantage of Sound Bites to Optimize Social Shares

According to Derek Halpern who is successful blogger and psychology expert, “Sound Bit is a short and quick message, which is no longer than 10 words, which describes the main idea of your content or sales message.”

A sound bit is an excellent summary of the message of your article that is easy to remember and easy to quote of course. Just because it is short people can and will share it, and in return, this leads more traffic for you. While using this methodology, Derek Halpern was able to create 300 shares and around 9,000 hit for one of his article.

#41. Determine Top Community and Q&A Sites in Your Industry and Participate Frequently

Sites like Yahoo and other niche-specific communities and Q&A sites can be a good source of traffic. So join the relevant popular discussion and few times add a link back to your blog.

#42. Blog About a Major Personality

So what does blogging about Justin Beiber, Obama or some the other major personality have to do with promoting your blog? In June 2010, Think Traffic published one article “The Diddy Guide to Constant Creativity and Relentless Marketing” and the result was he got Tweet on that article by P.Diddy himself to his 2.6 million Twitter followers.

#43. Tweetables and Sharebles

Tweetables and Sharebles are similar to the sound bites, and Tweetable is a message that you spotlight from your article and design to be shared on Twitter. While a Sharable can share only on social media channels. So this kind of messages helps you get lots of traffic by encouraging people to share your content.

#44. Google News

Being added in Google news can result in a massive traffic to your blog, specifically when if you are first to cover major events in your article. So if you include news-related stuff in your article, then be sure to apply for inclusion in Google News.

#45. Ask Podcasts to Interview You

You can even ask podcast shows to interview you. There are lots of podcasters who will happily oblige if they find that you have an exciting story.

#46. Publish Regular Infographics

There is one study that shows that infographics shared on Twitter get 832% more retweets than images and articles.

#47. Turn Your Blog Posts into PDFs and Submit it to the Document Sharing Websites

Look for the post that rank well in search engine and convert it into a PDF document and submit it to document sharing sites. But there is one important thing that you need to know is that you to ensure that the final PDF file includes your complete bio and a link to your site so that people know how to find you and your blog after they finish reading your post’s PDF. Here I have listed few of the sites. Scribd, Lulu, 4shared, SlideShare, and there are few more sites.

#48. Pursue Media Syndication Opportunities

Lots of top publications and media sites succeed on publishing lots of content, and it is not strange to see these sites publish 60 or more articles in a single day. This ‘s hard to pull off, and they have to rely on content from guests and other sources to meet their content schedule.

To get to this, top media sites like Business Insider and Lifehacker republish their quality content on other sites. Always, they only feature content from experts. However, you can try to reach out to them to see if you can be a part of their content syndication program.

#49. Start a Podcast

There is one study by Edison that shows that there are about over 46 million podcast listeners in America. Podcasts are easily and quickly becoming the best way with which audience can consume content because it makes it easy to use up the content on a commute. So boost your blog traffic right away by starting your podcast.

#50. Use Facebook Ads to Improve Your Email List

First off, create the ad copy which is personalized with enticing big image and clear CTA to get on your newsletter and receive an instant reward. Then improve your ad targeting by finding popular Facebook in your industry with high engagement rates and set the technique to target their fans. Finally, measure and enhance your ads performance.

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