101 Deadly Yet Effective Formulas to Drive Traffic to Blog – Part 1

So, you are looking for smart ways to optimize your blog or website traffic. Who does not anyway? Find 101 deadly simple yet effective ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Every online business or I say each and every webmaster have dreamed of having quality traffic on their business website or blog. Because having it is a good for the brand and eventually serves to drive wave after wave of potential consumers to the business.

However, dreaming this won’t get you there, but taking action is the key. Because no matter how excellent content you have, it is important that it needs to be read and it is simply the traffic that would make this possible.

Here by taking actions, it doesn’t mean to get more visitors. However, before you start with your drive traffic campaign, you need to ensure that you set your aims.

For instance, if you are creating traffic for your business site, make sure you take of demographics. Because many visitors don’t have purchasing power which is totally waste of resource and time as well.

In the same manner, on blogs, if you are not getting targeted traffic from referral sites and search engines as well, then the CTR and conversion rate of your blog will be too minimal.

So keeping these points and other few factors in mind, I have compiled one huge list of traffic driving formula. These will help those webmasters who are suffering from very less traffic on their sites. One thing, I will keep updating this article as I learn more new things. So don’t forget to bookmark this article for your future reference.

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101 Deadly Yet Effective Formulas to Drive Traffic to Blog – Part 1

Effective Formulas To Drive Traffic Right Away

#1. Quality Content

Each and every time you might have heard that content is a king, right? So this is the very first and the original formula that anyone would give you. A quality blog builds with quality content. Yes, there are other factors too that can make your blog quality blog but as I have mentioned that content is king. Your aim should be generating quality content. An excellent post will not only love by your readers but will also get you organic back links. And this means it will optimize your search engine traffic.

#2. Guest Post

One of the fastest ways to maximize your blog traffic is by writing for other people’s blog. Or in other words, you can look for a blog that is much popular and bigger than yours in your niche and write an article for that blog. You will be allowed to have a bio that adds a link to your site in your guest post. This can result in lots of traffic for your blog.

To make guest blogging work, try to write on those blogs those are more popular than yours. And also find blogs with tens, or hundreds, or thousands of subscribers and submit your guest post to them.

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#3. Comment on Other’s Site

Right comment on any highly authoritative blog can send you the bulk of traffic. So look for the top blogs in your niche and start interacting and commenting on blogs on a regular basis.

This will bring the blogger and members of his community to notice you and visit your blog, and even it may happen that after some time you can have a great opportunity of backlinks from those popular blogs or invitation to guest blog out of it. This is a piece of gold, right?

#4. Get Involved in forums

Create an account on forums relevant to your blog niche and write informative and quality content/posts will be useful and helpful to your readers. Don’t forget to drop a link for them to get more details about your post on your blog. This will help to get traffic easily to your blog.

#5. Increase Your Blog For Search Engines

Search engines are the first most source of traffic for most established blogs. It is important that you don’t ignore SEO, familiarize yourself with the concept of SEO and increase your blog and your articles to rank well for relevant keywords in Google and other search engines.

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#6. Write for Tutorials Sites

If you have built your blog about the tutorial, then it is essential that you go ahead and write on tutorial sites in your niche. And in return, you will add your blog link on your post to direct readers to get more details or help them to find related posts on your blog.

#7. Enable Trackbacks on Your Blog

Trackback is one of the great ways to get more and more visitors. Anytime you publish any new article on your blog hosted on WordPress, it provides you an option to enable comments and trackbacks. A trackback is an automatic sent to any site you link to, by enabling your link to be featured in their comments as well if approved.

So if you link top blogs in your blog posts and you and the blog with which you are linked both have trackbacks enabled. A link to your post will appear in their comment section, this will ensure that people seeing comments on their blog can also see a link to your articles, and it will ultimately lead to more traffic for your blog.

#8. Top 10 Posts

Write top 10 posts on your blog that provide detailed knowledge to your readers. It is not required that you must have to write and list 10 tools/applications/trick in a blog post. Do a practice to add minimum 5 tools/applications in a blog, and if you have sharing tips and trick, then there are a no limits of numbers. I followed the same and published:

#9. Write List Posts

It doesn’t mean that you go ahead and generate content like Top 10 or Top 101 tips. All you need to ensure is to produce list posts that contain best and top the most list of tips or apps or sites or plugins and all.

Here are few live example of list posts:

#10. 101 Posts Are Great Posts

Like this post, 101 posts are really great which contains quality tips and formula. With which readers can help their self.

#11. Write How to Articles

How to article is one of those posts which are significant to many other webmaster or beginners to start their online business. Also, write how to drive traffic to the blog. Because everyone nowadays needs more and more traffic you never know what you have that anybody doesn’t so go for it.

Few live examples:

#12. Start an Email List

Ask successful bloggers what the top source of traffic to their blog is, and they will inform you that email is in the top 3 strategies. Highly successful bloggers always record a traffic spike whenever they send an email to their list about a new blog post.

Email is an incredibly powerful medium for generating traffic that many successful bloggers have testified this strategy; the reason behind this is simple, all things being equal, your email list will only keep growing and rarely reduce. Even more, contrary to your blog traffic that can go up and down, you will have access to a database of the audience on your email list and can always email them. Thus, if you haven’t started your email list yet then start right away.

Check out these few articles published on my blog:

#13. Tap into Quora

Quora is a leading platform for Q&A where you can find questions related to your posts. Instead, ridiculously self-promotional answer, note down detailed, valuable answer and add a link back to your recent post. Make sure subscribe to a pool of topics in which you are interested and want to get notified about new questions immediately.

#14. Build and Share a SlideShare Presentation

Turn one of your outstanding blog posts into an impressive presentation and advertise it wisely on your blog, social media channels, and other platforms. But, how to do that?

First draft an outline, remember one idea is equal to one slide, then find attractive and relevant images. You can embed your blog posts link to SlideShare decks, and also, CTAs to share it on other social media sites.

Optimize title of your SlideShare, description, and tags for related keywords and better discovery. Finally, promote your SlideShare on other channels this will help you get the most eyeballs on your content.

#15. Link Your New Post From Your WhatsApp and Skype Status

It’s a quick and easy way to help remind anyone you have already connected with and tell them that you have something new on your blog.

#16. Become a Seasoned Redditor

Whether you know it or not but Reddit can drive massive traffic to your blog or website. However, Reddit also brings a bunch of negative comments as well if you appear too self-promotional. Get to know the Reddiquette, then follow its community rules, and share only the best stuff.

Maintain 9:1 ratio of sharing links on Reddit. Post only 1 self-promotional link out of 10 and rest 9 would be from the niche you are targeting. This trick won’t get you slapped. If you have any visual content then promote on Reddit, this platform is a great place to promote visual content too.

#17. Work On Getting Covered By The Media

Well, this alone can help you achieve massive traffic to your blog. So apply this strategy right away, and in future, you will see the result.

#18. Blogging Communities

Like blog forums, there are also blogging communities available which you can join to showcase your blog. When it comes to blogging communities, then there are lots names comes in my mind is BlogEngage, Digg, Inbound, BizSugar, Hacker News, and Design Float.

#19. Secret Bloggers Club

Join secret bloggers club where the blogger in your niche do retweet and promote each other’s post. Again this alone can send a huge number of traffic to your blog.

#20. Blog Pinging

Often ping your blog after publishing your blog posts using a site like Pingomatic. This site allows some sites to cover and can lead to an inflow of blog traffic.

#21. Suggest Your Content on Scoop.it

This is a content curation place, where you can create topic-specific boards, and add content and pitch suggestions to other curators. While doing this in return, you will be presented with referral traffic, quality backlinks and social media exposure of course.

#22. Syndicate Your Content to Top Blogs

Many popular blogs and networks allow you to republish your content on their blog with credit back to you. Most of the popular blogs including mega publications like Huffington Post and Business Insider, do this if they find your content is good enough to promote on their blogs.

So search and create a list of publications and network sites in your niche that republish content and see if they would like to republish your posts.

#23. Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are an easy way to get links to your blog in front of lots of people. The far more closely related to your blog topic that the carnival is, the more traffic you will get from it.

#24. Hold a Blog Contest

Blog contests are the best way to attract new visitors to your site. And the most important thing to remind when using a blog contest as a promotional tool is simply to get the word out about the contest by introducing it on contest websites.

#25. Add Your Blog Link As Signature in Your Email

Typically, you can add your blog URL everywhere. But as a signature in email is one of the most prominent places to promote your blog with a link or a printed URL, but don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Promotion is a key to success when it comes to blogging.

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